Porcellanite And Prey


This unassuming little green stone with delicate black etchings has a lovely tactile smoothness to it, so it is no surprise to learn that it is a wonderful cleanser and healer for connective tissues, ligaments, skin and intestines, mirroring everybody’s (well mine at least) wish for smooth and perfect skin, well-oiled tendons and a stomach that behaves itself.

Perfectly smooth and soft Princess paws… 

Porcellanite feels smooth and serene to hold, the calm green colour giving strength and focus to your thoughts and feelings and how you wish to express them. The little black etchings within the stone act as markers and signposts of encouragement, inspiring and creative.

Speaking of creative… I know cats are inveterate hunters and killers of prey – it’s part of their genetic history and instinctual makeup, but Charlie, Ting and Tooty don’t hunt. Never have done, and I can’t see them starting anytime soon, although Charlie has, once or twice, presented me with a dead moth, and once a tiny live mouse, that I think she thought she could keep as a pet.

Tooty’s more of a tree-hugger really… 

Like Ting and Tooty, who also lost their mother at an early age, perhaps they missed that essential part of their feline education, and their hunting instinct just wasn’t switched on. They are all keen birdwatchers, though, and Ting seems to have formed quite a close relationship with the fish.

“Hi Bert, hi George, hi Alfie, hi Maureen, hi Hilda, hi Nemo… “

Not so Lily. Indeed, I’ve never known such a cat for hunting and bringing her prey home. She excelled herself the other morning… I am accustomed to the usual mice – two different species, sometimes live, sometimes dead, sometimes whole, sometimes… not – and the occasional bird… but the other morning…

Butter wouldn’t… even dare go near her!

I heard her special “meow” and realising that she’d brought a gift in, leapt out of bed and rushed downstairs to take part in our shared hobby of early-morning mousehunt. (I’m actually quite good now.)

Yep…o.k….I’ll leave you alone…

Lily had vanished. But on the doormat was a very large, very dead rat. You can colour me surprised, impressed, a little scared and rather sad… kind of brownish-purple, like an old bruise, I suppose…

I’ve had rats as pets, and know what gentle and loving creatures they can be, so I gathered up the body and disposed of it in the wild part of the garden, in a little hole. I say little…it was a very large rat, so when the Demon Huntress returned later that morning, I seized her and checked for injuries.

I did, out of courtesy, thank her for the rat, but mentioned I would prefer it not to happen again, only to receive the reply:

But why? You tell us it’s always better to buy in bulk when it comes to cat food!”


18 thoughts on “Porcellanite And Prey

  1. Snoops is the first real hunter we’ve had. She was on her own when the Humane Society found her, so it’s probably a survival thing. We have many fewer mice than before. Kommando thinks of them as playmates.

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  2. Random thought I had yesterday as I was driving to my “sister”’s on Cape Cod:
    What if the little cat presents of dead mice, etc., aren’t actually presents but more like a message à la the Godfather?
    Thankfully, Lexie doesn’t hunt anymore, as she is an indoor-only cat in a two bedroom flat. Unless, of course, dust bunnies count… 🐰🤣💕

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  3. I don’t hunt either, Samantha…only when there’s something to hunt 😀 I love the picture of the tree-hugger, very sweet, Tooty. We never saw that stone, it’s amazing! Added to wish list 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead 🙂 ❤

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  4. The fanged expression to warn everyone to stay well clear made me chuckle!! They’re always so sweet.. until they’re not!
    Interesting as I don’t recall having come across Porcellanite; I have a connective tissue disease, might get a bucket load of these and sleep with them by my bed! 🙂

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    1. Lily pulls some terrible faces…imagine if she were the size of a panther – she’d be dragging the postman home!!

      Hematite and pyrite would be good ones for you too, anti-inflammatory, healing and strengthening. Hope you’re feeling better, btw, and sending lots of love and healing thoughts for your quick recovery too 💎💎💎 😺💕xxx

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