Points And Predators


I met a lovely lady the other day when I was helping out (playing with all the pretty crystals) at Lizian’s. You really do meet some interesting people… I was pawing my way through the stacked up boxes and I came across some wonderful crystal points, smoky quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz…


My partner had previously bought me the above crystal point online the week before, a very special piece, just full of rainbows… I also like to collect the different shapes of crystals so this sent me off in that direction. Anyway, this lady was showing me the different formations within these various points. Obviously you can read these sorts of things in books, but to have someone actually show me made it all crystal clear…if you pardon the pun…

Most crystals form points which can be natural or artificially shaped and these are popular for use in healing – directed away from the body they draw energy off, while pointed inwards, they channel energy into the body. There are also wonderful things to be read within and around the shapes of crystal points. Some look as if they have had lines carefully etched into them. These are called Lemurian crystals and are said to retain ancient information which can be accessed and used to help with healing.

Manifestation crystals look as if they have another tiny crystal or shape locked within them, while Cathedral crystals as their name suggests, are like the spire of the building, with smaller points around it. A Tabular crystal has two flat, wide sides so energy flows freely along it and can be used to help with communication. Record Keeper crystals have small triangles etched into their facets, which are said to hold ancient information to help us grow and evolve. It takes time and practice to achieve the correct state of mind to use them… but personally I am entranced by the beauty and sheer happiness that’s contained within these points.


Of course, being predators, my cats have their own sets of points which they use to great effect. Lily is the only cat who consistently catches and brings in prey though. Sometimes it’s dead. Other times… not. The “not” times always make for an interesting evening as Lily generally chooses the hours between twelve and three to return with her little gifts. I am usually asleep (for optimum inconvenience) while Chris is having his last cup of tea.

Brrp! Br-me-OW! Brrp!”

This is Lily’s special call, not dissimilar to a mother cat calling to her kittens. This particular evening I was just teetering on the verge of the Land of Nod when –


I leapt , quite agilely, considering the time of night, out of bed and rushed downstairs to begin the Rodent Rhumba…

Chris went one way, I feinted the other, Lily danced between us both until sh dropped the mouse, unhurt. It made a dash for the corner for the rug in the hallway, whereupon Chris had a brainwave and opened the front door. The mouse saw the opportunity offered and darted outside. I returned to bed, Chris, to his tea.

Perhaps half an hour later –


Cursing cats and mice, once again I leapt out of bed and ran downstairs.

IT’S GONE UNDER THERE!” Chris said, pointing under the unit.

I adopted my best mouse catching pose – on hands and knees with a prayer in my heart – and as he began to move things away from the unit I was poised with container to retrieve the recalcitrant rodent. A small fat mouse shot out from the newspaper and I slapped the container over it.

Chris put it outside and we went to bed, having first cautioned Lily in the strongest of terms.

Peace. Quiet. Till about 4.00a.m. Then –

Brrp! Me-ow! Brrp!”

Again… I leapt smartly out of bed and put the landing light on. No Lily. In fact, she’d been asleep in Alex’s room, sulking. Instead, an eager Charlie looked up at me. She had very bravely caught and killed – a fluffball!

The fearsome furry face of a real predator!

38 thoughts on “Points And Predators

  1. Yumilicious – all those crystals! Yes, I have rainbows and pointy crystals in all shapes, sizes and configurations spread around the house. Love them all! As for those four legged hunters – a furball? Seriously? What a prize catch !!!

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    1. Opinions vary…some people say it’s because despite being domesticated cats still want to demonstrate their independence and show they are capable of hunting. Others say it’s a way of paying us for our love and care, they share their prey. I think Lily does it for the laugh…😸


  2. Your entertaining nights are part of the reasons that I said ‘no more cat flaps’.

    We ‘lived’ with a mouse we knew the cat had brought into our (old) cottage, for 5 days. It drove me to distraction. I found nibbled fruit in the fruit bowl. Droppings in the kitchen and one morning got up to find that the beautiful dried flower arrangement in the living room – in front of the fire (it was summer – so the fire was unused for the season) totally ruined by the mouse.

    We set a humane trap (plastic tube with a door which closed when the mouse was inside), every night, and it took those 5 nights to finally capture it.

    It then took me days to go through the house, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. EVERYTHING.
    I didn’t know where that mouse had been, but I was determined that there would be no footprint left. My whole cottage felt like one great big germ infested blot on the landscape.

    What was worse was …. that mouse spent nights where it obviously (from the trail of mouse droppings) walked through our kitchen . . . and sleeping in said kitchen were two adult British Bulldogs (!) who obviously couldn’t be ar*ed to get up and capture said mouse!!! We were obviously feeding those two girls waaaay too much. tsk sk.

    Loved this post Samantha… it tickled me in all the right places. Loved too the crystals and all the fabulous information about them.
    I think you should write a crystal book Sam. You are so eloquent and knowledgeable, and write what you know in such a way that people can connect with it and the knowledge is then passed on because we find it so easily understandable. You really should write a book about crystals.

    Thank you for this fabulous read.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. xxx<3

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    1. Good morning dear Cobs and thank you for your wonderful comment!

      What a brilliant idea….the next time I go to town (when it’s no longer snowing/icy/freezing raining) I am going to add humane mouse traps to the shopping list. It would make life so much easier, although Charlie is extremely helpful when it comes to retrieving Lily’s mislaid mice. Once, one got into the sofa and we had to literally take it to pieces to get the wretched creature out. I did laugh about your dogs though…sorry..:)

      That’s a lovely compliment as well, thank you very much. There are obviously loads of different books and sources of crystal information, everybody takes away something different so I like to share what I experience. For you to say I’ve done this – great, thank you very much xx

      Sending lots of love to you, hope you are safe and warm and enjoying a peaceful Saturday 🙂 xxx

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  3. Every once in a while Snoops will come up from our unfinished basement with a clod of dirt she has “killed” down there. She is the one to leave us presents of dead mice. Kommando, on the other hand, prefers to play with them so she generally lets them run around the house. Sounds like Charlie might be useful. It sounds like she may be able to find and destroy dust bunnies. The mice have figured out the mousetraps so there’s not much hope in that direction.


  4. Loved this! it’s at times like these you think, oh yes, there is a drawback to my cat being sooo cute! My hubby is the rodent finder because he can literally handle them, I’m more inclined towards the tool method. I’m better with live birds, I put a hat on first (not sure why, something to do with the flapping I expect) and gloves, then go get a towel and wait for the bird to settle down – then scoop!

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    1. Lol! Thank you very much, I am pleased you enjoyed the read…I shall have to consider the benefits of a hat for mouse catching…we don’t often have birds (thank goodness) and for some reason, Lily is the only cat who persistently hunts and brings things in…not sure why, she has the same opportunities as the other cats…Unless she is more socially aware and thinks she is helping to provide for us! 😸😸😸😸

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  5. A vet mentioned that female cats may bring in live mice by instinct in order to teach their kittens how to hunt. Sasha quickly loses interest once she has brought the live mouse in. Our former cat, Ziggy, a male, would continue to ‘play’. Food for thought!

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