Rainbows And Rabbits

28504887_205125486899533_387971228_o (1)
Succulent rabbits…. 

I have shared my life with quite a few animals so far, each bringing their own special brand of joy and love, family members each and every one. Apart from rabbits… I’ve only ever had one pet rabbit myself, who I absolutely adored..

Back in the day when there were still such things as live meat markets here, my parents and I were walking through one (strange place to take a four year old… but there you go…) when I saw a large wild rabbit who was destined for the pot confined in a tiny cage.

Of course, I burst into tears and begged Daddy to rescue the pretty rabbit (Dad = veterinary surgeon = animal saviour… it’s all so simple when you’re little) so he bought her, having first informed the seller that no, he did not want her “necking”.

Sorrel was as wild as they come, a large doe who bit and scratched everyone; yet strangely, would let me kiss her, cuddle her, carry her around, dress her up… She annoyed the life out of my father as when she was out in her run on the lawn, she would dig complex tunnels spoiling its pristine green velvet…

My sister, not unnaturally, requested a rabbit of her own. A second rabbit was duly purchased and introduced to the household. Personally, I think it was actually a hybrid of piranha and hyena. I was terrified of it, yet my sister persevered until one day, the rabbit charged her.

It ran at her like a demon and sank its teeth into her achilles tendon at the back of her leg, just at ankle height. It wouldn’t let go. It growled and scuffled… my sister coaxed… then pleaded… then started screaming… She and the rabbit were engaged in a deadly duel – she spun around, quite elegantly, on one leg, while the rabbit sank its teeth further into her flesh till finally my father rescued her. And re-homed the rabbit. Swiftly.

28547834_205028923575856_1370858177_o (1)
Not sure of its proper name but I call it Rabbits Ears

I have never had another pet rabbit, but even so I remember Sorrel with love, as she made me happy, much like a rainbow makes me happy. I am always fascinated by the natural light show created by rainbows and I am lucky enough to own several crystals that contain these sparkly bits.

28461822_205026393576109_256259908_o (1)

Crystals that have these rainbow shimmers have an added quality of joy and optimism to them. They’re pocket vials of loveliness and hope, tangible reminders to us to look for the beauty in the smallest of things.

The spectrum of colours can be used in crystal therapy and healing to help us deal with the pain of loss and overcome sorrow. There is comfort to be found in these multi-coloured sparkly crystals – they remind us too, of a Promise made for continuity and love.

28504736_205026816909400_738109593_o (1)

When our fur family members leave us, we say they have gone over The Rainbow Bridge; for even though we are sad they have left us behind, we know they are turning over a new page in their own Book Of Life. But we know they’ll wait for us, and when we have reached the end of our own story, they will be there to greet us and love us. Always.

With love from all of us here at CrystalCats to Jean, Bill and Shoko – thinking of you

23 thoughts on “Rainbows And Rabbits

  1. We had a little wild rescue pet rabbit for a while. It was called Pebbles. When it was old enough, we released it back into the wild, hoping it would lead a long and happy rabbit life. BTW, I love rainbow crystals. I have several of them gracing my home 🙂

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  2. I think you have to get rabbits young and handle them a lot to keep them tame. My daughter had pet dwarf rabbits that were adorable.
    Love the rainbow sparkle in the crystals and the idea of the rainbow bridge. 🙂

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    1. Yes I think you’re right – strikes me they can be quite “bitey” pets… I adored “Watership Down” and made my father take me to see the film about four times..hehehe…

      Thank you for your comment and I am pleased you liked the read! 🙂 xx

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  3. Your story reminds me of “My Two Italies”–a memoir by an Italian American. When he was little, someone brought a rabbit to his house on Easter Sunday. Of course, he thought it was a pet for him. It ended up on the dining room table and he was devastated.

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    1. I am so pleased you enjoyed the read – the topiary bunnies are actually in the grounds of Loughborough University and Alex spotted them – too good not to use!

      I am suffering from that wretched disease at the moment of “Not enough hours in the day”… but I hope you’ve got some teabags at the ready because as soon as I’ve finished my housekeeping here I will be round for a MASSIVE catch up LOL! lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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  4. What a lovely story, Samantha. That rabbit of your sister must have been a rabbit from hell…ouchi kabouchi, poor sis🙊 The rainbow in the crystal looks very special. The colour is so beautiful❤We love that you dedicate this post to sweet angel Kali’s family. It’s so sad…Pawkisses for a Happy Day🐾😚😻

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    1. Thank you very much Binky, I am pleased you enjoyed the read! Needless to say my sister never had any more pet rabbits…she did go on to have a ferret called Nigel.

      We were so very sad to hear about Kali and so we are sending lots of love and light everyday. Thank you for your lovely comment, and of course lots of love to yu and Granny too 🙂 xxx


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