Sunstone and Sleeping Cats


Cats seem to have captured the art of sleeping perfectly, much to my envy as I am a horribly restless and inept sleeper. They flow so perfectly, so completely into slumber that they could illustrate a ‘How To…’ manual.


Sleep is obviously an important restorative – Margaret Thatcher is said to have managed on five hours a night – but any little thing can disrupt it. One of my issues is when the clocks go forward or back… I’m a morning person. I enjoy the solitude, drinking tea, (not smoking cigarettes any more) planning for the day ahead and writing up various ideas.

My partner is a night owl and loves nothing more than an in-depth discussion about politics at 11.45p.m. when I am searching for slumber, undeterred by my monosyllabic replies and complete lack of interest in the latest economic policy of our country at that time of night…

img_6151-2On the right is Sunstone, with Citrine (top left) and Goldstone (bottom left)

Sunstone is a wonderfully happy crystal, and a great equaliser… it has a natural joy to it and the clue is in the name. It is light inspiring and energising and can promote links to light and sun and help you recognise the changes that living in the light will bring.

img_2273A spill of sunny sequins (sorry kelleysdiy, couldn’t find the wing shaped ones, but there’s little shells and cogs…)

Sunstone will clear and energise all the chakras and can be particularly useful in the treatment of depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Like the Sun, this crystal is nurturing and restorative and can gently help to sever non-productive emotional links that are draining your vitality.


My cats are generally most active around dawn and dusk, ‘crepuscular’… wonderful word… but as cats have joined us in our lives and homes they have adapted their sleeping patterns to coincide with ours… well, mine have.

wp_20161231_003Charlie in her Christmas bed…

In addition to all my usual night time bothers I am generally accompanied by a gentle chorus of feline snores and sleep-contorted bodies. I have often been woken by a paw in the eye, but I wouldn’t have it any other way as we gather in the bedroom to rest and re-charge…

Everyone has positive possibilities and Sunstone reminds us of this – we can all make the best of the gifts we are given.

Leave the darkness behind and step forward into the Light.

wp_20161230_025Best. Sleep. Ever.

I’ve got the whole world in my hands…

IMG_7606 (2)

Words and last image ~ Samantha Murdoch

All photos ~ Alex Marlowe

I couldn’t leave it alone. It caught my eye as I was casually poking about in Lizian’s crystals. I walked away. I came back and looked at it-not touched, just looked…I went home.

The next week I returned: I looked for it at once. It was there. It spoke to me-it’s not often I get these “awarenesses”, but it spoke irresistibly to me of times long passed and forgotten, of lives lived centuries ago, landscapes that had risen, and fallen, and evolved…

IMG_7615 (2)

This is Picasso Stone, a type of Jasper, a sphere about the size of a cricket ball with the weight of centuries within its compass. I am not usually drawn to Jaspers, although they are a beautiful, useful and varied crystal. I tend towards lighter colours, the translucency of Clear Quartz, the lucent calm of Rose Quartz and the soothing balm of Amethyst.

And yet I was drawn to this unassuming sphere, smooth and tactile, a sand-coloured orb banded with concentric rings of biscuit. At one “pole” there is a broken half circle of a darker brown, and it is capped by an almost caramel shaded blotch… The other pole is parchment coloured where fractured lines of grey and brown converge. Off to one side is an island shape of light mahaogany.

IMG_7599 (2)

The whole sphere is wonderfully tactile and smooth, the texture soft and satisfying, the sort of thing you want to rub against your top lip to experience fully… ( No? Just me on that one then…) Obviously I bought the Picasso Stone sphere. Something that called to me that strongly must have something important to say.

IMG_7624 (2)As my son was arranging these, they fell into the shape of a dinosaur footprint… appropriate…

Picasso Stone is a variation of Landscape Jasper, but as with all this family, they can be used to support you during times of stress and restore tranquility. It is a very protective stone and will enhance your ability to enjoy life. It brings hidden creativity to the surface and helps you make considered decisions. In addition to these general benefits, Picasso Stone promotes the thought processes. As a variety of Landscape Jasper, it can also open pathways to past memories. T he markings on these crystals are said to be Mother Earth’s communications to her Children, hidden knowledge and teachings that can transform the way we live.

IMG_7616 (2)

I sped off home with my newly acquired Picasso sphere, and when the moment was right, sat down with it to get to know it a little better. It’s not often I have such a profound response to a stone… African plains, caves, huntsmen, forests, fields… vivid and haunting burnt their images onto my eyes and I was there, I was home. A flash of memory, so intense it must float in everyone’s DNA… racial, inherited, collective. Walking, walking with my family, leaving the cool forest behind and walking into the sunlight, warm, hot, strong, almost like a weight across the shoulders. So intense a memory, so vivid a feeling it brought tears to my eyes. The soft swish of grass brushing against my arms as the family moved on, scents of hot grass and sense of family, so strong and new…

It fascinates me. I can’t leave it alone, cave paintings, bison and horses, Lascaux and Africa, Pangea and continental drift. A sense of connected-ness, continuity, wholeness and family. Mother Earth and her children.

