Points And Predators


I met a lovely lady the other day when I was helping out (playing with all the pretty crystals) at Lizian’s. You really do meet some interesting people… I was pawing my way through the stacked up boxes and I came across some wonderful crystal points, smoky quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz…


My partner had previously bought me the above crystal point online the week before, a very special piece, just full of rainbows… I also like to collect the different shapes of crystals so this sent me off in that direction. Anyway, this lady was showing me the different formations within these various points. Obviously you can read these sorts of things in books, but to have someone actually show me made it all crystal clear…if you pardon the pun…

Most crystals form points which can be natural or artificially shaped and these are popular for use in healing – directed away from the body they draw energy off, while pointed inwards, they channel energy into the body. There are also wonderful things to be read within and around the shapes of crystal points. Some look as if they have had lines carefully etched into them. These are called Lemurian crystals and are said to retain ancient information which can be accessed and used to help with healing.

Manifestation crystals look as if they have another tiny crystal or shape locked within them, while Cathedral crystals as their name suggests, are like the spire of the building, with smaller points around it. A Tabular crystal has two flat, wide sides so energy flows freely along it and can be used to help with communication. Record Keeper crystals have small triangles etched into their facets, which are said to hold ancient information to help us grow and evolve. It takes time and practice to achieve the correct state of mind to use them… but personally I am entranced by the beauty and sheer happiness that’s contained within these points.


Of course, being predators, my cats have their own sets of points which they use to great effect. Lily is the only cat who consistently catches and brings in prey though. Sometimes it’s dead. Other times… not. The “not” times always make for an interesting evening as Lily generally chooses the hours between twelve and three to return with her little gifts. I am usually asleep (for optimum inconvenience) while Chris is having his last cup of tea.

Brrp! Br-me-OW! Brrp!”

This is Lily’s special call, not dissimilar to a mother cat calling to her kittens. This particular evening I was just teetering on the verge of the Land of Nod when –


I leapt , quite agilely, considering the time of night, out of bed and rushed downstairs to begin the Rodent Rhumba…

Chris went one way, I feinted the other, Lily danced between us both until sh dropped the mouse, unhurt. It made a dash for the corner for the rug in the hallway, whereupon Chris had a brainwave and opened the front door. The mouse saw the opportunity offered and darted outside. I returned to bed, Chris, to his tea.

Perhaps half an hour later –


Cursing cats and mice, once again I leapt out of bed and ran downstairs.

IT’S GONE UNDER THERE!” Chris said, pointing under the unit.

I adopted my best mouse catching pose – on hands and knees with a prayer in my heart – and as he began to move things away from the unit I was poised with container to retrieve the recalcitrant rodent. A small fat mouse shot out from the newspaper and I slapped the container over it.

Chris put it outside and we went to bed, having first cautioned Lily in the strongest of terms.

Peace. Quiet. Till about 4.00a.m. Then –

Brrp! Me-ow! Brrp!”

Again… I leapt smartly out of bed and put the landing light on. No Lily. In fact, she’d been asleep in Alex’s room, sulking. Instead, an eager Charlie looked up at me. She had very bravely caught and killed – a fluffball!

The fearsome furry face of a real predator!

Lemurian Jade And Leaping Cats…


Our eyes met across the crowded village hall…dark green, seductive, I was irresistibly drawn towards him… I reached out my hand to gently cup him…

Liz! What’s this? It’s…beautiful! Can I..?

Never one to stand in the way of true crystal love, Liz turned my latest crystal purchase over to my tender care and I sped away, so we could become more… closely acquainted.

Lemurian Jade – smooth and silky to the touch and wonderfully satisfying to hold, the sensual weight of this crystal in my hand transported me far away… think Amazonian jungle, green and verdant, the colours so vivid and varied you can tast them on the back of your tongue. Spotted with gold and dappled with black, this lovely crystal, named after an ancient civilisation thought to pre-date Atlantis, has a strong connection with Mother Earth, helping you to strengthen your own bond with her and live in balance with the planet.


