Chest Infection…


I know exactly when it’s going to start… a delicate wheezing like a mosquito trapped in my upper respiratory tract, a distant burning sensation in my chest, just behind my breastbone.

Then, the spread… a sickly sheen of sweat that slithers across my brow and collects along my ribs – I wipe it away and am instantly left freezing cold and shivering. Needle trolls take up residence in my joints and ply their craft, red hot sparks of pain grinding and crunching every time I move.

And the cough – oh the cough. A convulsive hacking, mucus bubbling, throat burning, lung rattling retch of pain that leaves me breathless and clutching my chest.

A brief respite – hunched miserably in the shower, letting the warm water run on my aching back and the steam ease the clench of infection from around my labouring lungs.

Heavy and tired… body like leaden sand… so tired you feel like you could dissipate molecule by molecule and sink into the floor.

Then sleep – pressed upright, feverishly waking every so often to cough and thrash and when morning comes, feeling strangely light and pressed out, dries and cracking and baked in pain.

Thank goodness for the beneficence of Aunty Biotics… her calming touch soothing away the pain, mopping up the mucus and restoring me to something like myself…

37 thoughts on “Chest Infection…

  1. ON. THE. NAIL!!!
    You nailed that description absolutely perfectly, Sam.
    SO impressed with your wordsmithness (just made that word up) was I, that I stopped Mr.Cobs from going out for a walk with the dog, just so I could read it to him and impress upon him what a fabulous woman my blogging friend Samantha was, for she’d climbed inside each and every one of those feelings (which I know sooo well) and described it to a T.

    So sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering so badly with the lurgy which seems to be making the rounds. Hope that those germs bu$$er off soon and leave you feeling normal again.

    Sending lots of chinny rubs from Maisie Cat, and BIG forceful, massively powerful scent marking ‘love you’rubs from Alf Capone.

    From me … heaps of love and a big bucket of squidges. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Good morning dear Cobs, and I hope all has been well with you! Thank you very much as always for your lovely comment and kind words, much appreciated. I must pop round soon as I believe I’ve seen some amazingly artistic creations on your blog that need further inspection…
      Have a wonderful Saturday, and lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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  2. Oh dear, I’m so sorry you’re getting another one too! I had 5 or 6 of these (first time in my life though, so I should count myself lucky) over a couple of months recently. Feel like another is imminent given the wheezing. It’s rotten so I do hope the Aunty Biotics work their magic asap – rest up! xxxx

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