Cave painting (3).jpegA bit of fun… me as a miniature cave drawing being chased by a giant Princess Charlie



The title of this post is derived from the song: ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’, a traditional American spiritual that has since been covered by artists such as Glen Campbell… thanks Wikipedia for that information

Sunshine Blogger


I must thank Xenia of Whippet Wisdom for nominating me for this award. I was surprised bur also pleased and touched that she thought of me. Please do go and have a look at her blog, stunning photographs, beautiful haikus and lovely stories of her clever, gentle dogs. Thank you Xenia for nominating me, thanks also to Eivor and Pearl, watched over by the faithful Seamus.


A picture of our whippet, Misty, when I was a little girl, with my Burmese cat

The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. It is given to “bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

Here are the rules to accept the Sunshine Award:

Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

  1. Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you.

  1. Nominate eleven blogs to receive the award and write them eleven new questions.

  1. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.


Question 1: What book are you currently reading?

What book… I am re-reading ‘Jennie’ by Paul Gallico, tender story about cats and love.

Question 2: Name one goal you plan to accomplish this week.

One goal… stop smoking, or at least get my consumption down to five a day

Question 3: Three words that describe you.

3 words for me: I don’t know… my son says… honest, caring, funny.

Question 4: Paper and pen, or a laptop?

Always paper and pen… I’m not a great tech person, but I like to see the ink forming the words. It’s like giving birth but not half as painful!

Question 5: In one sentence, write a message to your younger self.

Don’t do it!

Question 6: Complete this: _______ is life.

Experience is life.

Question 7: Even without them speaking, whose presence causes you to smile?

My sons and cats!

Question 8: Anything you want to say about yourself.

Not really, I can’t think of anything interesting! I’m never very good at these sort of questions… 

Question 9: What song makes you dance carefree?

Sit Down’ by James… fond memories of the Student Union…

Question 10. How many tattoos do you have?

One – it’s rubbish and I wish I’d never got it…

Question 11: What good will you do today?

Hopefully what I can as the opportunity presents itself – whether it’s from giving directions to a stranger to washing up for my mother!



Sunshine nominations: (in no particular order)

1) Limitless Blog: Priscilla, my lovely internet daughter. She writes with sincerity, maturity and emotion about all sorts: love you!

2) Perceptions – Iman Refaat: I start my day with a look at her blog, kind, thoughtful, bite size mindfulness to inspire me for the day.

3) Chic Soles: Sochi is funny, glamorous and has FABULOUS shoes and other information such as shoe care tips, fashion advice and up-to-date amazing shoe styles on her blog, well worth a look!

4) The Joyful Soul Creates: I love her Photo A Day Challenge, the card making skills, creative and friendly, always ready to chat. (I’m in awe of her creative abilities!)

5) Paperpuff: Chicken46 – love her cards and humour… she’s reduced me to tears on a couple of occasions!

6) askNapi: This blog features the beautiful Tabby cat Napi Simba and wonderful informative posts.

7) The Adopted Cat: This blog features the handsome Gatsby and some very powerful, well-researched posts, like the article on de-clawing

8) In The Autumn of My Life: wonderful blog, kind and gentle humour, posts about crystals, aromatherapy, Reiki… what’s not to love?!

9) Inside Kel’s Kitchen: I love this blog! Wonderful recipes that are easy to cope with – even for an idiot chef like me!

10) Magnetically Aesthetic: Belinda, a lovely lady who posts on a wide range of subjects form recipes to recycling. Caring and friendly – well worth a look!

11) garfieldhug’s blog: My lovely friend! Talented and witty, her blog is well worth a visit for wicked humour that makes me choke with laughter, insight, marriage guidance for my sons, history, food… I could go on… and on!


The questions for my nominees are:

1) What is your first childhood memory?

2) What is your favourite film?

3) What was your first ever pet?

4) What is your favourite flower?

5) If you could solve one world problem, what would it be and why?

6) What was your best ever holiday?

7) As it’s the Sunshine Award… sunshine or rain?

8) What is your favourite perfume/aftershave?

9) What book are you reading at the moment?

10) What did you want to be when you grew up?

11) Forest or desert?

img_6151-2Sunny crystals to go with the theme… Bottom left Goldstone, man-made glass with copper for sparkles but can help the wearer achieve their goals, gain strength and stabilise their emotions. Bottom right Sunstone, instills good nature and help you nurture your self. Top rough Citrine…

There is no obligation or pressure to accept this award, it’s just a nice way to show appreciation and recognition to other bloggers and pass it on.

Thank you, as always for reading!