Skin Deep…

Now. I’ve never been particularly into makeup, foundation, blusher, lipstick and all the other doohickeys that go along with wanting to present a well-groomed and beautiful face to the world. Skincare for me was limited to the “cleanse, tone and moisturise” regime for a while till even that went by the by and my routine was to wash my face in cold water (“Much better for the complexion dear” – I can hear my grandmother’s voice now…) and then slap on some moisturiser, usually the supermarket’s own brand, on my face and hands and then I’m pretty much good to go.

However… as I’ve got older a couple of issues have come into play. As I’ve said I’ve never bothered with makeup other than the absolute essentials because I simply don’t know how. I can plant up a border for all year colour and whip up a batch of sourdough naan breads but ask me to tell the difference between a highlighter and a contour brush then I’m stuffed…

Alex, on the other hand, or rather his super-glamorous alter-ego Lady Dioxide, is a dab hand with all sorts of beauty related items to the extent where the sight of a pair of eyelash curlers induce a vague sense of panic in me. Matters came to a head for me when I noticed I was starting to look a little, um, weather beaten. Naturally, I asked Alex for advice and on our next foray into town we stopped at a well-known chemists and purveyor of beauty products where a very helpful lady sorted me out with something for the mature skin, plucked seemingly at random from the countless array of …stuff… on the shelves behind her.

“Here!” she chirped merrily. “Try this!”

So I did and I must say that I did actually notice a difference. When I ran out of it and had to go without for a week I went storming back in to buy more and endorsed their product by declaring; “I’ve run out! I need more! Look at me! Just look at me..!”

But since then, I have managed to balance my desire to be less wrinkly with a wish to use cruelty free and vegan products with a range from a well known health food shop and the occasional application of a luxury item from the chemist…The advertisements for some of these products though – they sound like something I would either use to clean the patio or patch up a wall… “Re-surfacing”… “dermabrasion…” and I am highly suspicious of putting anything that contains the word “acid” on my face, hyaluronic or otherwise.

Mr.CC said something to me once in the early stages of our relationship, along the lines of how he liked the fact that I wore little or no makeup since he knew what he would be waking up with… I was in the garden the other day when he reiterated this opinion of my – ahem – usual appearance, as I glared up at him, kneeling between the miscanthus and the gaura, clutching a handful of dead nasturtiums, hair stuck muddily to my brow with sweat, dirt on my face and weeds in my pockets.

“Yeah…” he said thoughtfully, “natural beauty.”

Bless him.

So, the supermodels can keep their hi-def eyebrows and resurfacing chemicals… I’ll just keep applying the dead leaves and mud dug up from under the apple tree and mixed with pond water…

10 thoughts on “Skin Deep…

  1. I’m a nearly bare bones gal myself, too, when it comes to makeup. (One thing about having to wear masks in public — no one can see the state of things underneath! But I do miss wearing my lip tints.) Although I probably 𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑑 use all the creams and potions, nothing that says “acid” is going anywhere near my skin, either. A nice rosewater and witch hazel toner is as far as I’ll go!

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  2. haha An entertaining read. 😀
    Yep, I also was make-up free for decades, but nowadays add a little touch up before I go out – don’t want to frighten everyone! 😀
    The main thing I do use regularly and often is hand cream – to help my poor sandpaper hands! 😀

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    1. Lol thank you, I am pleased you enjoyed it!

      Yes, it’s taken me ages to find a decent handcream – have you tried that Palmers Cocoa Butter, that’s quite good. Now as we all have to wear masks I have a new issue…I steam up… lol!!

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      1. I have some very good hand creams here – and make a point of using very often throughout the day, which seems to help. 😀
        As to glasses steaming up with a face mask, the quickest tip I found on YouTube was to simply fix the mask over the bridge of your nose with masking tape! Good luck! 😀

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