Happy New Year!


Perhaps a little late, but here we are – 2020, perfect vision, a new decade, the Roaring Twenties again… and I find I have taken the roaring part quite literally to heart.

Regular readers may recall I was searching for that little je ne sais quoi, the little added extra, a flourish, if you will, to add as I get off the bus and run away. The running away part is definitely catching on, I’m pleased to say.

On my journey into town the other day I noticed several ladies leaping off the bus and running onwards to their next destination. Not so much men though…come on chaps! Where’s your spirit of, um, adventure!

Anyway. I was with Alex in Asda, just before Christmas, actually, and it was packed. Thronging with desperate last minute shoppers – “Well, why won’t she eat that? She ate it last year!” – “Please stop doing that, Mummy’s very tired and Santa won’t come if you carry on being a little s&*t!”- and all I wanted to buy were the staple supplies of any conscientious cat owner, three different types of wet food and four packets of treats for the Girlies’ stockings, and I found myself welling up with frustration at the mass of humanity seething around me.

I couldn’t help it. I let out a little roar. Alex looked at me, concerned and more than a little alarmed at the unusual noise I produced. So I did it again. And was mildly gratified as one family shot me a wary look and moved to another queue…

I opened my mouth again, preparing.

No Mum, don’t! Look! We’re here now!” Alex interrupted hurriedly, and we paid for the shopping and left.

Then I added in a roar as I ran away from the bus and actually found it quite liberating… Alex was … horrified. Then my mother came for dinner the other week, and afterwards, Alex, his boyfriend and I walked her to the bus stop.

Having seen her safely aboard, I began to run off. Puzzled, Alex’s boyfriend gamely followed me, as did Alex with a look of grim resignation on his face.

Why are we running?” his boyfriend enquired.

No reason,” I replied, then I gave a bit of a roar too.

Ah! I see!” he said, giving a bit of a roar too and throwing himself wholly into the spirit of things…and although Alex ran with us, he declined to roar…

So. Happy belated New Year, everybody, and may you enjoy the new “Roaring Twenties” in every sense of the word!


Look what’s happening next week – we have a guest! The lovely Marje from Kyrosmagica is coming for a chat (and maybe tea and cake) to kick off her blog tour with us and tell us about her new book!  We’re looking forward to seeing her and hearing all about it as it’s a magical mix of short stories, poems and photographs… and perhaps even a cat!


18 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I find myself doing rather uninhibited things (nothing illegal, or sans clothing, I assure you) in public from time to time these days. Mostly talking to myself in shops, etc., but other things, too – and I don’t care one whit what other people think. Crowds, bad drivers and stupid people make me want to roar, too!

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    1. I think the only thing I need to curb perhaps is my over expressive arm waving – I smacked a small child in the face the other day…and go for it! Do a bit of roaring! I think I may re-brand it as “Noisy Mindfulness” as it is very stress-relieving… 🙂

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      1. I love that term – put a trademark beside that one! I believe I have actually hissed once or twice at extremely annoying people who were getting up my nose. A full-blown Charlie or Ting hiss … very effective.

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  2. Sounds like Alex’s boyfriend is getting into the spirit of it – roar & run!
    Next up, can you try a baby tantrum in the middle of the supermarket? The times I’ve wanted to do this myself.. why can children get away with it, plonking themselves down and crying and rolling around in frustration, but us adults (who are far more stressed) cannot? xx

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    1. Hehehe…next time Alex is home I will try your suggestion in the name of Social Experimentation…although I very nearly gave into a tantrum the other day at my chemist when I wanted to collect my prescription and they claimed they had no knowledge of it..I wasn’t on their records…they’d never seen me before in their lives…I can’t say I rate their service!

      Thank you for reading and hope you are well 🙂 xxx

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