Goodbye xx


Fly fast, little bird

It won’t take long –

Not now as your wings are strong

Full of joy

And eyes so bright –

Hurry home by angel’s light


Walter and Lulu are waiting for you


                               xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LUCKY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                                       24th August 2008 ~ 26th March 2018

31 thoughts on “Goodbye xx

  1. Ohh Samantha. I read your poem, thinking that you were saying goodbye to a bird who had perhaps been a visitor to your garden over the winter, and was now leaving to move on to somewhere else, now that the season was changing.

    Then I came to the picture of Lucky, and realised my mistake. By the time I read the words under the photo I was already choked and getting teary and snotty, and can no longer breathe through my nose.

    I’m so, so sorry for the loss of your much loved feathered boy.
    Losing a family member who’s a ‘pet’ is such a difficult thing to deal with.
    Sending you my love and whispering a prayer for Lucky to settle into his new home with his old friends.
    ~ Cobs. xxx

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  2. Lucky would be touched to read this post – I’m so sorry to read he’s gone, I know your heart must ache right now. He had a special place in your family and your life. This beautiful budgie will be having a welcome home party for his second home with Walter & Lulu, with seed on tap. Sending hugs your way xx

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