Bornite And Bus Cats…

31693198_234548207290594_4531572495966273536_nI was drawn to the pretty colours of this crystal at first sight… mmm… shiny… but beneath its glamorous appearance it is a kind and selfless worker for the common purpose. Its many colours reflect its ability to bring love and thought to all beings on Mother Earth.

It assists with both physical and spiritual sight and insight – removing calcified deposits and easing access to psychic abilities and inner knowing – basically giving you the confidence to trust your own judgement.


Bornite’s rainbow colours, sometimes produced by acid treating or formed by a thin layer of copper oxide, are a physical manifestation of its cheerful vibe that helps dispel negative thoughts and also give rise to its alternative name of Peacock Ore. It can reform negative thought patterns and show you how to walk a happy present life avoiding spiritual obstacles.

Bornite’s varied colours all within one crystal means it can work with all the chakras and work to integrate Mind, Body and Spirit. It can help with relieving muscular spasms, cell repair and restoring metabolic balance.


A happy healing stone… unlike cats on a bus. You’ve heard of “Snakes On a Plane” – well, this was “Cats On The Bus.” That time of year again, booster injections for the girls. All four coincide within the space of about three weeks, so I usually take two at a time. I’ve recently changed vets too, cutting a thirty minute taxi ride down to a ten minute bus journey and shaving a few pounds off the whole expedition that can go back into the Kitty Kitty.

My partner and I took the two big girls first, and as befits proper ladies, they travelled beautifully on the bus and behaved politely at the vets. When Alex came back for Easter, I thought he could help. Catching Ting and Tooty and putting them in the carriers went smoothly enough, but as soon as we left the garden, the noise started.

Now, just think about the way you behaved… 

And oh my God… what a noise. Like I had two air raid sirens trapped in a box:


All down the road to the bus stop. Disapproving looks from passers-by. Someone driving past actually slowed down for a better look and sped off disbelievingly as the noise hit their ears.

On the bus, the noise reached a new level:


One man asked me:

Do you have a cat in there?”

Much as I was tempted to reply: “No, it’s a Lesser Spotted What-Not…” I smiled politely and feigned deafness, justifiably so, since the noise Ting and Tooty were making was like nothing with which God ever blessed a cat …

The vets:


They set each other off, wailing and howling back and forth to each other, even after the boosters had been administered and I had stuffed them unceremoniously back in the carriers.

Yes, you need hang your heads in shame!

Alex was quite scarlet with embarrassment by the time we reached home, while I had an epic headache. Ting and Tooty went to bed in disgrace and I believe Alex has made plans for the whole of the necessary month next year… !


Merlinite And Magical Cats…

31054970_229672977778117_8099424677979488256_nBig clue in the title here… this crystal is another one that is very much of two worlds, a duality to its nature that can show both light and dark, spiritual and physical.


Not unsurprisingly, given its name, it has a strong association with astral travel back to Arthurian times (haven’t tried this… no central heating…)

But seriously, it is a very powerful crystal to use in bringing balance and harmony into your life, using information from lives long ago to redress the balance in your present life.


Merlininte can heal hurt from past lives which is affecting your present state of being and has often been used in shamanic and ritual magic. It encourages an awareness of the spiritual and can be used to develop psychic skills. Whilst opening the mind to the concept of unity between body and soul it will also bring the quality of acceptance, you recognise the resolution you have been given and move on.


Cats are walkers between worlds… a magical manifestation whose potency was first recognised when a primitive cat caught that very first mouse which was bothering that first prehistoric lady by eating her grain stores.


Such cleverness, grace and agility was rewarded with a place by the fire, food and comfort. Ever since then, these magical felines have thrown in their lot with us, to care, share and guide. Sometimes.


Friendly family pet by day, creature of sunshine, light and warmth… prowling horror by night, sharp of tooth and claw.


This duality of nature is what gives cats part of their magical quality, from the largest tiger to the smallest housecat. They hold our hearts and the magic of the world between those dainty, furry paws…


Landscape and Legs…


Landscape Jasper is actually a wonderfully comforting crystal, I find. My previous experiences of Jasper were limited to Red, and that really did not resonate with me at all.

I was drawn to this piece purely by chance. After I bought my Picasso Stone sphere, I was looking for something with the same reassurance but a little more … pocket–sized.

