Rhyolite… And Really Naughty Cats!

35348030_256724055073009_6555514871440474112_nRhyolite is actually another member of the Jasper family, its alternative name being Leopardskin Jasper and derived from its intricate pattern of spots and rosettes, like a leopard’s fur coat.


It has a directness about it that enhances our spiritual state but also encourages self-acceptance. It’s another crystal that brings emotional balance and stability, especially if you are prone to extreme mood swings.

Rhyolite brings its owner the ability and confidence to deal with tricky situations with calm and compassion in order to reach a quick solution. Who says a leopard can’t change its spots? This crystal paves the way for change and progress, removing doubts and obstacles from our past lives to show us a clearer way forward.


Rhyolite is a useful crystal to help with healing skin conditions as it fortifies our natural resistance. It teaches us how to be happy within our own skins and also aids communication with the Animal Kingdom, on this plane and the spiritual.

Hmm…sometimes it doesn’t matter how often you ask, or how politely you phrase it, if a cat decides she’s going to do something – well, it’s going to happen. Simple. My girls have been absolutely full of hell this week, and yes, really quite naughty! I don’t know if it’s the sunshine, but the offences have ranged from opening other peoples’ letters, chewing the corner completely off the wardrobe door and beginning a new patch of wallpaper shredding. Mind you, Charlie’s back is healing nicely and if ripping wallpaper is the therapy she needed to stop over-grooming… what can I do…?


Charlie has also invented a new compulsory game that all the cats have to play… basically it involves her hiding, being very quiet, and then when an unsuspecting victim passes, she leaps out – “Brrr-RRP!” scares the living daylights out of them and we all have to run away. I shudder as Ting rushes up the stairs in fright, streamers of carpet trailing from her claws…

Ting… in meaningful conversation with the fish… 

Another recent favourite is disconnecting my partner’s speaker system, done with stealth and cunning as the wires are pulled out of the back so when he goes to play his music there is nothing but a faint hum…

Minor misdemeanours really… and not such much naughtiness as joyful expressions of normal cat behaviour. That’s what I say anyway, and then they can do something so unexpected… While I was ill, I managed to summon enough strength to put some bedding plants in, thinking a little gardening would be good therapy.

As usual, all the cats were watching me as I feebly scraped holes in the compost, pushing in petunias and coughing over geraniums. After observing me carefully for about five minutes, Charlie very sweetly brought me half a chewed leaf to plant…


21 thoughts on “Rhyolite… And Really Naughty Cats!

  1. First time reading about the antics of your cats. They were probably trying to get your attention as you must have been in bed getting well and they missed you. Haha on giving you a leaf to plant. They understand what you were doing! Smart cat!!💕

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  2. If you’re a trivia buff, you may be interested to know that over 100 years ago, there was a short-lived boom town in Nevada called RHYOLITE which shortly became a (still-existing) ghost town. Few buildings remain, including the famous BOTTLE HOUSE, made entirely of beer and liquor bottles. However, with the exception of a few rattlesnakes, lizards and armadillos, I doubt there is much “communication with the Animal Kingdom” in Rhyolite!


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  3. Aww..that was so sweet of Charlie. We are little helpers, aren’t we 😀 I would love to have a conversation with the fishies too…MOL 😀 I love the Rhyolite on Tooty’s paw, a special stone on a special cat 🙂 Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead 🙂 ❤

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    1. Dear Binky! And Granny too, of course – I will catch up soon and see what you’ve been doing…

      Yes, Charlie can be a proper little Mummy’s helper… although I would like to find out who keeps digging up the begonias as fast as I plant them…unless they’re telling me they don’ like begonias and I should plant something else…

      Thank you for your lovely comment and I hope you’re having a wonderful day 🙂 xxx

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