Tektites And Tabby Cats.

It is a crystal. Really. Not a …whatever you were thinking…

Something from the depths of space… containing echoes of black holes, galaxies and meteors. Tektite. An unassuming crystal to look at, but my very own piece of the Universe with which to conjure…

Tektites were made when meteorites hit the Earth and send debris back up into the atmosphere – the impact and heat melt and fuse pieces of earth and rock, that have a brief moment in time visiting the outer limits and then returning to Mother Earth, bringing a glimpse back from Far Beyond.

Tektite is used to bridge the gap between humanity and knowledge, enabling us to accept and retain the wisdom received from these Higher realms. It is also said to enhance the absorption of healing energies and open our channels of communication with other dimensions.

Doesn’t look much better with a different background… sorry… 

It’s a wonderful crystal to use for expanding consciousness and working towards your own spiritual advancement. Tektites are said to strengthen the aura and speed up the physical healing process and essentially as a crystal between the worlds they can help us to link the physical and spiritual.

I recently watched a television programme where advances in technology had allowed a team of archaeologists to re-examine some of the artefacts that were buried with Tutankhamun; most particularly a dagger that had been smelted from iron that had been extracted from a meteor.

Great reverence was attached to this dagger in ancient times, and of course I happen to share my life with four other very important and revered Egyptian symbols – cats.

Number One cat is most definitely Charlie, and as regular readers know, she is a tabby cat. Here’s another picture anyway…

“I’m just beautiful… “

Now, tabby cat markings are allegedly the oldest cat “design” in history, thought to have originated in Africa, with the little Sand Cat. There are variations within this colouration, for example, my old cat, Walter, was a grey tabby while Madame La Princesse is brown.

Most tabbies have an “M” marking on their foreheads and there is a wealth of folklore behind this fact, from it being a symbol of honour from Mary, Jesus’s mother, for saving Him from a snake to it being a blessing from Mohammed, the imprint of his thumb. Even Lily, a supposedly black cat, has a shadowy “M” on her little forehead…


The word “tabby” itself is thought to derive from a mediaeval Latin word, “attabi”, meaning “fabric” and while we no longer really use the material – I think it was a kind of watered silk – the word “tabby” has remained.

As has the cat. Indeed, tabby cats and their variants are world-wide, from the Scottish wildcat to the Pallas cat to the Abyssinian… bridging gaps across continents with their stripy fur and ineffable cattishness.

My little cat – she may be the smallest but her attitude would grace the largest Bengal tiger. And of course she is extremely beautiful too!


22 thoughts on “Tektites And Tabby Cats.

    1. There you are! I was worried when I quickly checked my reader and didn’t see any posts! Hoping you’re all right?

      Yes, and the “M”‘s on my cats are all actually raised stripes in their fur – like little watermarks lol!

      Good morning – 😺💕🍪🍵😺💕🍪🍵


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