All Jaspers have the same metaphysical benefits of being supportive and caring, and is also known as the “Supreme Nurturer”. Its various colours are linked to specific chakras to help balance and align them whilst absorbing negative energy as it is another highly protective crystal. Jasper can also dissipate environmental pollution and connect the physical and spiritual body with the higher realms.


Brown, or Picture or Landscape Jasper is the one that draws me … as warming and soothing as standing barefoot in a field and feeling the connection to Mother Earth, surging upwards through the soles of your feet and into your legs, grounding and comforting, giving you a sense of place in this vast Universe.

These varieties of Jasper are pretty much the same entity, but for the purposes of this post I will refer to it primarily as Landscape Jasper. The clue is in the name … the patterning within the individual crystals looks like landscapes, the rich colours showing its connection to the Earth and awakening ecological consciousness.


Interestingly, Brown Jasper can specifically strengthen the resolve to give up smoking – 53 DAYS AND STILL SMOKE FREE!!

The black etched lines within the crystals are said to be Mother Earth speaking to us, information for those who are able to decipher it. All I know is I find it as comforting as sunshine, the warmth of the Earth and the hum of Life that is omnipresent during the summer months.

leg-5Erin demonstrating how to use legs…

Legs … are our direct physical connection to Mother Earth, although sometimes we lose contact with the golden tracery that keeps us bound to her surface. Animals are, by their very nature, physically closer, in tune with the comings and goings within the Universe. How many documented accounts have their been of animals leaving an area before a disaster strikes?

leg-4Lily’s legs firmly planted in irritation… “LOOK! Will you stop following me around with that BLOODY pumpkin!”

I must confess I am not a country person … too fond of central heating and hot water… but 21st century life can be isolating, frightening, depressing. Apart from the scientific benefits of exercising (it releases … endorphins?) the actual physical act of being out and about, and looking, connecting, noticing, can lift the spirits and alleviate depression; and if you have a dog or two to walk with, then so much the better!

leg-6‘She walks in beauty, like the night’ (Lord Byron)

You can walk with cats… but I have had some funny looks…!

The isolation of the dark, cold winter months, although they hold their own magic as Mother Earth sleeps; I find they affect me in a not altogether positive way… Landscape Jasper is the letter home.



Wands and Whiskers

_MG_8322.jpgA beautiful example of a spiral Selenite wand (thank you Lizian) these have a pure, high vibration that can be used to direct external influences away from your mind…

Crystal wands and whiskers are both directional and almost magical, not necessarily in the Harry Potter sense, but in the power they bestow upon their user or wearer that enables them to control, sense and manipulate.

It is not entirely accurate to assume the width of a cat’s whiskers are used to judge whether its body will fit through a small gap, as there have been enough comedy clips showing excessively large cats trying to struggle through a cat flap.


Whiskers actually give cats a highly developed sense of touch. Dogs’ whiskers help with their close up vision and are just as important as cats’ whiskers, in that they are rooted in follicles and packed full of nerves. These nerves send messages to the brain and help the dog interpret its surroundings.

IMG_8712.jpgErin has warts to put her whiskers in…

Likewise with cats, their ‘vibrissae’ are located mainly on the top jaw either side of the nose, the cheeks and on the back of the wrists. The whiskers add extra depth to an animals’ awareness of its environment. They inform the cat if danger is near, or an obstacle is blocking its way and assist with the recognition and location of objects in poor light.

IMG_4713 (2).JPG

Whiskers can also signal how a cat is feeling: when relaxed, they stand out either side of its face, if they are angled forwards, then the cat is hunting, excited or playing. Then, of course, there all the positions in between… Ting has been known to sleep with her whiskers mashed up backwards against something… most uncomfortable looking.


This feline semaphore is handy for any cat owner to learn as both warning and indicator, vibrating with messages and energy rather like a crystal wand…


(The two on the left are Amethyst, the three on the right Fluorite) Amethyst wands can be used to awaken the Brow chakra and encourage intuition, remove blockages from the Sacral chakra and aura whilst providing healing and protection. Fluorite wands have a soothing, anti-inflammatory energy. A small wand can absorb a lot of stress and must be regularly cleansed in water or it may break.

Most wands are artificially shaped, although you can get naturally occurring crystal wand formations. Obviously they are perceived as the traditional tools of the shaman and healers of older cultures, but they are still used today.

