Plan Bee…


I have known Alex’s father, my partner, for twenty years now. In addition to the usual ups and downs you experience within most relationships, he’s also changed a lot of his thinking. Not just to please me, but the sort of thing he sees the sense in. For example, he found me crying after I had accidentally stepped on an earwig:


No! Earwigs are really good mothers and they will fight to the death to protect their babies!”

I get very worried about bees too. I treat them with a healthy dose of cautious respect since both my mother and my sister are allergic to bees and will have an anaphylactic reaction if stung. I’ve never been stung, so I have no idea if I’m allergic or not and I don’t intend to find out either…


Generally, then, if a bee (or a spider) needs rescuing, it is down to my partner to get the job done. I was out the other day when we had a short burst of rain. I returned home to find my partner putting my hairdryer away and at the puzzled look on my face – he has very short hair – he explained.


He had been out in the garden feeding the fish, and as he was going back indoors out of the rain, he found two bees who had been surprised by the sudden downpour. He picked them gently up and rushed back indoors with his soggy casualties.


Their bee-fluff was soaked, so he tenderly laid them on a piece of kitchen towel, inside a plastic bag, and with my hairdryer on its lowest setting, proceeded to revive them within his makeshift apian oxygen tent.

He was very soon rewarded with signs of life as their legs and wings began to stir, and aas the rain had stopped, took them back outside. He sat them down on some flowers and watched in satisfaction as they flew away.

” Did you see that Barry?” “Yes Paul – Bee-hold the Light!” (R.I.P. Barry Chuckle, your gentle comedy will be sadly missed)


19 thoughts on “Plan Bee…

      1. I’ve known people who have lived together quite happily for years, then as soon as they got married…boom…the relationship fell apart. The tax laws are changing though so it’s not even as if if it’s an advantage to get married! 🙂 xxx


  1. I love bees, too. I’m forever trying to attract more to my garden. If your partners “instincts” had him caring for a pair of bees that way, he’s truly a kind individual. I, however, respectfully disagree with you liking of earwigs. They used to congregate in the hundreds (it seemed) in our mailbox and would scurry in the most unsettling way when the door was opened to retrieve the mail. Put me off completely!

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    1. You see, I have my doubts about woodlice….did you know they’re related to prawns?

      Have you seen those bee bombs advertised? Alex bought me one for my birthday, it’s a grenade shape made out of biodegradeable paper containing lots of seed that you soak and then throw…immensely satisfying! 🙂 xxx

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