Surprise Sparrows And Mystery Mice

Duck… duck…

I suppose it’s an occupational hazard really when you live with four cats you can expect the occasional uninvited and totally unwanted house guest.

This first incident happened when we were at the hospital last week, while my mother was having her moment too. Honestly… nothing for ages then three stories all in one day… but anyway… Usually my partner and I try to ensure one of us is at home for part of the day, so the girls aren’t left too long by themselves. They do of course have access to outside via the catflap, beds, plenty of food and water, emergency litter trays, credit cards… well, maybe not the last, but we don’t like to leave them too long by themselves.

With justification as it so happens. We returned home that afternoon to find Tooty looking suspicious in the kitchen, Charlie and Ting were bot in the front room, managing to look accusing, reproachful, pleased to see us and annoyed. Lily – was nowhere to be seen.

We’re home girlies, whatever’s the matter?”

Rushing past them upstairs to go to the toilet (peanut bladder) I noticed a huge smear of blood on the landing window, on the inside, horror movie style..


Then I stopped. Went back and looked. Properly. Huddled on a corner of the window ledge was a distressed sparrow. I yelled for assistance and we were able to catch the poor little thing, ascertain the blood was from a scratch on its leg, and let it go outside where it flew off quite rapidly.


We had to take the blinds down and wash them, likewise the window, since the sparrow had managed to splash quite a bit of blood about. Charlie was like:

Look, I’ve told you before, I really can’t be responsible for the other three if you two go out together and leave us for AGES… “

Sparrow Number Two surprised my partner… Ting and Tooty were behaving suspiciously in the garden hedge – typical teenage behaviour – so he went to investigate and found them prodding a half-fledged sparrow. It had obviously tried its luck from the tree in the neighbour’s garden only to land in the hedge and be found by the two younger girls.

He scooped the poor little bird up in a container, being careful not to touch it, intending to put it high up in our apple tree. He left it on the window sill while he went to fetch the ladders, and as he returned round the corner he was horrified to see a blur of black and white feathers flash past him, knock the container off the ledge, seize the poor little fledgling and make off with it. He was horrified and actually quite upset to think of the magpie, eating another bird, compounded by the fact that two adult sparrows were chirping and flying around looking for their missing baby. Such is Nature though – sometimes it’s cruel.

The sparrow did not wish to be photographed… 

It’s a mystery where the cats keep getting the mice from and a mystery where they sometimes end up. When we first moved into this house, we had Walter, who although not a keen hunter, liked to keep his paw in. We used to have a large wardrobe with a spare fish tank jammed beside it, one of those things my partner said he’d sort out and never quite got round to it.

One day, Walter had obviously happened across a mouse and thought he would bring it into the house and let it go in the bedroom, where it promptly took refuge behind the wardrobe and died. Unbeknownst to us… Weeks progressed as did the smell. I, (understandably) thought it was my partner. He (unforgivably) thought it must be me. Being polite, neither of us said anything to the other and I just bought more air freshener.

One day, my partner finally decided to move the fish tank and it was then that he found it… a dry… dessicated mouse, pressed flat as a pancake between the wall and the fish tank. One little paw outstretched, pleadingly, towards light and freedom… The mystery of the rotting rodent was solved.

Then the other day, I was vacuuming the stairs quite vigorously, trying to avoid the threads in the dark brown carpet where the cats have pulled it. (I’ll never buy that sort of carpet again – I wince every time they run upstairs and I hear their claws catch in it.) I reached the hallway at the bottom of the stairs and thought:

Hm. Whatever’s that? Looks like a leaf…”

I bent down short-sightedly and peered at it.

What an extraordinary looking leaf…it looks like a dead – oh my God it is a dead mouse!”

My partner was summoned for its disposal as I would not have been pleased to have mangled mouse clogging up the vacuum filter. The mystery of that mouse was that no-one ever owned up to it…

It’s an ornament. Really.

22 thoughts on “Surprise Sparrows And Mystery Mice

  1. Such a good read with twists and turns of the plot that got me racing to the end of the post! I am surprised that you have a lot of rodents scampering about and I presume this is so, because of the countryside you are in – field mice perhaps? Your girls are hilarious and the way you describe them, gave me mental images of how their respective faces and expressions looked like. Sorry about the birds. Sad when they fly into glass windows or hard walls. I don’t understand why they do it – kamikaze like that! But my sister in New Zealand shared the same thing and in summer the birds just fly, bang against the glass, concussed or dead! Good morning to you and I hope you are having a good start to Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning to you – sending virtual tea and biscuits as I am on the laptop.
      It’s raining like nobody’s business here, a little sad as I was enjoying the run of sunshine we’d been having! I don’t know where the mice keep coming from, although I have a suspicion there’s a colony under the garden shed… our house is next to a park so I suppose there’s an alternative supply there too. Oh well, keeps life interesting I suppose! Thankfully we don’t often get birds brought in…
      Hope you’re having a good day – lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are lucky, Claudia our somewhat elderly supposedly docile little cat was caught trying to drag a dead squirrel through the catflap, the poor squirrel was half as big as her again but she had vanquished it. That’s without telling you about the frog lol.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. One of the cats, I believe Claudia again bought a frog into the kitchen, Salem our male cat was studying it intently when it suddenly jumped, Salem turned and flew through the cat flap, he’s a proper scaredy cat!

        Liked by 2 people

    1. I have a fairly good idea that it’s actually just Lily who does the catching… then she just leaves the creatures lying around for the others to pick up, play with, carry around…eugh!!
      And thank you, too, of course! 🙂 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ….. 🙂 I can almost imagine dear Samantha, what a experience for your cats…. They are like a child, and also remember, there was a film about a child stayed alone in the home, made me smile now. Thank you dear, I hope and wish you have a nice and calmness in weekend, Love, nia

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  4. We live in an old farmhouse and have mice and the occasional bat. (The bats generally come out when my husband and son are on their annual fishing trip.) One of our previous cats tried to catch a bat, not understanding about rabies. My husband had to rescue the bat and put it outside. A few years later, when I found one in bed, nestled in my hair (apparently it was cold), I lost whatever little tolerance I had for them. We mainly have mice now. Kommando sees them as toys; Snoops considers them snacks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s funny how differently cats view mice – Charlie believes they are particularly entertaining toys, I don’t think Ting or Tooty have ever even considered eating them, while Lily won’t hesitate to eat them…

      Spiders usually wait until I am by myself before making an appearance…we don’t have many bats though…:) xx

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  5. I love that your house is as entertaining as our old cottage used to be. It has such a re-assuring feeling about it and tells me that it wasn’t us who were weird, but it was ‘life with cats’ which makes things . . . . uhm . . . ‘amusing’.
    laughing softly to self here.
    Love you Sam. ~ Cobs. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh never a dull moment here, one way or another…and when they are quiet, it makes me suspicious LOL!!
      Love you too, my friend, hope all is well. Must pop round as I thought I saw in passing a wondrous creation that had your name on it… 🙂 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cat suspicions . .. oh, I know that feeling. It’s worse than when your children are in the other room and very, very quiet! You just know that you have to go and look, but your heart tells you that you’re not going to enjoy it. 😉 eeek! lol. xxx <

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