Animal Incidents

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As regular readers know, my many encounters with various representatives of the Animal Kingdom have a variety of outcomes, often ending with aforesaid creature affixing teeth into various parts of my anatomy, or leaving me in tears… of laughter.

Here are a few examples of the latter… When I was younger, I was fortunate enough to visit a few countries on holiday with my mother – a memorable one was Crete. We were walking back to the hotel one afternoon after a pleasant day of sight-seeing when my mother spied a very large, very green grasshopper, sitting, with no apparent regard for its own safety in the middle of the pavement.

Oh look, poor thing, I have to rescue it!”

She swooped down on it and picked it up, where it lay happily enough, along the length of her finger. We went about twenty paces, me exclaiming at the bravery of my mother in saving the poisonously green insect, when it wiggled its mandibles vigorously, stretched them open really wide and BIT the tip of my mother’s finger.

She screamed and shook her hand furiously, flicking the creature into a conveniently placed flowerbed.

Bloody thing!! No gratitude at all!

I laughed…

Another incident involved Alex – we used to have a pair of pet rats, who enjoyed having time out to play in the front room. Alex was only about three at the time and he was eating a sweet. He bent down to look at one of the rats and the sweet fell out of his mouth… just as he reached out to get it, the other rat darted past and grabbed the sweet and ran under the sofa with it. Alex gave a scream of rage – he was enjoying that sweet! – and flung himself on the floor with his arm outstretched under the sofa in an attempt to retrieve it.

I laughed…

Now, this next incident I didn’t personally witness, but I heard so many retellings of it from various sources it became almost legendary. Alex went on a school trip to “Monkey Forest”, a wildlife park that is mainly devoted to … yes, monkeys. He was walking a little distance away from his classmates, slightly nearer to the open, paddock-style enclosure, when a large baboon appeared and began to keep pace with him. Alex thought: “Oh how sweet!” But then another joined the first one. And another. A couple more. Alex began to walk a little faster. Another couple joined the group… he walked a little faster still as several more fell in behind the lead monkey on the other side of the fence. By this time, Alex was practically running , parallel to the monkey marathon on the other side until at last his nerve broke and he screamed at the lead monkey who screamed right back at him. The pack broke away and scattered. Of course, the onlookers found this highly amusing, but Alex was quite indignant when he told me.

I laughed…

Poor Alex… one evening, I was lying in bed, Charlie curled up beside me and Alex came in to say goodnight. He thought he would croon a tender version of “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera to Charlie. She opened one eye and sighed in visible irritation. Just as Alex reached a particularly emotional part: “ … you are beautiful, no matter what they say -” she leaped up and grabbed his head between her paws to box his ears. He shrieked in alarm and spiralled away while Charlie followed, claws firmly fixed in his scalp and they waltzed away down the length of my bed… I was crying…


Now, when ever I hear this song, all I can picture is the deadly duo of child and cat, spinning down my bed. Hysterical. As I said though, just a small selection. I’m pretty sure they’ll be more…


21 thoughts on “Animal Incidents

  1. I feel like a really bad girl here, so in advance of what I’m going to say I need to apologise to Alex, but . . .

    The final tale – of Charlie being sung to while he was on the bed luxuriating … that story made me laugh SO hard that I got all snotty and couldn’t breathe up through my nose. So the combination of laughing (hard) out of my mouth, and not being able to breathe in through my mouth made my heart race as my body begged for oxygen!

    Aww… I’m really sorry for laughing at the ‘predicament’ – but the whole scene inside my head was like watching a comedy sketch on the TV.

    Brilliant Samantha. Just the thing for a Saturday morning. Something ticklish to get the weekend off to a great start.
    Thank you, fabulous lady. (and Alex, and naughty Charlie)
    love ~ Cobs. xxx <

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    1. Good evening dear Cobs!

      Oh dear… your comment made me laugh all over again… a tea-through-the nostrils jobby…honestly, I wish I’d had a video camera set up and ready to go as it really was one of those things that had to be seen to be believed..!!

      Thank you for visiting and your lovely comment! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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  2. Love the stories!!! My brother spotted a male peacock, in full show off mode, when he was younger. He so wanted to touch it’s tail feathers and when the peacock closed its tail neatly my brother saw his chance. Unfortunately the peacock was wise to his manuover and quickly turn, let forward and clawed at his face. My brother escaped unharmed but he’s never been a fan of peacocks since! Lol x

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      1. Yes I’ve heard that too. Swans can be particularly aggressive, especially when they have their young with them. I watched a Swan trying to DROWN a duck just because it got too close…it actually had the duck under water and was holding its head under!!! 😮

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  3. Oh so funny all. Charlie is definitely a cat who knows his mind! Lol.
    I remember many years ago we were in Malaysia in this jungle trip to see the Orangutans. They felt threatened as they had young so the guide told us to run! We did. My aunt lead the group( she was a keen aerobic enthusiast and my youngest daughter followed just behind) The rest of us ran along as best we good and hoped we’d not be attacked. What an experience! We all made it out alive!

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  4. Boy, Alex sure has been through the wars with Charlie! As a chiid, I had several memorable and disagreeable encounters with petting zoo critters, all of them practically knocking me over to get at the paper coneful of food I was holding. I got butted – on two separate occasions – by goats (I still have the scars) and chased by a goose. (In my opinion, letting little kids into petting zoo pens with food in their hands is a recipe for disaster.) My sister fared worse; she once stuck her hand down a muskrat burrow, got bitten (of course) and had to endure several rounds of rabies shots around her middle. Silly girl.


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