Rough And Tumble…

Fluorite (left) ~ to increase concentration, balancing and positive, Moonstone (right) calming and soothing

Not that I would ever engage in that myself… no… Alex and I visited a new crystal shop last week, a lovely lady with some unusual rough pieces of crystal in stock. I am often asked, which is better for using, rough or tumbled crystals and I always reply that there is no right or wrong – it’s simply a matter of taste, personal preference.

Rhodonite -~ the pink stone in the foreground, good for dispelling emotional pain.

Obviously, if like me, you carry a lot of crystals on you – my partner always warns me to stay away from water… – then tumbles are a lot easier to shove in your pocket and off you go. That’s purely practical though…

Rough Howlite ~ good for calming the active mind, relieving muscle tension and stress. It’s sitting in a flattened nest of my ornamental grasses, mentioning no names. (Ting)

I asked Liz the same question and she gave me a lovely explanation that completely made sense and that I’ve been able to pass on to other people who ask me without getting too confused.

Rough crystals are basically a mass of energy – polishing them into tumblestones, wands or palmstones, helps to contain and focus the energy and healing benefits. Liz used the example of walking into a room and turning on the light, or using a flashlight. Focus, direction – that’s what polishing does, perhaps making the energies a little more accessible too.

Sometimes, though, rough pieces are simply too beautiful or too unusual not to have… my very first crystal, courtesy of Alex, was a piece of rough Rose Quartz, whose loving, warm energy was a big help at a rough time.

My relationship with my sister is a good example of rough and tumble, although now we are a little older, not literally of course! We have only just – well, about two years now – really started speaking after a fall out of ten years, that ended up being one of our more epic sister scraps….

When we were younger, our rough-and-tumble was slightly more physical. Anyone ever tried an onion fight? No? They can be quite good fun, providing your opponent is smaller and weaker than yourself… The aim of the game is to seize a piece of cut onion and hold it to your adversary’s eye, for as long as possible – or without being caught by your parents.

As my sister is ten years older than me, you can probably guess who came off worse on a regular basis. Like a cat, then, I made stealth my skill… and crept up beside my sister to shriek “BOO!!” in her ear just as she was taking a roast chicken out of the oven… it ended up as an involuntary foot covering.

Ting… tenderly licking Tooty on the top of her head!

It’s a joy to see the family link between Ting and Tooty, there is a definite bond of love, affection and sisterhood that is exclusive to them and not shared with the other two girls. It doesn’t stop them having pretty spectacular kicky scratchy fights and slapping matches where tufts of fur fly as do the hisses.

Ladies, please!

But as with most relationships in Life, as long as you respect one another you learn to take the rough with the smooth…

My sister cats xx

22 thoughts on “Rough And Tumble…

    1. It’s really odd….but it is a matter of personal preference. Tumbles are smoother in the pocket but there are times when you need the boost of a rough piece lol! And my girls can be lovely… although some heavy-footed little madam has broken a piece off my hardy hibiscus charging through the borders… 🙂 xx

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  1. I tend to lean towards rough crystals, as they hold such beauty for me. But tumbled stones urge me to pick them up and ‘fondle’ them in my hand, and I just can’t help myself, I just have to do it.

    Fabulous fur baby photos! Two incredible animals. Love them. And you. 🙂
    ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Good evening dear Cobs, good to hear from you!

      How are you? Are you well? Lol…we’re doing the spooky thing again as I was just thinking about you while eating a chocolate biscuit…

      The rough crystals have a real get-up-and-go energy about them, for a good spiritual boost, and sometimes the tumbles just remind me of shiny sweets…

      As I type, Tooty is snoring in the corner and Ting is outside…probably sitting in my ornamental grasses and squashing them with her big fat bum…lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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  2. The fighty photo is hilarious! And you have reminded me that I’ve got out of the crystal habit – haven’t read about them, or even touched them, in ages. Might chuck ‘em all out for a good old charge up this full moon!


  3. Granny likes the rough crystals, Samantha, she says they look like Mountains and always have such special natural shapes ❤ Ting and Tooty you give the purrfect example how sisterhood can be. Granny also knows it like that…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead 🙂 ❤


  4. Oh how I smiled at returning to some blog reading (I’ve been very neglectful recently…) and reading this post. Sisterly spats – yep I’ve had a few of those over the years. I fell out with one of my sisters and we didn’t speak for a couple of years – even though we live next door to each other! Blood is definitely thicker than water though and it’s good to re-connect… I hope all is well in your life Samantha and sorry I’ve been ‘off piste’ for a while… x


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