This month’s offering for Blog Battle, the prompt word was “exotic”… do read on…

Come and walk with me, along these darkened streets and through these narrow alleys. Let me take you somewhere different, more – ah yes, it’s getting cold now, beginning to rain too, but wipe the freezing sleet from your eyes and face. I don’t want you to miss a single sight as we walk, here, take my arm –

Why! You’re trembling! I can feel it even through the thickness of your jacket as you lean a little closer – is it fear that makes you shiver so? Or something a little darker? See, let’s turn here and stroll along this cobbled pavement – watch your step, it seems a little greasy here, is it the reflection from the lights burning red, I wonder, or something more –

Look! See the girl there, seated in that window! She sees us too, you can tell by the way she flexes her arms above her head and gathers her long black hair in a silky rope about her wrist, before drawing it across her face like a veil. I can feel you breathe a little faster as you watch her – she looks young, lithe, her white flesh ripples as she leans back across her chair, the harsh light casting shadows that dance across the hollows of her throat.

Don’t you wish you could touch her, draw a finger – just the one across her soft white shoulders and make her quiver at your touch, lift her hair from where it caresses her arms and wind it in your fist, perhaps pull it a little to see how she reacts –

Now she’s standing – look at her thighs, how they stretch tautly beneath their covering of fine black mesh as she raises herself on tiptoe so you can admire the fine shape of her body and ignore the weary look in her eyes –

What? Not exotic enough for you? Wait a little, there should be more –

Ah! There, now she has him – do you think she is afraid as she pulls him from his resting place? Imagine how that feels, those warm coils, so muscular and pulsing in her hands as she drapes him carefully around her shoulders. See how his tongue flickers from between those great, curved jaws, scenting the air, tasting – her.

Watch how she sits, so carefully, tenderly supporting the great python, all gold and brown against her black and white, letting him glide across her chest and down to coil around her ankles, before lifting his head to slide tenderly between –

Ha! I see you lick your lips and I feel your heart racing. Don’t turn away, look at me my dear –

Afraid? Oh no, don’t be, I won’t bite – unless you want me to…