Siamese And Slugs…


I don’t know if all Siamese cats are like Ting, having only had personal experience of her, but she’s just so funny. For example, I have never known any other cat that likes “Botty Smacks”… Indeed, if I even attempted such an outrage on Charlie I have absolutely no doubt I would be hearing from her solicitor in a very short space of time. Lily and Tooty would probably just bite me…

With Ting, however, she adores the physical contact, delivered to the side of her legs, hand slightly cupped, so the air makes the loud smacking noise. When she’s had enough, she will collapse on her side, purring wildly…She quite enjoys being chased too, so I am often to be seen running after her, arms outstretched in the manner of an over-enthusiastic toddler.

Ting has such zest and joy in Life, a summer soul, like myself, and she adores the freedom of our garden, never wandering very far from home at all. On her travels, though, she does seem to pick up a few select companions… your friendly local gastropod… or slug by any other name.


Now. We have a large (and grouchy) hedgehog that lives at the bottom of our garden, various sorts of bird visitors and a fishpond with newts, frogs and toads, as well as our fish. Consequently, we don’t use slug pellets or any other chemicals in our garden to protect and preserve our little wildlife family and their food sources. Consequently…I’m not quite sure how or why… Ting attracts slugs.

She doesn’t eat them – they seem to serve a multitude of purposes for her – accidental cushion (I found the remnants of one glued to her backside) fetching headgear (one was clinging grimly to the centre of her forehead) avant-garde makeup (smooshed decoratively across one cheek and up the side of her face) or as slimy jockeys, attached to various parts of her body for later discovery and removal, usually by me.

A couple of truly gross instances – leaping out of bed in the middle of the night to indulge in my late night hobby of catching mice and treading on a large slug which had disembarked from Ting and plopped onto my bedside rug.

The other? Ting, lying beside me in bed, with her back feet propped up against me….me, engaged in watching a television programme and absently massaging one of her back paws.

Ooh Ting! What’s the matter with your toe?!”

Gasping in horror as one of her toe pads felt like it had become detached, I lifted my hand towards my face and peered short-sightedly at it to find that I had been gently rubbing a small… brown… slug.

Thank you Alex for the use of your lovely photos xx

36 thoughts on “Siamese And Slugs…

  1. Eeuw! 🙂
    Siamese are very different to your normal cat and I found very vocal. (I’m allergic to cats, but we were visited by a neighbour’s Siamese regularly. We trained it not to come in the flat, but stand at the door and meeow and we’d go out to pet it!) I also love their cross-eyed appearance as seen in your first photo.
    The slug fetish I’ve not heard of before, but it would freak me out too! 🙂

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      1. Misty, my blue point, ended up being adopted by another family. When they moved to Australia, their three young girls were desperate for a pet. I ‘loaned’ Misty to them, knowing she would bond with anybody who cared to cuddle her. When they moved to Canberra from Adelaide, the girls refused to go without her. So Misty moved cities. And when they returned to Finland, Misty was adopted, yet again, by an aged spinster. She moved around a bit, and loved all of it ! unusual for a Siamese cat.

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      2. What a great story – she must have been a very confident and well-loved cat! Ting and Tooty are both a bit clingy as they were abandoned – not really their fault as their mother was feral and she was killed, so they had a bit of a traumatic start. Misty sounds great – what a character! 🙂

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  2. Ohhh your cat is actually really funny and her love for slugs is quite you know kinky ….But hey I loved how you manage and play with her ….Nice blog …Into the life of Siamese and slugs …

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  3. Ewwww! In the case of the felines that have graced my life, it’s not so much that they have a fetish for slugs, but that the slugs have a fetish for climbing – ever so slowly – a warm, inert mountain, i.e. a cat snoozing happily in a sunny garden, on a mound of moss, on a scented bed of pine needles, etc. We know the cats and slugs have had a meet-up because the cats will sport the tell-tale (or should that be tell-tail?) sticky orange tattoo (usually on their formerly pristine white fur) left behind by the guilty gastropod. And yes, sometimes they will still be wearing a disgustingly squoodgy jockey (we call them cling-ons) that makes its presence known when you administer a series of caresses or pit-pats to the oblivious, enraptured house panther.

    On another note, Samantha, I would love to hear more about your grumpy hedgehog. Not having those creatures here and never seeing one in person, I am entranced by their adorableness and can’t begin to imagine how they could be considered curmudgeonly. Please do enlighten us by making your garden resident a main character in its own storyline!

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    1. What do you have instead of hedgehogs? I have run-ins with them on a regular basis…I found one walking sadly along the road a couple of years ago, at completely the wrong time of year. I’d just been to the shop so I had a bag full of shopping which was decanted into pockets and handbags so I could put the hedgehog into the shopping bag. I took him to our local vet who passed him on to a wildlife sanctuary so he was safe, but apparently they are becoming endangered here. You really want to hear about Mr.Grouchy…. lol…

      I am quite glad to hear I’m not the only one whose cat blesses them with slugs…I try to treat them kindly and liberate them from the cat quickly..but..I do wish Ting wouldn’t!!

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      1. Well, I suppose the closest we have to hedgehogs are their distant relatives, shrews – which are usually so secretive you never see them. (I’ve seen a couple – and our cat ate one and promptly barfed spectacularly all over my mother’s bed. Shrews contain nasty stuff, apparently.) On a larger scale, we have porcupines (unrelated to hedgehogs, but just as spiny), although they’re up in trees in the woods, not usually in gardens. And then there are raccoons which are intelligent, bold, adaptable – and, therefore, everywhere.

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  4. Oh goodness, this post has given me such a laugh this morning. I would so love to meet your girls and your large (and grouchy) wild hedgehog!! My experiences with Siamese tell me that they fall into one of two categories: Extremely regal & snobbish or goofy as f–k. I have known, and loved, both kinds.

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    1. Ting is a complete nutter – I have never known a cat like her! Tooty is her sister, but they are totally unalike in personality as well as appearance..the hedgehog would probably bite you…it is huge, about the size of a melon! 🙂 xxx

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      1. I’ve never seen a “proper” wild hedgehog. My wee Bramble is of the Pygmy African variety and, I suspect, a complete peanut compared to his European cousins. Grouch hedgehogs do bite,,,, Bram has a strong little set of jaws on him! I’d just want to look at Mr. Melon, though. It’s a dream, LOL!!

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  5. Ohhhh! Ewwww!
    I sat here reading all the way to the end of this post, and it was only at the end that I realised I’d been wriggling with discomfort (and, I admit, disgust – slugs!! ewwww!) and pulling faces while my brow got more and more furrowed. I can now feel how distraught the skin on my face feels! LOL

    SLUGS!!! I repeat …. EWWWWwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ting is such an upper class looking cat …. one who has a look like there is a smell under that nose which isn’t quite a nice smell. And yet …. SLUGS! Of all things… slugs!
    (still love Ting, mind. lol).~ C.xx

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    1. Hehehe…oh, I am sorry… I can just imagine your reaction! My mother doesn’t like slugs so if it’s been raining I have to do a “Slug Run” down the garden path for her…I don’t mind them too much – they’re preferable to spiders – but I object to them in my bed…

      And Ting is an innocent lol…she just has to learn that not everybody (mainly ME) appreciates her taste in friends… 🙂 xxx

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