Cores, Cakes And… Cats Of Course!


I think I can safely claim that being British, we are a nation of cake lovers… I am fascinated by a wonderful programme called “Extreme Cake Makers”. No – the bakers do not whip up a batch of fairy cakes whilst standing on the edge of an abyss; nor do they pipe delicate swirls of icing while riding the crest of a twenty foot wave on a surfboard…


Oh no. They create amazing edible artworks, including a pair of Bengal cats (personally I couldn’t have eaten those… ) and a beautiful three tier confection that had a hollow inside filled with sugar crystals – a geode cake! Fabulous!


My mother used to enjoy making my son’s birthday cakes, one year she recreated Whitby out of cake and although I am now 40ahem years old, she still crafts me a cake every year for my birthday, generally pink, sparkly and flowery. I’m such a girl.


I enjoy watching most cookery programmes and love the combination of cake and charity … the most recent one being tea and cake for the Cats Protection League – how could I resist? Throw a few crystals into the mix (if you pardon the pun) and there you have a wonderful combination of nearly all my favourite things!


Alex bought me this beautiful Rainbow Aura Quartz core for Mother’s Day – I love it. It reminds me irresistibly of a glamorous, sparkling cupcake… but Rainbow or Flame or Titanium Aura Quartz – all fabulous names for a wonderful all-purpose crystal that will work willingly with all the chakras, containing, as it does, the whole spectrum of colours.


It’s made from quartz bonded with titanium, to produce a crystal that will help you adapt to change, making career decisions and taking other peoples’ opinions into account. The soothing play of colours helps you to gather and centre your emotions. Again, the colours and energy of Rainbow Aura Quartz make it a wonderful focus for meditation. It promotes the flow of energy and gives you the confidence to seek your true direction in Life.


It can be used to heal and stimulate the aura and to help you reach a higher level where you are open to receiving both healing and spiritual attunement. In addition these core shapes show the levels through which we rise and the fact that beneath all our outer shells are treasures within.


This is just one sample and I have a feeling these core shapes are going to be like both cats and cakes – you can’t have just one!


39 thoughts on “Cores, Cakes And… Cats Of Course!

  1. “Extreme Cake Makers”, they are amazing and also I was watching the program “” too…. Dear Samantha, your crystal so beautiful and exactly looks like a cake… Loved all the other cakes too. And sure your amazing cats, they stand as if super big chef! Thank you dear, but I should say this too, your mother fascinated me what she makes… Have a nice Sunday, Love, nia

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    1. Good evening dear nia – yes I love “Choccywoccydoodah” too! I can just about manage an ordinary sponge, but they are amazing! I’ll have to see if I have some pictures of the cakes my mother made – she made a fire engine one year for Alex!

      Hope you have had a good day and lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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    1. It’s been a snow-filled Sunday… Alex has been home for the weekend so I am playing catch up….

      There are some wonderful cakes shown on that programme – one lady made a practically life-size Shetland pony! Will be round to catch up soon, sending tea and hugs 🙂 xxx

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    1. Lol – yes, I love that cake shop! I could never work there though…well I could, but being paid in cakes is hardly financially viable…*sigh*

      Pleased you enjoyed the read and thank you for your lovely (if somewhat soggy..) comment 🙂 xxx

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  2. Oh my…mom is having a dicky bird after seeing all those lovely cakes. She wants a cake and she is supposed to be watching what she eats. The kitties all look so beautiful. Excellent shots and the crystal Alex gave you for Mother’s Day is so unique.


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    1. Lol – I know how Mom feels…this is why I buy a lot of cookery and baking magazines, so I can get my cake fix without putting a single calorie on!

      Pleased you enjoyed the read and thank you for your kind words – lots of love to you 🙂 xxx


  3. Oooooo…..I need one of those rainbow crystals! That’s for sure. Looking into approaching some literacy agents with a book idea for Bertie and Croc’s adventures!
    I love a good cake too. The lady who did our wedding cake is amazing. She posts her creations on her facebook page and she just keeps getting better! 🤗🎂🍰

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    1. I just love looking at cakes and recipes…the abilities of some of these bakers just have me absolutely spellbound…

      Yes, I did see your post and I shall be round to have a proper read – how exciting for you!! 🙂 xxx


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