The Garden At Dawn

32159605_238834490195299_9188063003340177408_nThe garden always calls to me as the sun rises – no matter what season of the year. There is a particular sort of magic to be found in the very air as the old ways and Mother magic crackles and fizzes before the rest of the world wakes.

There is a wildness, a connection, as I step barefoot onto the grass – left slightly longer, as I prefer it, since to me there is beauty to be seen in something as small as a blade of grass, equal to that of any majestic forest, wild moor or rocky seashore.


Instantly as my bare feet touch the dew wet grass I feel it, I feel the connection, plugging into the universal grid of Life and Love. Everything is crystalline clear and touched with enchantment, everything growing as Mother Earth calls to her children to wake.

The tulips are past their best, now, but still have the mesmeric effect of a Monet painting, splashes of colour, their edges bleeding into one another. A delicate fragrance is lifted on the air, late daffodils, which surprised me with their scent.


The sky is blue and very, very still. A slap of a fishtail reaches my ears from the pond which also startles the frogs into wakeful croaking, subtly different in tone to the toads. There is a busyness, a life to the pond, filled with tadpoles and baby fish, thriving in the rich water.


The cats have woken up and followed me out, Charlie picking her way cautiously across the wet grass to jump and roll on the bench. The others, less fastidious, run to me and flop at my feet, Ting waving her legs in the air and “Wah”-ing. A jackdaw cackles overhead and the cats as one crouch, ears flattened to their heads as they follow its flight path across our garden.

The spell is broken, as faintly, traffic noise begins as the rest of the world stirs. I take a step back and re-enter my one-ness, temporarily separated from the Universal, but aware always. And Love. Always.

18 thoughts on “The Garden At Dawn

    1. Thank you so much, dear Cobs – I love the garden and it’s definitely a place of refuge especially when the house looks like the Trash Bandit and the Glitter Fairy have had a punch up in there, courtesy of my partner and/or the cats. Never me, of course! 🙂 xxx

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  1. Nice writing, Samantha. Granny and I are walking in the garden too every morning, to catch snails and then Granny brings them to the hedge in the front garden. They like our garden to much, because they come back every night😹😹 We love your tulips. I think your kitties like to go fishing, don’t they🎣Pawkisses🐾😚😻

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    1. I’m pleased to hear that Granny likes the morning garden too, there’s something special about dawn. I try to direct the snails out of the garden too, but the slugs to the bottom where the hedgehog lives…All the girls love to watch the fish in the pond, but ever since Lily fell in when she was little, we have a net over it, especially since a hungry heron lives nearby…
      Lots of love to you 🙂 xxx


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