Lemurian Jade And Leaping Cats…


Our eyes met across the crowded village hall…dark green, seductive, I was irresistibly drawn towards him… I reached out my hand to gently cup him…

Liz! What’s this? It’s…beautiful! Can I..?

Never one to stand in the way of true crystal love, Liz turned my latest crystal purchase over to my tender care and I sped away, so we could become more… closely acquainted.

Lemurian Jade – smooth and silky to the touch and wonderfully satisfying to hold, the sensual weight of this crystal in my hand transported me far away… think Amazonian jungle, green and verdant, the colours so vivid and varied you can tast them on the back of your tongue. Spotted with gold and dappled with black, this lovely crystal, named after an ancient civilisation thought to pre-date Atlantis, has a strong connection with Mother Earth, helping you to strengthen your own bond with her and live in balance with the planet.


Lemurian Jade brings stability and confidence to a relationship, encouraging balance but also trust and honesty. Its presence alleviates conflict and smoothes away friction, replacing them with healing and courage. New energy and growth are stimulated and it’s a wonderful stone to help heal past abuse and life difficulties, also bringing a gentle recognition and awareness of our blessings. It helps us to feel gratitude for this knowledge and move on with new awareness… to make that leap of faith, if you will, in yourself and those around you, as sure-footed as any cat.

Charlie leaping!

Holding my Lemurian Jade I am soothed by the flow of images… servals, ocelots and margays; cats of the jungle who slide and leap easily from one tree to the next, much as a passing thought is captured, examined and sent on its way.

28208528_200587644019984_768249377_o (1)
Ting… not leaping… 

I find echoes of these jungle cats in my own cats, their elegance and grace always a pleasure to watch, even if I’m just a little too slow to capture that perfect picture. The image remains, as does the love. Always.


29 thoughts on “Lemurian Jade And Leaping Cats…

  1. I didn’t realise much I’d missed you until I read this post and got that familiar feeling of warm honey gently making it’s way through my body.
    You bring such peace and contentment with you Samantha.
    Love you for it.
    Sending much love, from me in my corner to you in yours. ~ Cobs. xxx

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