I’m very fond of this piece of Pyrite, not least because of how I came to own it. The cubic formation of Pyrite is extremely interesting – chemically it contains both iron and sulphur molecules which are bound by the laws of Chemistry (and Nature) to join themselves together in rigid lines, which creates the system of cubic crystals so wonderfully demonstrated by my beautiful assistant here…

How we met – ah, an engaging little aside… before Christmas, there was a lovely market in the city centre square, with a variety of European food stalls, ethnically sourced gifts and clothes and a crystal stall. Of course.

I sidled over, not at all suspicious-looking, drawn by the size of his magnificent – geodes. (what did you think I was going to say..?) He had baskets full of darling little eggs, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Howlite; tumblestones gleaming and sparkling (one is featured in tomorrow’s post) fossils from long ago and crystals for every ailment, or just to please the eye… a regular “Goblin Market” of splendour and temptation.


Well. I spent some money. (How could I not..?) Then I went back later that day… and the following day… on my last visit – perhaps just to get rid of me, or to have less stock to pack away… he said to me:

Here. As you’ve been such a good customer, choose one of these pieces for free…”

I looked and saw a bowlful of gleaming gold cubes set in warm sandstone. I seized one-


and rushed home with it.

Not usually a crystal I consider for meditation, although Pyrite in all forms is good for relieving fatigue, increasing vitality and blood flow and helping with mental clarity and bone and circulatory health.


These delicate nuggets of cubular golden goodness caught in a sumptuous souffle of sandstone are wonderfully protective and can light metaphorical (and real) fires of creativity, especially in the sciences where balance and symmetry is generally required.

Let your mind wander… lose yourself in the shiny reflective surfaces to discover your inner strengths and deflect the criticism and negativity of others – just let those bad vibes bounce right off.

Warming and healing, a metaphysical freshly baked sponge cake, Pyrite in any shape or form is a lovely addition to any collection.



Lizards And Laughter…

Meet Frank, my sister’s Bearded Dragon. Thanks sis for use of the photos! 

I like lizards… I had quite an amusing encounter with one a while ago. I was returning from the supermarket, laden with catfood, milk, dogmeat for my mother’s dogs… when I saw a bright green thing, a little way ahead of me, sitting in the middle of the pavement.

I walked a little closer and put down my shopping bags to consider my options. A slightly nearer inspection revealed that this green thing was in fact, a lizard. Now. I have had close encounters with various representatives of the natural world, including hedgehogs and foxes, and I am persistently haunted by a guinea fowl – but I have never seen a lizard round here. (Apart from my sister’s, obviously.)

I’m not afraid of lizards, it’s just that it was a cold day, and if I was going to rescue it, I didn’t want to startle it so it ran away and froze to death. I crept cautiously closer – the lizard remained motionless, squatting on the pavement. It was a reasonable size, perhaps three or four inches long. It had its back to me, so I thought perhaps it hadn’t heard me (I’m so stealthy… ) or that maybe the cold had stupified it into immobility.

A sudden, unpleasant thought struck me – what if it was already dead? With this in mind, and not wanting to seize a deceased and possibly squishy lizard, I prodded it carefully with the toe of my shoe. Whereupon it fell over.

I realised, then, that it was actually an extremely lifelike plastic toy lizard. I started to laugh… honestly, I’ll be getting a reputation… People must have thought what a peculiar sight, a middle-aged woman, laughing her head off on a cold rainy morning for no apparent reason, surrounded by shopping bags and clutching a plastic lizard.

In my defence, though, it was a dull morning, and a very lifelike lizard. Perhaps I should make time to go to the opticians… I returned home with my shopping and new friend and showed him to Charlie. She eyed him suspiciously and gave him a few slaps… and now I can’t find him…

Frank, having the last laugh, as “he” is actually a “she”!

Magnesite And Mummy’s Girls…


Nope. Not a cauliflower. Or a brain – although the complex folds and crevices found within Magnesite mirror the structure of our brains where our emotions and intelligence reside. Not unsurprisingly then, Magnesite is wonderfully beneficial for the emotional health of our mind, balancing the brain’s hemispheres and clearing the pathways for greater emotional intelligence and understanding.


It is a complex crystal – it can show demanding people how to step back and make room for others, whilst also teaching self love, giving you the strength and inner resources to deal with challenging situations and remain a source of support to those around you.


Magnesite teaches you the value of past life lessons that may not have always been pleasant, giving you the ability to view the information with a balanced mind, accept and move on. It calms and soothes, lending strength to nervous people and overcoming irritability.

