Geodes And Jaws…


I always think that the opening of a geode must be like biting into an expensive truffle… relatively uninteresting to look at from the outside, but when you bite into it what treasures are revealed… soft chocolate ganache, creamy whipped mousse – I did actually have some truffles that I totally intended to photograph for the purposes of this post… but I ate them. Sorry. You’ll just have to imagine…

Anyway, once you’ve cracked the outer shell there are wonders to behold: the diamond sparkle of white quartz, the berry richness of amethyst, the sunny warmth of citrine.


Geodes are extremely useful and indeed have their own place in crystal therapy, as well as just being really nice to have around the home. They bring protection and help positive energy flow freely through the work or living space.


As a centre piece in a communal area, they encourage positive communication and growth, both spiritually and mentally. Of course you also receive the healing qualities of the crystals within the geode.


The magical crystal cave interior holds energy and amplifies it, releasing fresh new life to your surroundings. You can also place smaller crystals within the geode to cleanse and charge them. They can help with decision making and are often felt to have a symbolic female energy, the whole thing being equated with a womb, giver of Life.

The Fire Service use a tool called the Jaws of Life, a giant wrench-like thing designed to crunch off the roofs of cars and release people trapped within. A German Shepherd’s jaws can exert 238 pounds of pressure per square inch when they bite. Luckily I have never been properly bitten by any of my mother’s dogs, very lucky really, considering their jaws are crammed with sharp bitey teeth the way a geode is with sparkly crystals…


Rocky was sitting next to/on me the other evening at my mother’s, tenderly resting his head on my bosom and blowing encouraging snorts down the gap in my jumper, when I felt him, very gently, manoeuvre the crystal pendants I was wearing into his jaws and just press them, experimentally, between his teeth a few times. It just made me laugh because he was using his powerful jaws so daintily and sneakily…


Ting is funny. When playing, she will open her mouth wide and wave her jaws threateningly in play.


Lily’s jaws are a wonder, perfectly capable of murdering mice and butchering birds, yet most times she will carry them gently indoors for me to find…


The underneath of Charlie’s jaw is soft..sweet-smelling… sometimes I am allowed to tickle her under her chin so I grab a few bonus kisses too.


And here’s Alex, placing his head between the jaws of a hippo’s skull, last year before he went to university and we were visiting a local stately home.


Oh go on…it’ll be a funny picture!”

Good-naturedly he complied for the sake of keeping his mother happy…

And on that note – Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who celebrate it today, fur parents and child parents alike. Love always, to all of you.

32 thoughts on “Geodes And Jaws…

      1. Oh you poor dear…please take care and have more tea and biscuits. The weather is not helping and it is rather odd time to be still cold. Climate change as they say. Blessings and a warm Garfield hug for you!

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  1. Happy mothers day :o) we have to wait till may but all days are good to celebrate the one and only mom ;O) I have one geode, I found it while on a school trip many moons ago … a stone-guy opened it for me and I so agree with your idea of biting in a truffle… it’s beautiful and it has a place in my living room forever ;O)

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  2. Happy Mothers Day, Samantha. May your day be filled with love and contentment (and a lack of mice).

    The Geodes are just beautiful. I haven’t got one, but I’ve been on the look out for an Amethyst one for some years now. I’ve seen many, but haven’t met the one which I feel a connection with. Well, no, actually I did – but it was huge and had a huge price tag too. So, so beautiful. Kind of a big rounded oval sort of shape – and reminded me of a cave. The inside was absolutely breath-taking.

    Fabulous post Samantha. But then … yours always are. Love them all.
    Have a blessed day, my lovely blogging friend ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Good morning dear Cobs! Playing catch up as usual..I spent most of the weekend incapacitated with a chest infection…wish Spring would hurry up and get here, it really doesn’t need to be so shy!

      The white geode pictured that I have is about the size of a honey dew melon…they are fascinating and very magical cave-like!

      Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day and sending love (but no mice) for the new week ahead! 🙂 xxx

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  3. I never knew they were called geodes. They are beautiful. 🙂
    It’s amazing that our pets don’t bite us more. LM is extremely inhibited in using her teeth anywhere near us. Thank goodness for Domestication! 😀
    Love the photo of your son and the Hippo. Now Hippos are really dangerous!

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      1. Yes they are – mostly because people in game reserves etc do not listen to the warnings and go out at dusk. The hippos come up on land at night to feed using well worn paths. These daft people get between the hippo and the water . . .
        I’ve seen a pygmy hippo in a zoo; it was very cute! 🙂

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  4. In the western part of the US they sell geodes for a dollar or two unopened. A lot of them don’t have much in the way of crystals. But once in a while, they are beautiful. I’ve had an amethyst for years. How do you clean them? I’ve never found a good way to get the dust out.

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