Gold And Goodbyes.


Strictly speaking, Gold is a mineral, not a crystal, but it still has its place in the world of healing and therapy. It is said to inspire knowledge, encourage spirituality and bring true understanding of the physical and spiritual self so they can be united and complete.


It is traditionally a symbol of wealth but is also said to encourage generosity and compassion, a mineral made for sharing and caring, not hoarding. Gold can also be associated with purity and development.


Gold can help with the balancing of the heart chakra and its purity is also credited with the ability to preserve thoughts and information which can be accessed at a later date. It clears negativity from the chakras and aura and is a lovely way to connect with higher energies.

Physical examples of gold’s ability to endure can be found in the jewellery and relics of Roman..Saxon… Egyptian times…however far you care to go back, and it is a wonderfully positive mineral to have about you, wear, or use. It has a lot of positive associations – a golden handshake, golden years and so on, and who isn’t happy with the gift of golden jewellery.


We recently had to say goodbye to Lucky the budgie and it actually upset me a lot more than I anticipated. You see, we’d had him for nearly ten years – my little dog Lulu found him when we were out walking the dogs (A Lucky Save), Walter, my beloved old cat knew him, he’d watched Charlie grow from kitten to princess and was distinctly unimpressed with Ting and Tooty – these animals were and are all part of a long golden chain linked by love.

Animals that I have known and loved and the privilege to share my life with, spanning forty and more years, from Walter to Tibby, his mother, to Mogwai, Ginger and Ming my Burmese, then Snoopy, my very first cat. Not forgetting the dogs… from Lulu to Rebel to Rowan to Rosie to Shadow and Wolf, then Nikki and Bruce… all the way back to my mother’s first dog Beauty and cat, Peppy…


A roll call of the faithful, their love still shining as bright as any gold in a chain of love that carries us through our days and helps us if we lose our way. So, although goodbyes can be sad, treasure them like gold as we forge a new link in our lives.


Love always xx

26 thoughts on “Gold And Goodbyes.

  1. Sorry to hear about Lucky the Budgie. I understand though, as we had a budgie for 8 years that flew through our kitchen window one day. Until then, we’d never had birds and had no idea what personalities the little things could have. It was a wrench when he died too.
    All our past pets will always have a place in our hearts. 🙂

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  2. This tribute was beautiful. Perhaps you didn’t mean it as a tribute but it is and a wonderful one to all the anipals that shared your abode. The sadness that goes with the passing of a friend doesn’t last but while it’s here, it hurts like hell! Soon the funny antics of Lucky and Kali will win out over the sad. The golden rays of the sun will help.

    Jean and Shoks

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  3. You expressed so nicely dear Samantha, yes, it is so sad but as you mentioned, memories with them life is our richness. You know how emotional one I am, I prayed for them all… Thank you dear, Gold doesn’t mean to me but a heart with golden touches means a lot for me…. Love, nia

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  4. We love the way of your writing, Samantha. It’s very hard to say goodbye to a beloved furry member of the family, they are missed forever, but for always in our❤ We hope you had a wonderful Easter. Eggstra Soft Pawkisses for the occassion🐾😚😻

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