Rhodochrosite And Rolling Cats…


Thank you Liz for my weekly dose of inspiration!

This gentle pink crystal has a soft, fizzing energy to it… think champagne and strawberries, fragrant, bubbly and loving. As a pink stone it is intimately connected with the heart chakra and all aspects of love. It can be used to help with healing abuse from previous relationships, whilst restoring a positive attitude and preparing you to love again.

Rhodochrosite shows you how to accept the sometimes painful lessons that love can bring and learn from them in a positive manner. It can help with the release of painful and repressed emotions, gently easing them away rather than a big powerful wallop of “Well I never saw that coming!”

Rhodochrosite will help you to take a good look at yourself with kindness and self-awareness, giving you the ability to process the information, learn and move on. It prepares the way for you to find your soulmate, your life partner, linking you to that higher state of mind, yet giving you the ability to freely and spontaneously express your feelings.

Within reason. Of course.

I’ve had quite a few funny looks as the people passing on the park look over the bushes and into our garden… my cats usually follow me most places, including over to my partner’s mother’s house, or down the road…

WAIT! WAIT! We’re coming! Don’t leave us!”

No, you have to stay – I’m only going to the shop…”

Why ohhhh WAA_Oohhh…come back!”

And then when I return, the full-on greeting ceremony, no matter how long I’ve actually been, including all four cats hurling themselves to the floor at my feet and rolling about ecstatically, legs waving, paws air kneading…

As any cat owner knows, though, the body language of cats is a law unto itself. A roll over to expose the tummy fluff can mean a few things, primarily with my four it is a sign of trust and love… “So pleased you’re home! Tickle my tummy!”

Not every cat requires such a hands-on approach, so you do have to take note of other signs, like a flicking tail, or what might seem an adorably soft expanse off fur can suddenly turn into a bear trap as four Murder Mittens are clamped around the unwary hand.


A cat can roll over in a fight which is not “Oh, I’m giving up..” Rather, it’s a deployment of all weapons at their disposal, claw paws and teeth.. Lily will roll for pleasure in dust or dry soil and come in looking like she’s just been reborn from the Earth. Tooty will roll in greeting and combat… Charlie will roll with elegance and grace…


Ting will drop and roll with all the precision of a parachutist… even as I type, she’s rolling in my Jammy Dodgers…


23 thoughts on “Rhodochrosite And Rolling Cats…

  1. I love rolling cats! … And cats that are so comfortable around you they sleep with their furry bellies exposed and allow you to pet them there. ❤ The shyer of my 2 cats will sometimes roll back over and say "brrr!" when we spot him lying belly up. So modest.

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  2. I wonder if my dog is a cat in disguise. She does all those things (‘cept the claws as weapons stuff). And she’s the right size for a cat. She’s under my desk now, snoring away while I read and write. Shadows me everywhere, and goes into a deep, depressive funk when I’m out. Such unconditional adoration 🙂


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