Bornite And Bus Cats…

31693198_234548207290594_4531572495966273536_nI was drawn to the pretty colours of this crystal at first sight… mmm… shiny… but beneath its glamorous appearance it is a kind and selfless worker for the common purpose. Its many colours reflect its ability to bring love and thought to all beings on Mother Earth.

It assists with both physical and spiritual sight and insight – removing calcified deposits and easing access to psychic abilities and inner knowing – basically giving you the confidence to trust your own judgement.


Bornite’s rainbow colours, sometimes produced by acid treating or formed by a thin layer of copper oxide, are a physical manifestation of its cheerful vibe that helps dispel negative thoughts and also give rise to its alternative name of Peacock Ore. It can reform negative thought patterns and show you how to walk a happy present life avoiding spiritual obstacles.

Bornite’s varied colours all within one crystal means it can work with all the chakras and work to integrate Mind, Body and Spirit. It can help with relieving muscular spasms, cell repair and restoring metabolic balance.


A happy healing stone… unlike cats on a bus. You’ve heard of “Snakes On a Plane” – well, this was “Cats On The Bus.” That time of year again, booster injections for the girls. All four coincide within the space of about three weeks, so I usually take two at a time. I’ve recently changed vets too, cutting a thirty minute taxi ride down to a ten minute bus journey and shaving a few pounds off the whole expedition that can go back into the Kitty Kitty.

My partner and I took the two big girls first, and as befits proper ladies, they travelled beautifully on the bus and behaved politely at the vets. When Alex came back for Easter, I thought he could help. Catching Ting and Tooty and putting them in the carriers went smoothly enough, but as soon as we left the garden, the noise started.

Now, just think about the way you behaved… 

And oh my God… what a noise. Like I had two air raid sirens trapped in a box:


All down the road to the bus stop. Disapproving looks from passers-by. Someone driving past actually slowed down for a better look and sped off disbelievingly as the noise hit their ears.

On the bus, the noise reached a new level:


One man asked me:

Do you have a cat in there?”

Much as I was tempted to reply: “No, it’s a Lesser Spotted What-Not…” I smiled politely and feigned deafness, justifiably so, since the noise Ting and Tooty were making was like nothing with which God ever blessed a cat …

The vets:


They set each other off, wailing and howling back and forth to each other, even after the boosters had been administered and I had stuffed them unceremoniously back in the carriers.

Yes, you need hang your heads in shame!

Alex was quite scarlet with embarrassment by the time we reached home, while I had an epic headache. Ting and Tooty went to bed in disgrace and I believe Alex has made plans for the whole of the necessary month next year… !


19 thoughts on “Bornite And Bus Cats…

  1. Firstly that is indeed a colorful stone. Then I howled with laughter at the way your cats behaved on the bus. And…Alex is so sweet to plan for next year’s vet visit for your cats. Good morning🍵🍪🍵🍪💕💕

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  2. The crystal … absolutely beautiful – so much so that I believe that it has something to do with unicorns.

    Next … I have to apologise. Why? erm …. you’ll see …..

    The Cats on the Bus … in the Box. … at the vets …. Oh. My. Goodness. !!!!!! I sat here positively HOOTING with laughter.

    Ohhhhh Samantha … what a fantastic journey the other travellers must have had. Can you imagine the tales and stories they will be telling on the back of that one bus journey?
    You’ve … or rather the terrible twosome known as Ting and Tooty, have successfully given those people the story of a lifetime!

    They’ll repeat that whole thing, one day, live on Good Morning with Phil and Holly!
    The day a man and woman took two illegal Tiger Cubs on the bus.
    The morning two people captured two Ferrell Terrors
    or …
    The Bus Ride with two Tasmanian Devils in a box. LOLOLOL

    Aww …. this post was filled with giggles … at least it was for me. But I can understand your hot and bothered. LOL.

    Thank you SOOooo much for sharing this incredible journey with us. It’s tickled my chuckle muscle and given it a good work out!
    Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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