There… And Back Again!


Sometimes I long for the closeted private sanctuary of my own car as I travel about. But, then again, I have no confidence in my own ability to focus sufficiently to drive a car – too away with the fairies most of the time.

My abortive attempts at driving were given up after about eight lessons and a near miss… I took a wrong turn down a country lane on a foggy autumn afternoon and my instructor innocently remarked:

It’s a good job no one saw us – they’d think we were up to no good!”

This served to send me into a fit of hysterical giggling as I drove across (literally across) an unexpected roundabout and my endeavour to become a capable driver ended…

On the other hand, I would miss the weirdly prophetic bus tickets we have here – just look at some of the code words used – as good as any deck of Tarot cards! “Write” is the one that appeared when I was feeling particularly low – I took this as Universe encouragement. “Elbow” – when I was troubled by a nagging pain in, yes, my elbow which spurred me on to visit my doctor for a steroid injection which cured it. “Mouse”… I’m still waiting…

Plus the fact you hear such extraordinary snippets of conversation. My favourites from the past week or so – on the same journey, actually – involved a girl, sitting behind me, talking loudly on her mobile to a friend:

“… and I said ‘Really? It counts as one of your five a day? I didn’t even know it was a vegetable!’ She said ‘Well of course potatoes are vegetables! What did you think they were?’”

To which this girl had replied: “Oh I just thought they were these like starchy things that grew in the ground…”

I was quite glad she was sitting behind me actually, so she couldn’t see the look on my face…

The next snippet – an older lady got on the bus with her wheeled walker and noticed a friend seated over the way. They obviously hadn’t seen each other and the friend listened attentively as she ran through her catalogue of ills. Her next statement made me snort with laughter that I quickly had to disguise as a not-terribly convincing cough…

I’m not going back to that care home though! I can’t be doing with it, all that fighting!”

Her friend leaned forward:

Whatever do you mean?”

You can’t get a minute’s peace – they’re always fighting over the darts on the telly and it’s not just the men!”

That sounds dreadful,” her friend replied, clearly shocked.

Oh I know, I can’t get along with it, not when I’m having chemo as well! Ruby knocked Doris down them little steps! I’m going to ask my grand daughter if she can get me moved…”

At this point, somewhat reluctantly, I must confess, I had to get off the bus as it was my stop; but for the rest of the day I was plagued with questions in my head … did the girl get over her surprise about the nature of potatoes, or was she further traumatised when she encountered something like rhubarb… grown like a vegetable but treated like a fruit…? Should I perhaps watch darts to see if I could understand how the game could induce such rage? Was Doris ever revenged upon Ruby for tipping her down the stairs?

Would the care home in question be a possible future residence for my mother…

19 thoughts on “There… And Back Again!

  1. haha Entertaining. 😀 Yes, travelling by public transport does offer all these entertaining snippets of other people’s lives. 🙂
    But I still love having the freedom of my little car, especially here in CT where the public transport is very bad or non-existent.

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      1. Oh no!! 😀
        The one thing I noticed when travelling on the bus in Scotland a few years ago, was how very old and doddery some passengers were, but they just had to hang on because the bus set off before they reached their seat!

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  2. Omg, you’ve done it again! (This time I was drinking ginger ale – ouch.) I think I must resign myself to remaining dehydrated when I read your stuff. Now… I love odd things — and those words on the bus tickets are decidedly odd. What the heck are they all about???

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    1. Sorry…lol…but ginger ale? I can imagine that’s a bit rough on the nasal membranes!

      As for the bus tickets…I find myself saving them obsessively…puzzling over them…are they a portent of what I can expect the day to hold? A warning? Or just a computer generated random word…🤔

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  3. Ooo I want to see those bus tickets, I’m curious! It’s a shame you gave up on the driving. I nearly did, too. My instructor said I was a very good driver, but had problems with high anxiety; he advised I speak to the GP about medication before taking my test. Of course I ignored him and attempted anyway… 7 times I think, then I finally got diagnosed with high anxiety, started medication, went straight back to take the test and passed like a grade A student who was too stupid to listen to her teacher and spent a fortune on extra lessons & tests that weren’t needed. That was over 10 years ago now. I still take the bus into town and back though, and you’re right about some interesting conversations and going on. I hope that girl’s friend was right about potatoes being veggies, that’d make me feel better about eating chips 😉 As for the fighting at the care home, I always thought it those quiet older folk that are the real trouble-makers! 😂
    Caz xx

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    1. I am literally just too absent minded to be a competent driver…our neighbour is a driver instructor and he offered to take me out for a trial run..I laughed hysterically, turned to run away and fell over a cat…No, I think the roads of Britain are far safer without being blessed with my dubious talents as a driver! But well done you, you did brilliantly! (Takes me all my time to walk and breathe at the same time..)

      Yeah… you have to watch these pensioners… they definitely have secret demons inside them! 🙂 xxx

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