Walkies! Great! Let’s go! What? In the car? All right then… but wait. Stop. Please. Where are you going? Don’t leave me! Gone.

Dark. Alone. Afraid. Where am I? Home. Want to go home – what’s that? Frightened. Noisy. Run. Run. Run.

Hurt. Paws hurt. Tired. Alone. Afraid. Hungry. Afraid. Sad.

Dark. So tired. Sleep.

Gerrout! Go on! Gerrout of it!”

Run. Oh – that hurt! Run. Lost. What did I do?

Bad dog!”


Tired. Frightened. Alone. Sad. I’m not a bad dog. Just old.

What – run!

Shouting, throwing things and not to play.

Here – quiet, lie down…


The old dog jumped, startled awake at the gentle touch on his head, and struggled to sit up on tired old haunches, ready to run at a moment’s notice on cracked sore paws.

It’s all right, boy, don’t be scared…”

The young man reached out a hand to the old dog who looked up into his face; and consideringly, carefully, he lifted his paw and put it in the young man’s hand.


11 thoughts on “Trust.

  1. Beautiful, I can see the picture of ending part, you are amazing dear Samantha. “Trust” is the most important thing for all of us… Thank you, have a nice day, and weekend, Love, nia

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  2. Nicely done Samantha. I see your writing improving all the time now. Good subject too. Trust…hard to earn and easy to break.

    Very well put together and strong piece of writing x

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      1. If you do then start with A because there is a brand new character evolving through them all who is asking for a book now. There’s a few excerpts from several manuscripts too as teasers x

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