A useful crystal for healing, perhaps because of its resemblance to the seat of human consciousness, Magnesite can help with cramps, bone disorders and temperatures and as it contains a high level of magnesium, it aids its absorption within the body, preventing poor memory, tiredness and reduced learning skills.


It took me a little while to learn how to live with four cats, adjusting after sixteen years with my beloved Walter being my only cat. He was kind, loving, even-tempered – a wonderful introduction to the joy of being a cat person for my partner too. Then, after Walter passed, I spent nine days without a cat until Princess Charlotte arrived in our lives to rule us with her dainty paw.

She was an adorable, demanding baby, who left her feline mummy far too soon, but decided I would make a passable substitute.


Lily followed soon after, primarily as Alex decided he needed a kitten too. Recently, although Lily has always been polite to me, she has come to the realisation that I am actually quite a nice person and has taken to sitting on my knee for cuddles, purring and kneading.

Ting and Tooty, our bonus hedge find kittens, love me – Ting to the point of obsession, gazing up at me with adoration apparent in her slightly crossed blue eyes and crying piteously when I leave her.


Tooty chooses to show how much she loves me at her own convenience, generally at about three o’clock, by sitting on my chest and breathing heavily into my face.


It makes for a tempestuous household at times, rather how I imagine living with four teenage girls must be… they all have their own likes and dislikes, preferred flavours of catfood, special sleeping places, pre-arranged times for individual attention… but they all like to sleep with me, in on or around the bed.


Each and every one of them are individual and unique – all are Mummy’s Girls! And do you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way!


31404248_232877170791031_6125451562639687680_nThe nature of knowledge is a curious thing, I find. For a start, how do you define it? The dictionary definition is: “Facts, information and skills acquired through experience or education.” I quite like the word “Gnosis” too, from the Greek, meaning knowledge of the Divine.

Taxi drivers in London have The Knowledge, a detailed mental map of the streets that they can draw on instantly to deliver their passenger to the right address. Is this still valid in the age of GPS, statnavs and Google maps? I believe so… no electronic aid can replace the mental images that are layered in your own brain.

For example – I’m rubbish at giving directions… if asked, I will wave my arms vaguely and say “Over there… somewhere…” but I could definitely show the enquirer the way there. I might not know road names but I tend to navigate via shops and landmarks… possibly why I have no sense of direction in the dark…

My partner says I know a lot of things. His hedge shears weren’t working properly, so I said they sounded like they had a blockage in the fuel line. He cleaned it – problem solved. Now. I must emphasise I am in no way mechanically minded (if it doesn’t work my first remedy is to give the item a little punch… don’t try this with people) but I am practical and I do have a good memory. Thus, out of the mountain of rammel, junk and rubbish that is my brain I do sometimes manage to pull out the occasional shining crystal…

Other forms of knowledge speak to me of muscle memory. It was my partner’s birthday recently, so we went out for dinner and a few drinks afterwards. There was a pool table in one of the pubs we visited – we used to play a lot when we first met – so we had a couple of games. What amused me though was the fact that Alex was surprised by my not unreasonable ability… sign of a misspent youth, so I’ve been told! He just didn’t think that it would be the sort of thing I knew anything about.

The key to knowledge is an open mind, a willingness to learn – or at least listen. It’s always a pleasure to learn something new from any source and feel good about that achievement. I suppose ultimately my point is that knowledge is never finite… It is an amorphous, ever-growing creature…

Jesus In A Dustsheet…


When I was younger I had the good fortune to visit several countries on holiday with my mother – I have fond memories of all of these, but perhaps the country that made the most lasting impression was Israel.

My mother, her friend and myself stayed in a hotel in Tel Aviv. We’d done the whole tourist trail thing, wandered through the ancient streets of Jerusalem (the Arab Quarter too, after curfew, but that’s a story for another time… ) walked the Mea Shearim, followed the Stations of the Cross, floated in the Dead Sea, marvelled at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and paid a respectful visit to the Temple Wall.

It was our last evening before we left for home so we had enjoyed a meal out at a local restaurant and were just sauntering slowly back to the hotel. A commotion across the road drew my attention – a young man, dishevelled, thin, tanned ribs showing, wearing nothing but a pair of underpants, was struggling to remove the cover from a car.

Long blond hair flapped about his face and he paused to rub one slender hand through his full beard, swaying so alarmingly that a passing elderly couple stopped to help him. He clasped his hands together and thanked the couple, so I would assume, as I was still watching from across the road.

My mother and her friend looked back to see where I was, and knowing that I had been deeply moved by my visit to places like Jesus’ tomb and Bethlehem, were watching me with amusement. The older couple, feeling that they had helped this poor man by removing the cover from his car, began to walk away.

