Who Ate All The Pi’s…


No, not really. And obviously don’t eat stones either… not good for you… although I have a distant childhood memory of eating both sand, soil and catfood – purely in the spirit of exploration. Not as a regular food choice.

The pi’s that I mean are these wonderful shaped round stones, with a hole either in the middle or towards the top of the crystal, so it can be threaded on a cord or chain and worn, an item of both fashionable and practical jewellery.

Pondering the Meaning Of Life… 

Due to their circular shape, they are also sometimes known as “doughnuts” (mmm…doughnuts…) but they are also symbolic of the circle of Life, the path the sun follows in the sky and basically the entire concept of wholeness.

These pi stones encourage awareness of the eternal pattern – we’re born, we live, we die … and so on, because the energy that we are never really dies, it just re-emerges in a different form or way. Pi’s are wonderful tools for use in healing and energy work, and in addition to the symbolic shape, there are the crystal benefits too.

The main photo is Lepidolite, the most recent member of the family, courtesy of Alex from when he went to Bristol. Lepidolite is a good stone to wear next to your skin as it actually contains lithium, as used in antidepressants, so it helps with anxiety, panic attacks and depression. It’s pretty and sparkly too…


Then, of course, the basic starter kit as I like to call it, of Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Clear Quartz. Rose Quartz is a kind and caring crystal, stone of infinite love and compassion. Amethyst, again another lovely crystal – sorry, I know, they’re all lovely… and even if I meet a crystal I can’t get along with, I can still find something to admire – traditionally used to guard against drunkeness. But I use it more as an anchor as it is highly effective at both warding off negative thoughts directed at you, and also any self-directed negativity that you may feel bubbling up within you is gently soothed away.

Rose Quartz and gladioli…

A comfort then, rather like the reassuring steak and kidney pie dinner on a wintry night. Pies have a long and honourable history, believed to be a Greek creation dating from the 5th century. Essentially, they started life as handy containers for savoury fillings, but now, obviously, there is a wide variety… the whole thing, top and bottom, encased in pastry, just a bottom, just a top, an individual rolled up thing – although we are straying into Cornish pasty territory there…

I must confess… I don’t really like pies. They seem to promise much and deliver little, and if my mother serves pie for dinner I invariably infuriate her by taking the lid off, generally giving it to a conveniently placed dog and dissecting the contents… rather appropriately I feel, since in mediaeval times pies were also known as “coffyns”.

Shepherd pie!!

I think though, what finally did it for me with pies was when I had actually managed to find a decent brand, with a reasonable filling of chicken and asparagus, where the pastry wasn’t too stodgy either.

I left it on the baking tray for a minute while I went to fetch something and when I came back, Ting was curled up asleep on top of it…


26 thoughts on “Who Ate All The Pi’s…

  1. You say Pi and I’m onto mathematical concepts relating to circles… is that their name origin maybe? My own pies are quite lush too. Long and long I tried certain well known brands and thought whoa is the pie. Of course, home made is always so much better. Or is that psychological? No, no… homemade is better.

    Question. Have I failed to reply to an email I should have done? My inbox is empty…. although I had a huge delete all fest yesterday on the basis there were too many dubious ones!

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    1. Check your inbox – I have emailed you although it’s been one of those weeks where time just seems to disappear down a rabbit hole…

      No…just don’t really like pastry…then the fillings just seem to masquerade as stew and I don’t like that very much either…the name is something to do with the serpent of light being coiled around our root chakra 3.1472 times…something like that…xx

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      1. Yes, I have it and have ensured it isn’t going to disappear down that rabbit hole. Time is relative apparently too. The more you need the less there is….or is that the white rabbit concept…the hurrier I go, the behinder I get? Ties in better with the rabbit hole!

        That’s not the same mythical snake that coils round and bites it’s own tail is it? Oh… you write the odd fictional tale yes? Fancy a stab at the Blog Battle? Once a month, 1000 word limit and great way to meet writers. Just saying… although not sure I can actually do short stuff myself!

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      2. Yes! The ourobouros or something like that…
        What battle is this you speak of?! This is a peaceful blog for peaceful people – oh I see! Hmm, I remember seeing it mentioned on your blog, might have a little look…xx

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      3. That’s the one…at least if it’s not exactly right it’s close enough for me to recognise said serpent.

        I think you might well find the people doing it rather pleasant. Some I will bet you already know too x

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Eek, backstories is all I’ve done since April’s A to Z. Carried them into SoCS a few times too. BB is gentler now as it gives a month to write up to 1000 words. I think it would help inspire you to write and such like. I think Marje is considering it too. It was the source of God Strain way back x

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