Lemurian Jade brings stability and confidence to a relationship, encouraging balance but also trust and honesty. Its presence alleviates conflict and smoothes away friction, replacing them with healing and courage. New energy and growth are stimulated and it’s a wonderful stone to help heal past abuse and life difficulties, also bringing a gentle recognition and awareness of our blessings. It helps us to feel gratitude for this knowledge and move on with new awareness… to make that leap of faith, if you will, in yourself and those around you, as sure-footed as any cat.

Charlie leaping!

Holding my Lemurian Jade I am soothed by the flow of images… servals, ocelots and margays; cats of the jungle who slide and leap easily from one tree to the next, much as a passing thought is captured, examined and sent on its way.

28208528_200587644019984_768249377_o (1)
Ting… not leaping… 

I find echoes of these jungle cats in my own cats, their elegance and grace always a pleasure to watch, even if I’m just a little too slow to capture that perfect picture. The image remains, as does the love. Always.


Rhodochrosite And Rolling Cats…


Thank you Liz for my weekly dose of inspiration!

This gentle pink crystal has a soft, fizzing energy to it… think champagne and strawberries, fragrant, bubbly and loving. As a pink stone it is intimately connected with the heart chakra and all aspects of love. It can be used to help with healing abuse from previous relationships, whilst restoring a positive attitude and preparing you to love again.

Rhodochrosite shows you how to accept the sometimes painful lessons that love can bring and learn from them in a positive manner. It can help with the release of painful and repressed emotions, gently easing them away rather than a big powerful wallop of “Well I never saw that coming!”

Rhodochrosite will help you to take a good look at yourself with kindness and self-awareness, giving you the ability to process the information, learn and move on. It prepares the way for you to find your soulmate, your life partner, linking you to that higher state of mind, yet giving you the ability to freely and spontaneously express your feelings.

Within reason. Of course.

I’ve had quite a few funny looks as the people passing on the park look over the bushes and into our garden… my cats usually follow me most places, including over to my partner’s mother’s house, or down the road…

WAIT! WAIT! We’re coming! Don’t leave us!”

No, you have to stay – I’m only going to the shop…”

Why ohhhh WAA_Oohhh…come back!”

And then when I return, the full-on greeting ceremony, no matter how long I’ve actually been, including all four cats hurling themselves to the floor at my feet and rolling about ecstatically, legs waving, paws air kneading…

As any cat owner knows, though, the body language of cats is a law unto itself. A roll over to expose the tummy fluff can mean a few things, primarily with my four it is a sign of trust and love… “So pleased you’re home! Tickle my tummy!”

Not every cat requires such a hands-on approach, so you do have to take note of other signs, like a flicking tail, or what might seem an adorably soft expanse off fur can suddenly turn into a bear trap as four Murder Mittens are clamped around the unwary hand.


A cat can roll over in a fight which is not “Oh, I’m giving up..” Rather, it’s a deployment of all weapons at their disposal, claw paws and teeth.. Lily will roll for pleasure in dust or dry soil and come in looking like she’s just been reborn from the Earth. Tooty will roll in greeting and combat… Charlie will roll with elegance and grace…


Ting will drop and roll with all the precision of a parachutist… even as I type, she’s rolling in my Jammy Dodgers…


Abalone And Anthropomorphic Animals…

23998479_161097701302312_1716487419_oAbalone is actually an edible shellfish, a member of the clam family, and while the creature itself can be eaten, its shell has metaphysical benefits too. Its wonderful iridescent shell is said to bring feelings of love, compassion and peace, with a particularly gentle vibration, perhaps because the abalone was once a living creature nurtured by the sea.


Abalone is soothing and calming, a good focus for meditation as you look into its shimmering spiral, and it also brings physical peace. It can be used to help with arthritis and other joint disorders, as well as helping with muscle, heart and digestion problems.


A bridge, a little step between worlds and a pause in a time of ever-evolving emotions, Abalone will bring peace and clarity in situations where feelings are volatile.

23960969_161097554635660_1329613660_o (1)

Anthropomorphism”… fabulous word… essentially, the action of ascribing human emotions to an animal. In years gone by, people have rubbished the idea that animals could possibly feel emotions, but only now, science is starting to provide proof what your average pet owner has known all along. Of COURSE animals are capable of both feeling and demonstrating emotions, very effectively too.