However. The young man began to wrap the dust sheet around himself, in the style of biblical robes, draped across one shoulder and between his legs like a loincloth. You all know what I thought…

Mum! Look! Could it… shouldn’t we help him?! What if… what if… it’s Him?!”

By this time, the young man had gathered his makeshift robes about himself and reeled off down the street, stopping every so often to peer earnestly into the faces of other people, hands outstretched imploringly…

Well. My mother and her friend fell about laughing … and upon reflection, as an adult, I can see that he was probably just some stoned hippy bloke begging for busfare. Or something.

But I was quite a devout child and even though my belief system nowadays is more of the Omnist variety, I still can’t help wondering… what if…


Merlinite And Magical Cats…

31054970_229672977778117_8099424677979488256_nBig clue in the title here… this crystal is another one that is very much of two worlds, a duality to its nature that can show both light and dark, spiritual and physical.


Not unsurprisingly, given its name, it has a strong association with astral travel back to Arthurian times (haven’t tried this… no central heating…)

But seriously, it is a very powerful crystal to use in bringing balance and harmony into your life, using information from lives long ago to redress the balance in your present life.


Merlininte can heal hurt from past lives which is affecting your present state of being and has often been used in shamanic and ritual magic. It encourages an awareness of the spiritual and can be used to develop psychic skills. Whilst opening the mind to the concept of unity between body and soul it will also bring the quality of acceptance, you recognise the resolution you have been given and move on.


Cats are walkers between worlds… a magical manifestation whose potency was first recognised when a primitive cat caught that very first mouse which was bothering that first prehistoric lady by eating her grain stores.


Such cleverness, grace and agility was rewarded with a place by the fire, food and comfort. Ever since then, these magical felines have thrown in their lot with us, to care, share and guide. Sometimes.


Friendly family pet by day, creature of sunshine, light and warmth… prowling horror by night, sharp of tooth and claw.


This duality of nature is what gives cats part of their magical quality, from the largest tiger to the smallest housecat. They hold our hearts and the magic of the world between those dainty, furry paws…


Hunger (Adult Content)


He hungered. He burned. He – lusted. No other word for it.

Unsatisfied by his pretty, clever wife he took to late nights and sleazy pubs, ever on the lookout, the hunt, seeking that special something that would soothe the ache in his loins.

His wife didn’t know – how could she, occupied as she was with their children, their perfect home, their lovely life, their status.

He wanted them all and so he took them, and yes, they were willing enough. The shy and the wanton – both could be bought for the right price and often it was no more than a couple of kind words. Behind the pub, dark corners in slimy side streets, their own rooms or flats – he wasn’t bothered, searching as he was for something to stop the hunger.

He sank himself between the loins of thin, hungry young men who writhed beneath him like buckets of eels; women, drawn to him by the unspoken promise of something dark in his eyes. He rubbed and fawned and licked and chatted – still he burned.

One evening, after a particularly stressful day, he found he couldn’t face the faintly accusing face of his wife and thought he would spend a pleasant hour or so fishing in a pub he had noticed earlier on in the day. Tucked away down a cobbled alley, it seemed cheery enough with an old-world ambience and plenty of cosy booths for an intimate moment.

He collected his drink and turned towards the formerly empty booth he had chose, only to find it taken.

And how… the voluptuous woman was, at best, kindly described as overflowing. Pillowy breasts threatened to spill from her low cut, frilled top. Above her cavernous cleavage, a wide, generous face, blue eyes with heavy lashes and plump, succulent lips that were ripe for biting.

He inserted himself onto the bench next to her and placed a hand on the broad, sumptuous flesh of her thigh – such legs, wide, cushiony. All at once it became the most urgent priority, the most important thing in the world that he should bury himself in her folds of flesh, grasp her and inhale her.

Later – but not much later, they hadn’t got beyond a mutual sigh of consent between sucking kisses – in her bed he rolled and fondled and fumbled, sweating and slippery as she moaned above him, beneath him, around him.

He pushed between her eager legs and pushed. He pushed and thrust and at the height of his pleasure – nothing. He awoke, it seemed, only moments later to find himself in unfamiliar, yet strangely recognisable surroundings.

A dark corridor stretched before him, ridged and heaving, pulsating with every step he took. He put a hand out to the wall, strangely slick and warm, and jerked back sharply as it shuddered beneath his touch. All around him in the stifling warmth, the walls, ceiling, floor heaved and contracted while a low moaning filled his ears.

He wiped his hand against his leg and began to run.