The Bus!


I have decided to afford The Bus the dignity of two capitals, since as well as being a convenient mode of transport (I don’t drive – away with the fairies too often to be a reliable driver… ) it is a never-ending source of amusement and material.

For example, the classic two men in conversation:

You’ll NEVER guess who I saw the other day!!” said in tones of great excitement.

His friend, catching the enthusiasm:

Ooh! Who! Who?!”

Ohh…you don’t wanna know…”

This little exchange left me in tears of silent laughter.

This next snippet has to be my favourite though. My partner and I were returning from town and overheard a phone conversation between a man and his mother.

Mum, I went in Aldi and I bought one of them things… you know… them grill things… like a sandwich toaster but a grill… oh you know… that man… a George Formby grill!!”

Well. Of course that set me off, but my partner has the same ability that Alex has inherited – the power to remain stony-faced while I collapse like a giggling idiot.

I was dying to ask did it perhaps let him know his pork chops were done with a quick burst of “When I’m Cleaning Windows”? Or warn of imminent immolation with a sharp blast of “Leaning On A Lamp Post”…

I don’t know if this system is used on other transport networks, but our Buses employ a system of code words printed on the ticket to show they are valid on that particular day. I always check the word of the day and find infinite amusement in the choices, which can be anything from “frying pan” to “fluffy”.

Some days I find the words to be peculiarly apt, like a travelling oracle… look…


21 thoughts on “The Bus!

    1. I know – there was an interesting incident…you know how cold it’s been here, people cut off in cars and marooned in trains etc? Apparently it’s re-ignited community spirit, people helping each other – a train was stuck, so everybody moved into one carriage to share stuff and keep warm 😸💕xx

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      1. Aw that is really inspiring. Reminds me of my train trip in UK last August where we were delayed by 5 hours on a packed train with people standing in any spare space. Luckily I had a seat, but people just coped with camaraderie. 🙂

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  1. LOVE the over-heard conversations and used to revel in those before I learnt to drive and left the bus rides behind. I have to admit that your post has filled me with a feeling of wanting to go back to bus travel, just so I can be filled with joy from the over-heard conversations.
    My favourites were always the ones from elderly ladies. They had such a rich grasp of the English language [back then] and I never heard a swear word – but boy oh boy could they convey how upset or angry they were by just using regular words, in that *certain* way. LOL

    I LOVE the odd words on your bus tickets! These would make GREAT additions to diary entries or mini albums as you recorded (in the written word) those over-heards or saw things that settled in your mind and heart, as you travelled.

    Whilst writing . . . at the very bottom on your blog post there were two little photos, accompanying a few words each of two previously made (by you) blog posts, and the title of that post. One was titled “The Finding of Kittens” . . . and a photo of two of your cats . . . so, being curious, I clicked on it so that I could have a read of something I’d obviously missed. It was reading that post, that I found out how you came to be owned by Ting and Tooty!

    Ohhh joy of joys! What a truly fabulatastic happening.
    I’m filled with thanks to WordPress for that wonderful bit of ‘found’ blog post. For I never knew how you came to have them, so just presumed that you went somewhere with the intent of either buying or adopting two new babies, and chose them. I’m just awestruck at how you were led to them. Right place. Right time. Right moment. Right person. You didn’t choose them. *Something* chose you. And rightly so.

    Love you to pieces Samantha. Your heart is wonderful.
    Sending BIG hugs, love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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    1. Dear Cobs, your comments are always a pleasure to read and you are such a genuinely nice person!

      I am exactly the same with the posts that WP includes at the end of the current day’s posts – it’s always interesting to see writing from the previous year, sometimes too! Ting and Tooty have just had their birthdays (found days) and are now the stately age of six…although you wouldn’t think it as Tooty is smashing a ping pong ball around the front room and Ting is howling in Alex’s room for no good reason….Charlie and I have retreated to my bed to catch up on comments (she’s supervising) and wait for “The X-Files” while Chris is downstairs on mouse watch… Lily is out…

      Don’t be in too much of a hurry to return to public transport…I am usually blessed with a travel sick child at least once a week, so I am always armed with tissues and plastic bags…

      Thank you again for your wonderful comment – lots of love to you! 🙂 xxx

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  2. Granny said she always had the best times in the bus together with a furriend of hers. That were the adventures! but that was ages ago…MOL 😀 We love the messengers that pop up like yours, they are special 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

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