IMG_8631.jpgAlways use Obsidian carefully. It will bring negative emotions to the fore so you must be ready to deal with these. Once they are resolved, the wand will protect the user and connect them Earthwards. 

As you can imagine, the self-contained structure of a wand will focus and intensify their particular energy. My son’s lovely crystal lady, Lizian, gave me some information regarding the use of wands… basically think of them like an aura ‘clothes brush’. You can programme your wand to be used for cleansing and healing by just consciously thinking about what you are doing and ‘brush’ the badness away from your aura. Similarly, wands can be used to channel healing energy into your body and direct negative away.

WP_20160830_16_06_27_Pro (2).jpgVesuvianite, (on the left) also known as Idocrase: this instills you with the courage to change and find your own true path whilst confronting hidden fears and changing negative thought patterns. Rainbow Jasper (on the left): a wholesome healer whose many colours link it with all the chakras to encourage balance in the physical body and intellectual focus.

Become aware of the healing power of the Universe and allow your wand to focus and direct it for your use. Allow it to become an extension of your Self, as sensitive and receptive as cats’ whiskers.

Prehnite and Paws

IMG_6930 (2)

When I first held this stone-it’s actually my son’s- I had a really vivid mental image flash into my head…an old-fashioned chemist’s shop, the ones with the large, ornate glass bottles of red and green liquid in the window, the shelves holding glass jars and the heavy, powdery smell of medicines.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, when I looked into it, Prehnite is actually a stone of healing, the ultimate crystal for any of those in the healing practices. Its clear green colour is reminiscent of sun shining through silver birch leaves, and as you hold it, you can feel the silver cord between you and Creation throb with life.

IMG_6875 (4).JPGThe sun hit this as my son was photographing it and gave it a heavenly glow…

A typical interpretation of this stone is that it lights the way forward into spiritual growth, preparing the path. It is a very serene stone, therefore good for use in meditation as it illuminates your inner knowing and enhances precognition. It is linked to the heart chakra and so opens your heart to both give and receive love, spiritually, mentally and physically. It can aid visualisation and deep meditation, connecting directly to the Universal energy grid-a charger for the soul, if you will…

Prehnite is another stone of unconditional love, like Rose Quartz, think of the love and trust a dog is showing you when it gives you its paw. I love my cats’ paws, they’re all so soft and dainty. Tooty and Lily have black toes that look like blackberries; while Charlie has two pink toes on her left paw, all the rest are brown.

IMG_6804 (2).JPGPerfect Princess Paws

It’s important to check the health of your animals’ paws, especially at this time of year when there are grass seeds everywhere. Vicious little pellets with stiff whiskers that can trap between unwary toes, causing irritation and abscesses. Check your dog’s paws and be careful where you walk. Broken glass pieces as small as needles can penetrate and slice tender paws, and all paw wounds bleed profusely…Apply pressure to the wound, and call the vet. Don’t take chances trying to remove anything yourself, just in case of infection, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

IMG_5254.JPGErin’s surprisingly dainty dog feet

My old cat, Walter, cut one of the ears on his “Mickey Mouse” pad as I call it, so deeply I thought he would lose it. I wrapped it up in a sock-straight to the vet, who said he was lucky and wouldn’t need stitches, but to keep the wound clean and dry. Right. The first thing he attempted to do was remove the dressing…so I hit upon the happy solution of giving him more to remove..light layers of kitchen towel taped gently into place and although the injured paw looked like a cushion compared to the rest of his elegant paws, it kept him occupied and gave his wound a chance to heal.

IMG_6754 (2).JPGLily paws… complete with deadly toe knives 

You can buy shoes to protect dogs’ paws, huskies generally wear them to protect their paws from the snow and ice. I think that’s a wonderful idea and I would love to buy Erin some…She, on the other hand, would have hysterics…I have also seen absolutely adorable shoes for children, that when they walk, leave the imprints of paw marks… I would have loved some of those when I was a little girl!

Paws and Prehnite, then, close to Mother Earth, and sealing and protective. Prehnite is a wonderful crystal for bringing calm to your environment and instilling peace and harmony with Nature… think on that as our cats knead serenely on our knees, and our dogs offer a paw in love, trust and friendship.

IMG_6926 (3)A beautiful example of Prehnite, buzzing with energy…

All photos were taken by my son!

