Silver And Sweet Cats

30443356_224219938323421_2255739037430054912_oSilver, both as a metal, crystal and colour, has a lot of positive connotations attached to it, not least its link with the calming beauty of the Moon herself.


These positive vibrations are absorbed by the wearer/owner and brings both perseverance and patience. Obviously it is a popular metal to use in combination with gemstones and crystals because its empathetic absorption encourages the best qualities from the crystals, retains them and passes them onto the wearer.

Silver can also bring increased perception and awareness of the world and those around you; whilst maintaining emotional and intuitive balance. In times past, polished silver was used as a mirror and can still be used in this way to view your spiritual self as well as your physical self – linking the two together.


Silver is known for having antibacterial properties, being used to coat surgical instruments, but it also has a unique healing energy, which can help with overall health. It’s a generally feel-good substance that’s beneficial to have around – just like cats.

I don’t often write about Tooty, Ting’s sister, which is unfair really, as she is the nicest natured cat of all my four. She has a beauty all her own, greeny-golden eyes, soft thick fur and a purr like a little engine.


She doesn’t have much of a meow, unlike her sister, who will quite happily provide a running commentary on whatever she’s doing. Tooty can manage a “mah!” if she requires food or a strangled honk like an angry goose if you pick her up when she doesn’t want to be handled, or sometimes a “brrp!” of greeting.

She loves the sun and unusually for a black cat, she has no ghost stripes, just a faint chocolate gleam to her undercoat. Lily is a dark tiger… full of stripes and whorls.


Tooty is a kind cat too – even Ting is not above giving someone a swift slap if they are imposing on her – but Tooty is always ready to sit on your knee or cuddle with her sister.


I love all of my cats, obviously, but I would have to say Tooty is the sweetest natured… shhh….don’t tell the others!

21 thoughts on “Silver And Sweet Cats

    1. Good afternoon! Lol – even as I type I am drinking a cup of tea…I have had one of those week ends where time has just totally got away from me…good job you sent tea, I shall need it to fortify me for Catch-Up! Hope you’ve had a good weekend,my friend 😺💕xxx


  1. I love silver dear Samantha, beautiful photographs, the colours fascinated me. And your lovely cat, and cats, There is happiness in these photographs and post, Blessing and Happiness to you all, Thank you, Love, nia

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  2. You manage to make the gems and metals sound so inspiring. I love to listen to you….I can hear you talking with your accent in my head. hehe Tooty sounds like s wonderful girl and Ting sounds like Shoko. Shoko is getting even more wordy. It’s the high pitched, urgent mews that drive me wild. Is she putting more emphases on part of her statement or just yammering on.


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