Organite And Organisation.

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That came out of nowhere… readers – they got me. Just when I thought I had successfully escaped the onslaught of germs a chest infection crept up and got me, gleefully destroying all my carefully laid plans, trampling all over my neatly written lists and positively p—-ng all over my timetables for blog posts, shopping, relative visiting…

Oh well. Man plans and God laughs. Perhaps I should invest in some more Organite. This combination of resin, crystals and natural materials is reputed to help balance and strengthen a person’s energetic field, giving protection too against EMF’s.

Thank you Liz for the models x

Organite can also help to intensify meditation, boost plant growth and disperse negative energy, giving strength and purpose to intentions and visualisations. Orgone energy was originally discovered in the 1930’s although the idea of a Universal Life Energy is obviously not a new one.

Everything – from a teacup to a tangerine to a terrapin – is made of energy. Wilhelm Reich established the idea of orgone in 1930’s although in Chinese traditional medicine it is known as “Qi”, in Ayurveda it’s “Prana.” Reiki, of course, uses these energies to help heal and repair imbalances in the body.

Organite can come in any shape, as long as it contains a mix of organic and non-organic materials to simultaneously attract and repel the bio-energy. It generally contains a mix of flowers, crystals, metal shavings – all encased in a petro-chemical resin. Then these shapes can be used in healing and maintaining good health. Different people respond differently to Orgone as some feel it immediately as a warm tingling sensation where others may notice an improvement after sustained use.


Basically though, Orgone can help with better sleep, higher energy levels, balanced moods, increased resistance to illness and spiritual and psychological growth so Life can progress in an orderly and organised fashion. Allowing for cats, of course…

On the night before Christmas Eve, Charlie was thoroughly over excited and spent her time chasing either Ting or Tooty up and down the stairs to the extent they were sick…Lily became strangely obsessed with the parsnips, who were just sitting innocently on the side minding their own business till she started rolling on them…Charlie had to sit on my knee to open her present and got thoroughly over excited again on Christmas Day and when my mother joined us for dinner Ting decided she would rather spend the day in silent contemplation in my bed.

Tooty disappeared on private business – I think she moonlights as a spy, possibly – and despite feeling like I’d been kicked in the chest by a rhino I managed to cook the dinner, make a beautiful pumpkin pie and an extremely nice trifle thanks to a recipe by the amazing Queen Mary of Berry.. as well as managing to enjoy half a glass of red wine and my rescued parsnips – which were very nice, roasted with herbs, salt and covered in gravy…

So. Now I just need to extend this organisational ability a little further…polish one completed manuscript, finish a second, catch up with my WordPress friends, redecorate the bathroom and – breathe!

But here’s to 2020 friends – love to you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me! xxx

27 thoughts on “Organite And Organisation.

  1. So sorry to hear you’re under the weather, Samantha. Hope that Orgonite does its work! I’ve seen it in my local spiritual emporium and have been intrigued. Are the colours important? I gravitate to blues and greens.


    1. *whispering so no nearby germs can overhear and plan repeat performance* On the mend now, thank you!
      *normal voice* It’s an interesting thing for sure – I have a feeling colours are personally important, in that if you are drawn to those particular colours your body/psyche/whatever is letting you know that area needs attention, perhaps, as in how blue works with the throat chakra. Just an idea – let me know what you think 🙂

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  2. When you refer to “protection from EMFs” does it mean ElectroMagnetic Energy fields ? I am only familiar with that term from paranormal research and wondered iif it had another meaning. Hope you are better and your cats have calmed down a bit.

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    1. Thank you very much, definitely on the mend , just struggling with getting organised lol not enough hours in the day.. days in the week..and so on!

      The term “EMF’s” is a bit of a catch-all phrase, so you’re quite right, it is used in paranormal research terms, but also to refer to the energy emitted by things like microwaves, mobile phones etc, and obviously too much exposure can be harmful to health, it is surmised…so I suppose using organite is akin to using sunscreen. I hope that helps, but it’s quite interesting to Google it and see what comes up.

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  3. I think I need me some Orgone for better sleep & resistance to illness (a good one for you, too, given the chest infections!) Really interesting reading as I knew nothing about Organite, though I’ve seen it in jewellery before.
    Good luck with the manuscripts and bathroom revamp, don’t wear yourself out too much though otherwise those chest infections may just weedle their way back in!
    Caz xx

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    1. Hi hope you are well, and thank you for your lovely comment! Yep, definitely on the mend now, thank goodness, just suffering from my perennial curse of not enough time…the bathroom is still waiting to be done hehehe!
      I don’t suppose you’ve heard anything from Cobs have you? I pop by her blog now and then – I don’t half miss her.
      Thank you for your comment – and I will catch up soon! 🙂 xxx


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