Storm Crows…

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Yeah… I’m watching you…

How many of you out there have that friend – we all have one, I’m sure – that is a wonderful friend, a good friend, but somehow always manages to carry an air of drama with them…

Let me explain. I first met this particular lady about three years ago, and although by nature I am quite solitary and don’t actively court friendship, I felt a natural affinity to this lady, as she did me, and from a few tentative ‘hello’s’ we developed a friendship. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a genuinely nice person, caring, funny, a good friend to have, but on every occasion I have spent any length of time with her my day afterwards has gone steadily downhill. Nothing major, just a series of little incidents that all coalesce to make what set off to be a good or at least an ordinary day into something you’re glad to see the back of by the time you climb into your bed and seek refuge under the duvet.

I’ve heard enough about “psychic vampires” to be aware of the steps to take to “protect” yourself against them – I am generally rattling with crystals and surrounded by an aura of essential oils – patchouli is my favourite at the moment – besides which I am usually quite a cheerful person. But it doesn’t seem to matter where we meet or how long we are together, the day spirals steadily downwards after our meeting.

The worst incident culminated – indirectly through her – with me having an enormous row with my partner, triggering my first ever migraine attack and a worrying spike in my blood pressure which had my concerned doctor monitoring me for a week.

After that, I am afraid to say I consciously avoided my friend, shocked as I was by the fallout and attachments she carried with her, like tin cans tied to the tail of a stray dog…

Perhaps I am just not a very good friend to have, but I met someone else who regarded her in somewhat of the same light, and we agreed the title of “storm crow” was an apt description. Apparently the tradition of seeing crows as harbingers of misfortune may have its origins in Greek mythology, where a crow brought bad news to Apollo and he turned its feathers black in punishment…

So then. What to do when faced with a friend like this… run stealthily away (roaring optional) arm yourself with the power of positive thinking…or chuck a handful of birdseed at them?

19 thoughts on “Storm Crows…

  1. I’m rather solitary myself, Samantha, but pleased to say I haven’t experienced what you have here – or maybe I have and just haven’t realised; that’s something to ponder! – although I have a work colleague who constantly reports back with his trials and dramas of his every day events every day. He has many. I do have a barrier up at work, so maybe this stops me absorbing his energy. I do wonder with him though, how can someone have so much go wrong with everything, but he seems to manage. 🤪
    How I put my barrier up, I don’t know, but I’m glad it’s there sometimes!


    1. I agree…sometimes it’s good to have barriers! I saw something on the Internet and thought “Ooh how useful” and toyed with the idea of buying one…a coyote jacket for dogs – basically a coat with spikes on that your dog can wear and which prevents it from being snatched by predators…but some people seem to need the attention in order to thrive…oh well, I suppose it would be a dull world if we were all the same!


    1. It’s hard to explain…she’s a lovely person but it’s like glitter…even though you never use the stuff it clings, gets everywhere and affects the rest of your day to the point where you’re even finding the stuff in your toothpaste when you clean your teeth at night…

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  2. Hi there! I used to have a friend I saw now and again who was like a butterfly. When I was ‘revising’ my friends, consciously deciding which ones were really important to me with mutual supporting going on and which ones were more like psychic suckers, this particular friend slipped through INTO my small net because there was something about her I really liked. I always loved being with her, loved her honesty and sharing, and go and do attitude, but wished she’d call me more often for a get – together, without it being me doing the calling each time – like once a year, we’re talking about here! I used to want her to really like me, but finally the day came when i realised she was actually very negative, didn’t value friends as much as I did, and she let me down over something really important to me – after that, I was done with her. Why it took me so long to realise she probably spread her negativity around her other friends too, I just don’t know. But this year we didn’t send our customary Xmas card, so we are over!! Cheers for the post!

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    1. Hi – sorry for the delayed reply.. thank you for your comment, your words made me feel a little better, it’s odd how these people sometimes crop up in your life and become more of a habit than a friendship…hope you’re well.

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