Studies have been conducted into whales and their family dynamics, which show not only do they have relationships as deep and complex as humans, they feel emotions such as grief just as strongly as we do. I watched a television programme where a mother whale’s grief over the death of her baby affected the whole pod, so achingly apparent it made me cry too…

My father was one of the old school type of vets where animals were regarded as tools to help man, rather than as co-companions on this Earth, but nowadays, vets are generally a lot more… animal-friendly. I definitely do NOT think I am guilty of anthropomorphism when it comes to Charlie…on one of our vet visits, we happened to see a vet we’d seen maybe four months previously, who had deemed the emptying of Charlie’s anal glands necessary…

Oh yes. Charlie clearly remembered and despised this man who had so rudely grabbed her and squeezed her bottom. She folded in on herself, with her tail firmly tucked over her lady places and… glowered…Despite his most seductive cooing, “Oh my, you’re SO beautiful”, my little cat firmly refused to let this man examine the royal backside. He had to settle for prescribing her some tablets “just in case”, eyeing her doubtfully as she continued to make smiling threats…

On the other hand, Charlie is capable of expressing a whole range of emotions from joy to excitement to wonder… Already she is displaying anticipation of the big day…she knows she gets presents and special treats.


I even inflict Christmas on the budgie…this plastic budgie (as seen in the picture) was my misguided attempt to give Lucky a little company. For days, he huddled on the perch furthest away from the polymer playmate, looking miserable every time I saw him. Then one day I caught him…sharing a tender moment and chattering confidingly to his new friend.


But what do you buy a dragon for Christmas? My sister’s bearded dragon was definitely interested in Alex… I was quite interested by how the dragon – Frank – actually felt to the touch, sort of like a cold, leathery pastry crust.


My point is though of course animals have and demonstrate emotions – they have infinite patience and compassion for mankind in sharing their lives and this beautiful planet with us.

When a man has love and respect for all living creatures, only then is he noble.”


Rhodonite And Wrongdoing…


This wonderfully gentle pink and black crystal also happens to be one of the alternative birthstones for July, and perhaps one that I should spend more time with as it encourages the growth of love without judgement and teaches you emotional balance.


Rhodonite can also help to soothe emotional shock and calm panic, clearing the heart chakra and giving it positive stimulation. It is supportive and kind, healing wounds from past emotional abuse and helping to dissolve lingering resentment. Being pink, it is linked to the heart chakra and has a strong connection with forgiveness.


It encourages emotional clarity easing forgiveness if you feel you have been wronged and showing that although you may never forget, for the sake of your own emotional health you must forgive and move on… Think of Rhodonite as the elasticated bandage of the crystal world, supporting you, whilst allowing you to heal.

It is a sad fact of Life that while there are people, there will be wrongdoing, misdeeds and downright badness. I’m no angel – far from it, as I would be the first to admit I can be hideously bad tempered, highly strung and I get VERY overwrought, but I do my best to avoid wrongdoing. Karma has a way of paying you back…

Charlie hiding under the bed for a spot of over-grooming – definitely wrongdoing!!

I snapped at my mother the other evening and we didn’t part on the best of terms. I stomped off to the bus stop, fussing and fuming with rage. Half an hour later, I was still waiting for the bus… I was freezing, it was raining, and I used the time constructively to reflect upon my needless wrongdoing and appreciating the irony of my situation as my feet squelched and nose dripped…

A humorous incident to illustrate my point, but sometimes, hard though it is, you have to forgive others and move on for your own sake.

In comparison, a Siamese Sparkle Fur, looking positively angelic…!

Copper And Corpses…


Given up by Mother Earth and lovingly shaped by Tethys, these nuggets of sea tumbled Copper are warm to the touch and blessed with various metaphysical benefits. Wearing Copper bracelets is well-known to be helpful in reducing the pain of arthritis and rheumatism.

It is connected to the sacral chakra and will help the body to heal and regenerate, whilst also stimulating your primal creative energy. Copper was present when the world was born – thus it will help you give birth to your own dreams and bring them into being. With this in mind, it is an excellent focus foe meditation, as it will take you back, deep within your own psyche to find and develop answers for your own spiritual growth.

