29829833_219775592101189_483882070_oI’ve had this feather in the main picture a while now. I don’t know what bird it came from, I found it in the garden and it’s only a little feather, perhaps about half an inch long, but I am fascinated by it.

The fact that it’s striped in tabby cat colours – delicate cream and brown – first caught my attention, but then I stopped to look again and marvel at the detail involved in this tiny thing.

Each fibre of feather is closely joined to its neighbour by a little hook and eye system, I think they’re actually called barbules and hooklets, something like that. Then the downy fluff at the base, soft and grey, designed to be both light and warm, all attached to the quill, a perfectly Engineered construction both light and hollow to help reduce weight in flight.

Feathers are supposed to symbolise spiritual ascension… but I just liked it, so I’ll probably keep it a while longer.

Alex and I went into Nottingham last week, and to be honest, I thought I’d had a funny turn – across the Market Square I saw a large orange fox. I was amazed by it – there was an elephant too, a beautiful construction of gears and cogs, covered with organza material.


The fox could turn its head and blink, while the elephant could flap its ears and raise its trunk. They were part of the Nottingham Festival of Puppetry that was taking place that week. I don’t really care for puppets but I was very taken with the ingenuity of these animals.


From something so tiny to something quite large – it’s said the Devil is in the detail but I prefer to think it’s Someone Else…

20 thoughts on “Details…

  1. My thoughts on the feather: Woodpecker; Female Pheasant; or a Wren. At the moment I’m plumping for the pheasant …. but I’m probably wrong. lol. Google and compare the feather which the results, maybe?

    CRIKEY MOSES!!! LOVE the Elephant and the Fox! I can’t look on them as puppets – those are true, tremendous works of heart, and should be carefully cared for as such. Can you imagine the amount of hours of blood, sweat and tears which went into designing those, and how difficult it must have been to get the idea off the page and into ‘real life’!!!

    Puts my creations to shame, that’s for sure.
    Love them Samantha. Thank you so much for sharing them. I’ve never seen them before and I am blessed to have you show them to me.
    Sending much love to you, this Easter time. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. There you are! I knew there was a comment from you hiding somewhere! Good evening to you 😺

      Great idea about Googling the feather, never thought of that. The puppets were amazing, but your creations are too!

      Read your conversation with Gillyflower on her post about Paperpuff – it made me sad too…nearly a year now. Still, I hope she’s all right.

      I’m coming round to yours now…put the kettle on and see you soon! 😺💕xxx

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  2. Love all those photos for so many reasons Samantha. And yes…I think Someone is totally in charge of all those details! Who else could perfectly construct that feather for maximum efficiency for whatever bird it belonged to?

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  3. The puppet festival looks amazing! Check out The Giants on my blog. It was a puppet festival which visited Perth, Australia when I lived there….it was spectacular! You’ll find it in “story telling” and the drop down to “the giants” x

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