Spare Angels


I was helping out (yes, all right, playing with the pretty crystals at Lizian) and Liz was just giving me a quick reminder as to where everything was:

And here… just in these boxes, are the spare angels…”

These words stayed with me because I thought it was a lovely concept – spare angels. Liz, of course, meant crystal angels, which in addition to the symbolism of the actual angel figure combined with the benefits of the crystal it is shaped from, bring dual advantages to the owner.


These angels are pocket sized and ideal for carrying about with you… but everybody’s interpretation of angels is different. They can make themselves known in a manner of ways, from finding feathers in unexpected places to seeing flashes of light or even being aware of a wonderful flowery fragrance…


I am very fond of these crystals at the moment, known as Opal or Angel Aura Quartz. They are said to raise your vibration so you can communicate with beings on a Higher level.


Sometimes crystals can have an angel formation within them… a bonus for the owner who can draw on the highly protective symbolism of angels in addition to the crystal properties.


Angels can be portrayed as splendid beings of light and glory, or that little voice that reminds you Someone is always there. In my difficult past weeks I have sometimes felt that I was walking very close to the edge and might have indeed fallen over, were it not for the fact that I felt a Hand was there, just pushing me gently back on the path…


So then, however you choose to see your angel… make sure you have one spare!

15 thoughts on “Spare Angels

  1. Good morning! Sending you steaming mugs of hot tea and biscuits. Ooh I love the amethyst angels – so very pretty and interesting that people will carry these in their pockets. Glad you had fun playing with crystals or “helping out” ha ha!

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    1. Lol – I learn a lot but I also meet some really interesting people, so many different stories…

      Ah tea! Much appreciated thank you, I am blessed with a chest infection 😢 and the antibiotics are making me feel queasy…yay…more tea I think, and hope you’re having a good day my dear friend! 💕😺🍪🍵💕😺🍪🍵

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      1. Oh no…drats chest infections are no fun. I know as I took lethal doses of antibiotics to nuke the bacteria last month. You are right in that it makes us queasy. Please take care and Garfield hugs🤗🤗💕💕🍵🍵🍪🍪🍪

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  2. Good Morning dear Samantha, what a beautiful post. I was thinking angels this morning and then I found your post. Loved so much, I believe in angels… They could be anything on this earth… a wind, a bird, a crystal, or a human… Thank you so much. Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

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    1. Good morning nia! A lovely example of synchronicity then, you think about something and then it happens..I am so pleased you enjoyed the read and thank you very much for the lovely comment! Lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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  3. We love the spare Angels, Samantha. They are spread all around the house and now outside too, not only in chrystals, just to remind us that they are always with us, wherever we are ❤ We also love the signs of the Angels, just when you think that it couldn't get worse, they send a message from which you can draw strenghts ❤ Pawkisses for an enlightening weekend 🙂 ❤

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