Crystals, Community – And Cats, Of Course!

My CrystalCats community is growing!

Sometimes when I’m talking to someone about crystals I’m asked “Do any of them not work well together, or cancel each other out?” A good, relevant question which I always try to answer honestly, on the basis of my own personal experience if necessary.

The whole range of crystals with which we have been blessed by Mother Earth can be directed to help with a particular ailment or emotion – rather like asking a plumber to fix a burst pipe and a counsellor for relationship advice. Everybody has their allotted role to fill within the community, providing cohesion, continuity and a sense of belonging.

Ting and Lily… sweetly sleeping!

This is how I’ve found it works with crystals. For example, although Indigo Gabbro (also known as Mystic Merlinite) is a beautiful crystal with its sheen of Pyrite, it does make me over-emotional (no surprises there… just as long as it doesn’t give me flu…) so it needs to be balanced with some sort of Jasper, possibly red, for its grounding and clarifying properties. And also, one of my stock replies is that when choosing a crystal to work for you, there is no right or wrong – it is completely a matter of personal taste, trying the various crystals and their properties out.

Obviously as anyone with a little bit of crystal knowledge can give you basic guidelines – a crystal starter kit if you will – like Citrine for happiness and good fortune, Amethyst to ward off negativity and clear Quartz to amplify and enhance… but it is only through experimentation and experience as you build your own little crystal family that you find out what suits you best.

Sister Scrap!

You learn to read your own body’s energies and feel what you need. If I am feeling anxious then I reach for the comfort of Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline. Rose Quartz – even though I don’t always carry my first original piece – is generally on me in jewellery, or in my handbag. I seem to be drawn to the green or clear crystals mostly, with the occasional pink or sparkly one thrown in because – well, just because.

Old Faithful – Lotus Jasper

They provide balance, support and comfort – a sense of wholeness and unity, not unlike the whole ethos of the LizianEvents community. Alex and I have known Liz and Ian, the people behind this community for quite a few years now, but it is only really recently that I have become aware of and really understood the concept of “Celebrate Life – Become A Well Being”, the community manifesto if you like.

Liz and Ian’s carefully planned and thoughtfully publicised events are a pleasure to attend. The exhibitors have little crossover in their products, be it crystals, essential oils, reiki therapists or psychics, a logical decision designed to benefit and balance everyone. The talks and workshops are interesting and informative – I could go on and on, really, but please do go and have a look at LizianEvents News. I may sound biased but what never ceases to please me is the reality of the growing community, a wonderful network for the 21st century of people who want to explore alternative ways to improve both physical and mental health. Welcoming and friendly – if you’re ever in the area when a show is on I would recommend visiting.

Tooty … getting in touch with her inner panther

I promised cats… didn’t I… and although cats and community are two words you don’t really associate with one another, living in a multi-cat household I see it in action every day. Ting doesn’t like Tinkerbell, our nearest neighbour cat, and will chase her unmercifully yet she flirts outrageously with the ugly black tom from across the park. Big Ears from the house opposite is allowed to come as far as the garden gate – but no further, if Charlie is on duty. All of these cats, however, will unite against the weird looking ginger cat that’s just moved in further up the street.

So even though all these cats – my girls included – are very different personalities, they all have their own little role to fill within the cat community of our street. And as I get older, I realise the importance of community and beyond that – friendship.

Charlie says: “Celebrate Life – Become A Well Being!”

25 thoughts on “Crystals, Community – And Cats, Of Course!

  1. I like it when people refer to a neighborhood’s stray cat population as its “community cats.” “Community” cats implies that the cats are part of the whole community…each other and the people who take care of them and watch over them.

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  2. Beautiful written one again dear Samantha, and you can imagine my home with two cats… not going easy! I hope peace will be here soon. Thank you, I lovved all photographs and your lovely cats, Love, nia

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    1. Thank you dear nia, I am pleased you enjoyed it! Oh yes, I remember very well what it was like with kittens in the house, and even though they are now grown up ladies, they still have their moments! Keep going – lots of love to you, and have a wonderful day 🙂 xxx

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  3. Tooty Patootie, you look so sweet while getting in touch with your inner panther…MOL 😀 We love the kitty crystals, but never thought that some crystals could not work together. I think when you pick them up by instinct and it feels good, it’s good. The Lizian Events sound like a great place to be! Now let’s celebrate life, Charlie😸Extra double Pawkisses to all of you 🙂 ❤

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  4. Loved this article. The whole crystals needing balancing from other crystals is actually very interesting to me. I got some Obsidian recently and I think it has a very strong effect on me. Maybe I can’t use it by itself and I need to find something to balance it out. Any suggestions?

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    1. I find that Obsidian can be quite overpowering, so I use the snowflake variety…perhaps, depending on what you’re using your Obsidian for, you could try pairing it with something like green Aventurine, or a paler Carnelian. Think of it like blending a coffee till you find the roast you like – hope this helps 😺


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