Pancakes And Protests.


I do love a pancake. And despite my mother’s protests, Pancake Day – or Shrove Tuesday to give it its proper name – is a tradition to which I firmly adhere.

I remember when I was a little girl and my mother had to work, my sister stepped (wo)manfully into the breach to make sure I was not deprived of my seasonal treat. Batter mixed, oil smoking slightly in the frying pan, my sister poured a measure of gloopy liquid in and I watched in awe as she proceeded to fry a picture-perfect pancake.


Buoyed with success and imbued with the confidence of two weeks of cookery lessons, she grasped the frying pan firmly by its handle and prepared to flip… The golden brown circle rose… and rose… and rose into the air… and stuck. To the polystyrene ceiling tiles. Of course, the dogs had been watching the entire proceedings with great interest and turned their eager faces upwards to follow the pancake’s progress. With a timing so perfect it could have been scripted the runaway pancake chose that moment to unpeel from the ceiling and flop over Damask, the Great Dane’s face. A dogfight ensued as the other dogs decided they wanted to share…

However. I persevere with pancakes. Part of the returning me to boarding school ritual involved stopping on the M1 motorway services at the Little Chef…

Please Dad – I don’t really want to go back -”

Rubbish. We’ll stop for a Jubilee Pancake and you’ll be fine.”

This was a thicker, more American style pancake that was served with cherry pie filling and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Delicious.

My mother hates making pancakes. I can’t. I haven’t even attempted them to be honest. So I am forced to resort to wheedling…

Mu-um…pleee…aseee…look pancake mix! Plee…..aaaasseeee!!”

Oh for God’s sake Samantha! Why do we have to go through this every year..”

But I LIKE pancakes! And I never…” (cue trembling lip)


I got my pancakes. And very nice they were too… this year I had salted caramel spread on them…

With thanks to Alex and friends for the use of their pancake photos as I forgot and ate mine…

24 thoughts on “Pancakes And Protests.

  1. I had to laugh at you reminiscing about pancake day when you were younger. Those polystyrene tiles!! We had them too. I still love pancake day now it takes me back to when I was a kid. Nice post.

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  2. We have pancakes quite often! I have never heard of pancake day….I am thinking we don’t celebrate that day here?
    I have also never had anything other than some type of syrup and/or whip cream on them. May have to try something new.

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      1. Yes, snowed here too for a short while, which it never usually does, not here in Dorset where I live.
        I ventured out today and flipping heck!!! It’s SO BLOOMIN’ COLD!!!

        The in-car temperature gauge (which tells me what the temp. is outside the car) said it was 2 degrees. But I swear to dog that it felt like the Arctic out there. A lazy, angry wind which didn’t care who it turned into a block of ice as it blew.

        The sky here has now turned a pink orange colour, and although beautiful, I feel that trouble is on the way.

        Put the heating on Samantha, and get snuggled in.
        Sending warm hugs ~ Cobs. xxx

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      2. Home now…thank goodness it’s viciously cold out there but still I saw a hardy soul on a bicycle…wearing shorts 😱…

        By contrast I am drinking scalding hot tea wearing flannel pj’s and thick dressing gown after a shower of boiling lava…

        Stay safe and warm, lots of love to you! 😺💕xxx

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