Hemimorphite And Hisses

29251460_217471818998233_951516155_oAlex was given the piece pictured by a lovely lady, from the crystal community, and to be honest, I never really paid it much attention. I dusted it… moved it around…displayed it nicely… then one day it was sitting in a beam of sunlight and it sparkled. Which caught my attention, so of course I thought I would investigate further.

Now, Hemimorphite is actually an extremely protective stone, but also a very compassionate one too. It brings self knowledge and can show you how to develop your inner strength. It can give you the courage to voice your deepest fears and by acknowledging them, release them.


Hemimorphite can help you achieve your highest realistic potential whilst maintaining a healthy balance and awareness of your own humanity. It’s a lovely gentle stone to help promote both physical and spiritual health, making you aware of ingrained emotional patterns you need to dissolve. It was also traditionally used to protect against malicious thoughts and deeds…

Cats can be pretty malicious… most obviously in deed… perhaps less so in thought. For example, I actually find it quite terrifying (and funny) when my cats hiss… When Alex came home for the Easter holiday last week, it was late so I had already gone to bed. Charlie was curled up comfortably beside me, and fast asleep.

We heard Alex come in with his father downstairs and he came rushing up to see me and say hello.

Oh Charlie, what a lovely girl, have you missed me?!”

With outstretched arms and smiling face Alex leaned towards the cat to give her a kiss, no doubt expecting the same level of love and affectionate greeting as he would have received from the other cats.

Charlie whipped her head around, as fast as a striking snake, opened her mouth REALLY wide and HISSED! She hissed loud and fiercely, drawing on the power of all her mighty feline relatives… the powerful tiger … the graceful snow leopard … the elegant ocelot… and a bit of snake.


Her fangs gleamed, white and deadly in my bedroom light and her eyes glowed with anger. Her temper was not any further improved by the fact that we were so taken aback by this extreme demonic reaction that we … laughed.

She did, however, earn herself another title, to go with “Princess Charlotte Oddpaw”… “Grand Mistress Of The Hiss” !

H.R.H. Princess Charlotte Oddpaw and Grand Mistress Of The Hiss

25 thoughts on “Hemimorphite And Hisses

  1. Well how dare Alex come into Princess Tippy Toes bed chamber – and unannounced at that! Of course she hissed. What other thing would she do? Leap up and cover him in kisses? Good grief, he left her, high and dry, just upped and walked out of the door. No letters. No postcards. No telephone calls. Not even a text message or email!

    Tsk tsk. Well, Miss Princess Tippy Toes is going to make him pay for that bit of abandonment.

    Aww Samantha … your cats give me the biggest grins. Love them to pieces.

    As for the gem …. I’ve never heard of that before, but boy is it a bonny one! LOVE the colours.
    Heaps of love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Lol – I never actually thought about it like that but you’re absolutely right! Alex should have apologised abjectly, grovelled a bit, offered ham and catnip and maybe a new toy mousie rather than just expecting her to be PLEASED to see him! I’ll mention that to him…

      Pleased you enjoyed the read and thank you for your lovely comment. Lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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  2. Sometimes cats growl and hiss for the silliest reasons! Last year when one of my cats came home from a dental at the vet’s, the other hissed at him for the next 3 days! I think it was out of fear, because the dental cat was acting kind of loopy from anesthesia and he also probably smelled like the vet’s office.

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  3. MOL…I do that too, when Grandpaw disturbs me…again…but Grandpaw hisses back, so I really don’t have a chance…MOL 😀 The crystal is amazing, Samantha, we like the kind of fluor coloured green in it…not that we have this stone, but we noticed it on the picture 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Hoppy Weekend 🙂 ❤ *to Granny: add Hissy to complete the Weekend*…

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