Crystals and Canines

Although I am no longer blessed with a dog of my own, I have always had dogs around me as I was growing up and my mother’s succession of German Shepherd dogs have been my sister dogs throughout my life – the featured image is a photo of me as a little girl with our German Shepherd, Nikki. Consequently, and also thanks to BrianLilyandArdbeg, I thought perhaps a dog and stones post might be in order.

IMG_5114 (2).JPG“Hey! What about cats?”

Crystals can be used to help animals as well as people, although I must emphasise that they are a complementary aid only and not a substitute for veterinary care for underlying medical conditions. There is, of course, the practical application of crystals to dogs, since, more often than not, they are unwilling to wear jewellery…and they don’t have pockets…So. At a recent Mind, Body and Spirit event, I met a lovely lady who made padded collars for animals, where you could insert tiny crystals, the tumbled ones, so they don’t press uncomfortably against the dog’s neck. You can adapt your own dog’s collar by sewing in a little padded pouch; or alternatively, you can place them in your dog’s bed, again, tucking them somewhere safe where an inquisitive snout can’t detect them and swallow them.

IMG_5227 (2)Erin snout inspecting various shades of Aventurine, for animals they can help wth purifying and healing the physical body…

Also you can “stroke” your dog with a polished crystal, or wand or egg, as you would use a brush to groom them, sending your intentions for the dog through the crystal. Individual animals will let you know which crystals they are drawn to by sniffing with interest or licking the actual crystals. Charlie made my Tiger’s Eye “hers” by rubbing her face on it, while Erin seems to like Dalmationite…

IMG_5265 (2).JPG

Another method is by gridding your dog or cat whilst they sleep. Basically, what it says: placing the crystals around your dog with them at the centre of the pattern. I tend to use the Star of David formation with Charlie as she fits neatly in the middle, but again, I must emphasise, safety first. Do not leave your dog unattended with crystals in case they swallow them. Very important. (On a side note, my son told me that some people have chakra stones actually medically inserted in the appropriate place under the skin on their body. Hmm…interesting idea, but I don’t think I’d go that far…)

IMG_5858And here we have Charlie demonstrating…

Clear Quartz is perhaps the number one crystal to have to hand when working with your dog. Known as the “Master Healer” it is very beneficial for humans and animals alike, when used primarily for dogs, it will enhance their vitality and balance their temperaments. It can encourage healing, boost their immune systems and alleviate symptoms of pain and inflammation. It is also good for amplifying intentions between dog and owner, so useful during training sessions.

IMG_5506 (2).JPG

Another good crystal for animals, dogs and cats in particular, is Amber. Although strictly speaking, it is fossilised tree resin, it is protective and detoxifying. It can be used to help with respiratory issues and is a calming positive crystal, good for use in direct contact with the dog, when grooming perhaps.

IMG_5219 (2)

Amethyst is another useful crystal, a good absorber of negativity, so beneficial in reducing stress in nervy dogs; likewise Blue Lace Agate, which is good for grumpy animals and calming anxiety. Carnelian is a good crystal for nerves, but again, it is down to which stone your dog is drawn. Selenite aids restful nights as it can help relax tightness in the muscles and aid with spinal alignment. Again, please note, these are complementary aids only and no substitute for veterinary treatment of any pre-existing, underlying medical issues.

IMG_5509 (2).JPG

Finally, Black Tourmaline is a good crystal for dogs that spend a lot of time in human company, mainly working dogs although I’m sure house dogs would also benefit from Black Tourmaline as it can help with skeletal problems, muscle strains and hormone imbalances. Another warning- Malachite, although beautiful to look at, is a crystal that MUST be handled with caution as it is VERY toxic, especially when rough, and should only be used in its polished form. If in doubt, check it out. Don’t take my word for it, consult a qualified crystal therapist. Safety for you and your dog (or any other animal) is my main concern here.

IMG_5924 (2).JPGThe beautiful, but toxic Malachite… never let your animal lick it or sniff it!

On that note, I would like to thank BrianLilyandArdbeg for the idea for this post and I can highly recommend their blog, filled with love and care, and useful, generous help.

Animals are closer to Mother Earth than we humans, and as such, many will respond to and benefit from the careful use of crystals in their day to day life. Dogs are creatures of joy and love; their capacity for happiness is infinite and rewarding.

IMG_4999 (3).JPG

All photographs Copyright © 2016 Alex Marlowe… apart from featured image!