Merlinite And Magical Cats…

31054970_229672977778117_8099424677979488256_nBig clue in the title here… this crystal is another one that is very much of two worlds, a duality to its nature that can show both light and dark, spiritual and physical.


Not unsurprisingly, given its name, it has a strong association with astral travel back to Arthurian times (haven’t tried this… no central heating…)

But seriously, it is a very powerful crystal to use in bringing balance and harmony into your life, using information from lives long ago to redress the balance in your present life.


Merlininte can heal hurt from past lives which is affecting your present state of being and has often been used in shamanic and ritual magic. It encourages an awareness of the spiritual and can be used to develop psychic skills. Whilst opening the mind to the concept of unity between body and soul it will also bring the quality of acceptance, you recognise the resolution you have been given and move on.


Cats are walkers between worlds… a magical manifestation whose potency was first recognised when a primitive cat caught that very first mouse which was bothering that first prehistoric lady by eating her grain stores.


Such cleverness, grace and agility was rewarded with a place by the fire, food and comfort. Ever since then, these magical felines have thrown in their lot with us, to care, share and guide. Sometimes.


Friendly family pet by day, creature of sunshine, light and warmth… prowling horror by night, sharp of tooth and claw.


This duality of nature is what gives cats part of their magical quality, from the largest tiger to the smallest housecat. They hold our hearts and the magic of the world between those dainty, furry paws…


25 thoughts on “Merlinite And Magical Cats…

  1. What a magical crystal, Samantha, we put it on the list. Even the name is magical😸 I would love to travel with Granny to the Arthurian time just to keep her warm😹 Great piece of writing again and a great comparison with us too, right kitties? Pawkisses for a magical day🐾😚

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  2. I’ve never heard of merlinite I might have to check it out. I have a funny relationship with cats….I’ve always been terrified of having them on my knee! They can sit beside me but as soon as they climb on my knee I freeze! Funny thing is cats seem to absolutely love me and always want to sit on me 😂

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    1. It’s a lovely crystal, very tactile. My mother feels the same about cats – they can be a bit intimidating when you consider they have murderous toes that spike and stab…and you can pretty much guarantee the cat will find the only person in the room that doesn’t really want to know…apparently though, cats find this lack of fuss more appealing than someone who cuddles and kisses! 🙂 xxx


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