(I’m) Back… And Bacteria


An interesting couple of weeks… not! Whatever I had became bacterial… I felt no better – in fact, distinctly worse – so I returned to my doctor.

As I sat in his room I couldn’t help but let a tear roll down my face (I hate being ill) as I miserably wheezed and spluttered at him.

Oh, that’s often the case with these bacterial infections,” he said cheerfully.

What?” I thought – overwhelmed by images of wriggling green rod-shaped single-celled organisms flooding my already labouring lungs…

I left the surgery, clutching a prescription for industrial strength antibiotics, of the tetracycline family no less, and some steroids to chase away the maracas-playing demons that seem to have taken up permanent residence in my chest cavity.

So, a little better then, despite the battalions of hairy wrigglers that marched in to colonise my body without so much as a by-your-leave or even wiping their feet… As you may have guessed, I hate being ill. I have a couple of physical issues that I chuck the usual painkillers and physiotherapy at, but having a germy sickness gifted to you and trying to get rid of it is something I don’t deal with very well.


I can only put it down to the fact that when I was a little girl I had really bad asthma, so I suppose I associate the weakness of being ill with being a helpless child again, unable to control and unable to understand why my body wouldn’t behave without rendering me breathless, wheezing, aching, condemned to sit quietly in bed.

As a result, I learned to read quite early in life, giving me another much loved source of entertainment – no mobiles, computers, etc…I remember Alex asking me whether television had been invented then and replying somewhat indignantly – and being generally watched over by my cat Snoopy and the dogs. However, times and medications change, although asthma is a frightening condition if not controlled and on average, according to statistics from www.asthma.org.uk three people a day still die from this.

But now, I have set about vanquishing my unwanted and unwelcome bacteria (the friendly ones can stay) with ginger, turmeric, thyme, sage, steroids, antibiotics, cough medicine, throat sprays, crystals and cats… (Hypochondriac? Me? Not at all…) I think I feel better. Although Charlie is still giving me funny looks when she hears me breathing …

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32 thoughts on “(I’m) Back… And Bacteria

  1. Glad to hear that you’re feeling a bit better and writing again. I’ve missed you! Here’s wishing you much continued success in vanquishing the nasty germies who’ve invaded. 😘🤗❣️

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  2. When you’re an asthmatic and it’s gone to your chest, you really do need the heavy guns! I hope you vanquish the teeny foe and soon start to feel better.
    I love how your cat takes care of you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you my friend _ I wouldn’t have gone without saying goodbye, but I am definitely getting better. I just need to catch up with you now, hope all is going well, including new job? Lots of love to you and have a good Saturday 🙂 xxx


  3. There are very few things more scary as feeling like you can’t breathe. I had a cat previous to these ones who had some sort of sixth sense. When I was sick, she would lie with me until I was better. Same with my son. These two just want to make sure I’m well enough to feed them.

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  4. I think Charlie is keeping an eye on you, Samantha 😉 So glad that you’re feeling a little bit better. We were thinking of you all the time, wondering how you feel and then you gave the relieving answer…phew 🙂 Here come some Extra strong Healing Pawkisses for the weekend 🙂 ❤

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  5. Oh no, these infections really are damn awful! After my recurrent chest infections since last year, you have my upmost empathy. My doc thinks I now have adult onset asthma (though I’m not convinced, could be an allergy to my cat!!) so you can’t underestimate these things. Glad you’re back on the mend. xx

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  6. I hope you’re fighting fit again very soon. I hate to think of you being a free home to invading Germs! (Or, as we call them in our house – Gerbs. – Daughter No. 2 couldn’t say ‘germs’ when she was little, so Gerbs became the word, and still is the word. lol).
    Sending much love ~ all gerb free ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Good evening dear Cobs!
      If you know where the past week has gone could you send it back to me please as I seem to have lost time somewhere…
      Gerbs! Love it! That’s we used to call our gerbils, so I am now envisaging bacteria as small hairy brown rodents…!! 😸🐀🐁🐀🐁
      Lots of love to you 🐱💕xxx

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