Copper pictures courtesy of Lizian – thank you! x

As already mentioned, Copper is anti-inflammatory and soothing for aching muscles and it can also help to release creative frustration and emotional tension… Corpses by their very nature induce emotion… as mother to the Furry Four I am regularly presented with a variety of little corpses, from moths to birds, mainly through the generosity of Lily.

Ting caught a fly once and Tooty attempted to murder a pigeon, but my little princess Charlie has never caught and killed a thing… However, I accept my role as undertaker and dispose of these little ones with care, sending them on their way with love and a prayer. I have only ever seen one dead human body, my partner’s father, and I was struck by the sense of difference, of something no longer needed and left behind like an old coat…

I remember when I was a little girl and my beloved Snoopy made his final journey, my father buried him under the apple tree in our garden. A couple of years later, when I was still quite young, I was distraught to find that my mother’s dogs had exhumed my cat. Crying, I ran indoors screaming:

Mummy! Mummy! The dogs have dug Snoopy up and they’re playing with him in the garden!”

I was devastated – my mother laughed… I can only ascribe this to her somewhat morbid sense of humour and the way I said it…

22833324_145499936195422_724378364_o (1)
“Hey! I’m just sleeping!!”

My most recent encounter with a corpse came courtesy of Erin, who is normally the most ladylike and refined of dogs, with manners as impeccable as her pedigree. Whilst out walking the other day, she discovered a rotting frog corpse… and rolled in it. Thoroughly. I was too late too stop her. She stunk. Thoroughly.

Walking back, tiny bones smooshed into her fur and entrails hanging off her head, I lectured her:

That is absolutely disgusting. What is so attractive about rancid amphibian? Chanel No.5 I could understand…”

As we entered my mother’s house she yelled:

Oh my GOD! She stinks! What have you been DOING??”

I laughed….

Wonderfully atmospheric photo taken by Alex…

Sulphur And Spirits

22712026_143329693079113_370281420_oDespite its associations with brimstone, fury and the Old Gentleman, sulphur is actually a very beneficial crystal. It is toxic so I must emphasise DO NOT make an elixir from it and ALWAYS wash your hands after handling it.


Not surprisingly, then, given some of its negative connotations, it can be used to help dissolve bad attachments and release stress. You can carry it around with you, provided it is in a sealed contained or wrapped up securely, to help with mental awareness and avoid people who would deceive you. It can help you get rid of fixed mental patterns and be more open to possibilities too …

At this time of year, as the seasons change, the veil between worlds is thin, and perhaps easier to see through and beyond…

As intelligent beings, I believe everybody should nurture an open mind and be prepared to recognise that things might not always be quite how they seem. Although I have only had a few spiritual experiences myself (the other worldly kind, not the alcoholic sort – had plenty of those) I do feel that everything that has happened in the world leaves an energy imprint behind and when you think of all the people who have gone before us and those still to come, it’s not surprising that sometimes these imprints can be felt.

Not those sorts of spirits Ting!

Possibly any potential haunters regard me as too short-sighted to be worth the effort of an appearance for a really good scare… I remember, though, when I was a little girl, the day after my Burmese made his last journey across the Rainbow Bridge, he came back for one last goodbye. I was lying in bed, totally heartsick and bereft, when I felt a sudden weight at my feet. I was actually a little frightened, as we had no other cats at that time, and then I felt what seemed like little paws, walking up the bed to his usual place at my side. One last “goodnight”? I hope so – I fell asleep shortly afterwards, a little comforted.

And then another, more recent appearance. I was in the kitchen cupboard, dragging out yet another pair of Alex’s trainers to be packed, when out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight – only for a second – of a well beloved grey tabby cat, with smart white shirt front and gleaming white paws. My Walter, forerunner to the present Furry Four and still sadly, achingly missed. It was the first time I’d seen him actually, since he went. I hope he’ll pop in again, make sure things are running smoothly…

So. There’s more than one meaning in the world of spirits… be of good spirits, my friends, don’t imbibe too many spirits and if you see spirits… just say hello from me!