Buddleia And Butterflies


When I was a little girl, my grandparents had the most wonderful buddleia bush in their garden – a truly magical place for me to visit and explore , and populate with my imagination, aided of course by a feline friend.


I can remember sitting beneath the buddleia’s silvery arching branches and looking up into the natural architecture of the tree, an intricate fretwork and interlacing of branches reaching upwards, an arboreal cathedral.


The flowers! Sumptuous, heavy-headed spikes of tiny purple flowers, overflowing with intoxicating fragrance; the scent irresistibly drawing crowds of various butterflies and bees to feast like gluttonous courtiers at Henry VIII’s table.


I remember my grandmother carefully deadheading and pruning this wonderful shrub, and my father – perhaps in a fit of envy, or perhaps to please me – visited every garden centre in the region to procure our very own buddleia.


He even managed to get an orange buddleia (“Golden Knight”) which was quite rare in those days… even though the man down the road has one in his garden. Nowadays, everywhere you go you can see buddleia growing prolifically – apparently it’s quite invasive, it self-seeds on waste ground, hence its nickname of the “bombsite plant.”


Not bad going really, for a bush whose origins lie in China. Of course, it’s a great source of nectar for all sorts of creatures – some have even evolved flowers designed specifically for a hummingbird.


Buddleia is also known as the “butterfly bush” and it was originally named after an English botanist called the Reverend Adam Buddle.


This year, I’ve tried my hand at a little gardening, and to be honest, I have both enjoyed it and found it therapeutic. I’ve even joined a Facebook group for gardeners… Throughout the post I have included some pictures of the visitors we’ve had – I hope I’ve managed to recreate a little of the magic in my own garden that I was lucky enough to experience at my grandparents.


14 thoughts on “Buddleia And Butterflies

  1. Oh we got given 3 buddleia plants. All pot bound and in a bit of a sad state. We planted them in our rather barren garden and they’ve done amazingly well. Best news is all three are different colours! We don’t have an orange one, but we have a white, purple and a deep red one 😊

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  2. Aren’t they amazing, Samantha? We have one in the front garden and three in the back garden and we’re astonished what we see every day. Never seen so many different creatures on a Butterfly bush this year. We don’t have Hummingbirds around, but for the first time this year we had a hummingbird hawkmoth, that was soooo COOL😎Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead to all of you 🙂 ❤

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  3. WOW … what a fabulous post and INCREDIBLE photographs! Aw, Samantha this post has filled me with joy. I was only saying to himself a few days ago that we haven’t seen anything but white butterflies this year, and it made me quite sad as I have many happy memories of summers gone when butterflies were in abundance and all sorts of colours.

    Seeing these photos of yours have cheered me up no end. It’s also made me realise that we don’t have a butterfly in this garden …. and I have no idea why!! So … Mr. Cobs has just been informed that we need to go looking (at the right time) for one, so that it can take up residence in our back garden!

    Thank you for this great post Samantha.
    Hope you and yours are all in fine health and the cats also.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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  4. Hello Samantha.
    I was thinking about you this week and realised that it was some time since you’d posted, so thought I’d drop by and say hello,and send you a message.

    I hope that it’s only the good side of life which is keeping you from blogging at the moment, and that you’ll be back very soon and chatting away like you do.

    Sending you much love, from me in my corner to you in yours. ~ Cobs. xxx


  5. These photos are amazing! Those butterflies were just incredible! I’ve never seen colors quite like that. We do have a butterfly bush here but not quite as spectacular as yours 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing this beauty with us! ❤


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