Sad Cats And Mournful Mummys…

“Perhaps if I just wait a little longer… “

Well, that’s it. Another Easter holiday over – Alex was back from university and it was wonderful to see him and have him home, although the time passed too quickly. I saw him off at the train station, doing my best to choke back tears… ( I do cry a lot anyway… even adverts can set me off…) and returned home to a row of accusing faces.

Ting and Charlie had actually started running towards me, but when they saw I was by myself, they stopped. Abruptly.

Oh. He’s gone again… might just go and check this corner of the garden – just in case…”

Ting is particularly persistent in her search for Alex, looking in completely ridiculous places that he wouldn’t even hide in if he were here – like behind the rubbish bin… in my handbag… the laundry basket… behind the books on the shelves… and all the time she will maintain a constant chat:

Oh – not under here…wahhh! So sad… perhaps here? Naa-oohhh! Where’s he gone, Mummy?!”

Sad sunshine Siamese… 

Charlie reclaims Alex’s empty bedroom as her throne room and gradually the cats come to accept that he really won’t be back for a while. And Lily starts bringing the mice in again….

Uh-oh the sensible one’s gone off – better start providing for the older couple, they just don’t have a clue…”

Motherhood is a funny old thing. To be honest, I never expected to be a mother and I hated being pregnant… what is it about the pregnancy bulge that gives random strangers leave to come up and lay their hands on you?! But once your children are out in the world, it’s a constant worry… an ache… like prodding a gap in your mouth where a tooth used to be with your tongue.

Before Alex left, we were waiting at the bus stop to catch the bus into town for his train when a young woman we both knew who had recently had another baby, the older child now being about three, stopped to chat.

We talked about our respective children’s doing, an older lady overhearing and joining in the conversation – her son was in his last year at university – and we all shared that one common thing. Just how much we will and do miss our children when they have to go away, and I felt a lovely moment of unity, joined with these other mothers, proud of our children, missing them, yet supporting them all the way.

In conclusion then, on behalf of mothers everywhere (and their sad cats) I would like to end on an extremely relevant message…

Will you PLEASE remember to text me when you get there so I know you’re all right!”

“Do you have an appointment?”

26 thoughts on “Sad Cats And Mournful Mummys…

  1. Aww I am sorry to hear that Alex has flown the coop again and that you as well as cats miss him! Cheer up my dear, he will be back for the holidays again. I hope he is doing well in school and adjusting to campus life! He must miss home food, cats and especially you! Garfield hugs and much love to you and all. Take care and have a great Friday and weekend ahead.

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  2. Aw, this made me sad & laugh in equal measure – I request texts to let me know someone’s okay, whether that’s my mother or a friend or my ex when we were together; it’s just ‘one of those things’, I like to know they’ve travelled & got home/to their destination safely! This post also reminded me of how my dog, when we had him and I was much younger, used to wait on the back of the sofa looking out the front window after I’d left for school like he was sad I’d gone, and be waiting there again 10 minutes before I walked through the door, every day. They have a sixth sense for these things sometimes. Hope Alex makes a return home again soon, I’m sure it won’t be too long 🙂
    Caz xx

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    1. Thank you – lol, I am pleased you liked it! My mother’s dogs are usually waiting on the back of the sofa, standing on the windowsill and looking out the window for me when I walk down the road!

      And it’s just nice to know, isn’t it, that your friend etc. has arrived safely. I am perhaps, a little travel anxious when it comes to Alex…goodness knows what I’ll be like if he gets a car!

      Thank you as always, for reading and I hope all is well with you – lots of love 🙂 xxx

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      1. 30 years ago my son came home on his first college break and announced that he was determined to spend the rest of his life in Boston. I was so wrong not to take him seriously! Yet, what can I do but to visit Boston any chance I get. Kids have to grow up and find their happy places.

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  3. Every time my kids leave to go back to their homes I tell them call when they get there. The youngest is 28….I have a feeling this will never change because in my mind they are still those little boys running around my house!

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