31404248_232877170791031_6125451562639687680_nThe nature of knowledge is a curious thing, I find. For a start, how do you define it? The dictionary definition is: “Facts, information and skills acquired through experience or education.” I quite like the word “Gnosis” too, from the Greek, meaning knowledge of the Divine.

Taxi drivers in London have The Knowledge, a detailed mental map of the streets that they can draw on instantly to deliver their passenger to the right address. Is this still valid in the age of GPS, statnavs and Google maps? I believe so… no electronic aid can replace the mental images that are layered in your own brain.

For example – I’m rubbish at giving directions… if asked, I will wave my arms vaguely and say “Over there… somewhere…” but I could definitely show the enquirer the way there. I might not know road names but I tend to navigate via shops and landmarks… possibly why I have no sense of direction in the dark…

My partner says I know a lot of things. His hedge shears weren’t working properly, so I said they sounded like they had a blockage in the fuel line. He cleaned it – problem solved. Now. I must emphasise I am in no way mechanically minded (if it doesn’t work my first remedy is to give the item a little punch… don’t try this with people) but I am practical and I do have a good memory. Thus, out of the mountain of rammel, junk and rubbish that is my brain I do sometimes manage to pull out the occasional shining crystal…

Other forms of knowledge speak to me of muscle memory. It was my partner’s birthday recently, so we went out for dinner and a few drinks afterwards. There was a pool table in one of the pubs we visited – we used to play a lot when we first met – so we had a couple of games. What amused me though was the fact that Alex was surprised by my not unreasonable ability… sign of a misspent youth, so I’ve been told! He just didn’t think that it would be the sort of thing I knew anything about.

The key to knowledge is an open mind, a willingness to learn – or at least listen. It’s always a pleasure to learn something new from any source and feel good about that achievement. I suppose ultimately my point is that knowledge is never finite… It is an amorphous, ever-growing creature…

20 thoughts on “Knowledge

  1. It means you are like me. Hopeless at directions haha. In a city like Singapore our roads change daily. So our memories are put to test as buildings are torn down and renewed so often. Our Grab drivers or taxi drivers all rely heavily on GPS else we go round and round hopelessly lost

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    1. Alex likes owls too! No wild ones round here, at least not to my knowledge, although we do have a falcon that flies – very quickly – across the garden. And a heron… too interested in the pond! 🙂 xxx


      1. We believe it was grape, and anyway, the Tree of Knowledge contained knowledge of right from wrong, rather than academic knowledge. Remember, once they bit into it, they realized that they were naked (although I don’t see what’s wrong with that, since there was no one to see them but the snake!). 😻

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