Laryngitis. What Fun.


I must apologise for my recent absence – for most of last month a scrubbing brush decided to take up residence in my throat. I know … I seem to have done nothing but whine about being ill lately, but I hate it.

Laryngitis has proved particularly disadvantageous – it’s the first time I’ve ever had it and to be honest, I don’t want it again. Ever. A couple of weeks ago I was helping out at Lizian’s and my voice gave out completely… crystals are the sort of thing you just have to talk about, so I spent most of my time hooting and wheezing and croaking like a demented hybrid of a frog and an owl. Finally I resorted to whispering, leaning forward confidingly to murmur crystal secrets into listening ears… and slightly puzzled faces.

I became a competent mime artist… pointing to relevant parts in the crystal guide books with a broad smile and happy gestures…all the time feeling slightly sick as I consumed yet another variety of antibiotic with chasers of honey and lemon.

I had an annoying ‘phone call with my mother, who is slightly deaf but won’t admit it:

Samantha – what do you want for tea?”

Huw – hee – wah!

What? Stop being stupid! You’ll have to tell me if you want something to eat!”

Eventually I hung up and just texted her.

The dogs thought I was imitating a squeaky toy for their amusement, leaping on me…

The girls, well, they were surprisingly sympathetic… unless they just appreciated my enforced silence…

My doctor – as you might expect, I’ve seen quite a lot of him recently – looked somewhat surprised when I hooted softly into his ear about my scratchy throat and lost vocal ability, but duly diagnosed laryngitis and handed over a prescription for some more antibiotics.

I collected them from the chemist and was somewhat taken aback at the size of them… and the shape.

Currently, my voice is still fading in and out like a badly tuned radio, but I do feel slightly less drained. Bear with me, friends, and I will catch up… unless I get plague in the meantime!

25 thoughts on “Laryngitis. What Fun.

  1. You poor thing! I hope this is the last illness you have for a while now. 😦
    Laryngitis is very frustrating, as apart from the painful throat, so much is communicated verbally that we are lost when our voice is lost!
    I have had it a few times, but usually found that all the pain and illness came Before I lost my voice, so I’d go around croaking at everyone and getting lots of sympathy, but by then I felt fine! 😀
    PS Thanks for visiting my blog and all the Likes – you have spiked my stats! 😀

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    1. Lol – you’re very welcome, I enjoyed the catch up! This is the first time in ages that I have felt well enough…apart from the fact I still sound like a squeaky toy…LM would enjoy my voice!

      Thank you for your kind words – have a wonderful day 😺💕xxx

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    1. I think that must be one thing I haven’t tried, actually… I’m sure it could be more pleasant than the latest thing I’ve tried – a shot of tomato juice with turmeric and cayenne pepper…thank you for your kind wishes, though and I will be round to catch up soon! 🙂 xxx


  2. And it is hot where you are, right (I am in Ohio) -unseasonably hot. Summer colds are terrible, and this would be even worse, combining a fever and ungodly heat. Hope you are finally on he road to wellness .

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  3. Eugh, laryngitis does not sound fun at all – you poor thing! I don’t understand why they can’t make antibiotics smaller & easier to swallow (do they really need to be THAT big?!) Rest up and I hope you’re feeling better, with full voice capacity, soon! ♥♥
    Caz x

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    1. It’s the sort of frustrating thing that makes your throat feel so itchy and sore you wish you had a tiny hand to reach down your throat and scratch it…

      However, I think I am on the mend lol so thank you very much for you kind words 🙂 xxx

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    1. My dear friend how are you though? Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness, I hope you are all right… I will be round soon to catch up properly, but thinking of you and sending you virtual tea, biscuits and hugs 🙂 xxx ((hugs))


  4. Instead of taking tablets, do the Russian treatment: a glass of vodka with hot pepper in it (note: Russian cup is 12 oz, rather than American 8 oz), and you’ll feel better in the morning!
    Fell better already, dear Samantha!

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