Kakortokite And Kisses…


When I first saw this crystal it reminded me of this wonderful chocolate I used to be able to get… a decadently sweet but oh-so-smooth white chocolate with little surprises of freeze dried raspberry gently enfolded within its silky embrace. Similarly, this crystal is a sweet and happy little stone that can help with lifting depression and also SAD.


Kakortokite is a lovely stone for winter because its sugary sweet vibe lifts and energises, helping to re-invigorate the body with fresh life. It asks for immediate attention, to help you deal with the present moment, giving you the energy to make the best of your present moment but also giving you the confidence and insight into how to improve it.


Kakortokite’s confidence boost encourages others to trust and have confidence in you too, helping to overcome jealousy whilst promoting forgiveness, a sugar boost to the soul, a cosmic kiss to lift and cheer while reaffirming your connection with Mother Earth.

Does Charlie want a kiss-kiss?” is usually her cue to turn tail and flee as I approach her, arms outstretched, a look of manic love on my face… I do love to kiss the cats and although they respond in varying ways, there is nothing quite as sweet and fulfilling as delivering a smacking kiss to my cats’ heads.

I know not to push my luck with Lily – I have actually seen her bite Alex’s nose before. Tooty tends to struggle and honk-meow if you pick her up for a cuddle and has absolutely no compunction in farting as a means of self-defence if you don’t let her go. Ting will screw up her face in protest but allow me to kiss her and Charlie kisses are just the best… she has such soft fur and such a special delicious scent that if I could bottle it I’d make a fortune… and sometimes, just sometimes, she will reward my kisses with the tiniest of purrs, to let me know that my excessive show of love is, after all, appreciated.

Kisses are funny old things really. I remember watching a wildlife programme on childrens television years ago, where this wonderfully macho presenter and naturalist had fought his way through the jungles of the Amazon with his tough, veteran camera crew, and they had discovered a new species of rat, the Giant Pouched Rat, I think. However, what amused me was the sight of them all standing around with this cute furry animal, totally adorable with big round eyes and soft brown fur, completely unafraid of people, taking turns to cuddle it. And even as the presenter was saying how really human interference should be avoided, he couldn’t help himself and dropped a little kiss on the rat’s head.

Alex has an affinity for owls. Not quite sure if that’s symbolic somehow, but you can guarantee generally wherever we go, there will be a wild bird display, a raptor event, or my favourite, a regular sight in the city, a random man walking around holding a barn owl. As you do. Obviously, as a careful parent, my first question is “Are they friendly? Is is all right to touch them?” But Alex is straight in there for a kiss. These birds could probably do some serious damage, but they accept these kisses with good grace and enjoyment, the little barn owl even lifting its heart-shaped feathery face for more…


So then, crystals, kisses and cats. Chocolate, owls and rats. A mix of subjects but I hope you agree words and pictures to make you happy!

With many thanks to Liz who understood and interpreted my request for “that crystal that looks like chocolate..”

29 thoughts on “Kakortokite And Kisses…

  1. That stone does indeed look like the white chocolate you described. Alex is a great kid, guessing those photos are of Alex! Haha on you asking cats if they want a kiss…like me asking my inanimate furball for a hug. Animals as pets are special and they know your every move and action. Good morning🍵🍪🍵🍪💕💕and I hope it is not too cold this morning😁

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    1. Normally there are bars of white chocolate ALL over the place, in all the shops with loads of different things in…when I wanted one, of COURSE not, so I had to improvise. Bonus was I got to eat the models lol!! And yes, Alex with his birds lol!! 😸💕xxx


  2. The photos are fabulous.
    I’ve never heard of that Crystal … but I’m going to attempt to find it as I think it would make the perfect gift for a relative who suffers with depression.

    The cats … I call those kisses “Visible Kisses”, because I’ve usually got a little lipstick on, and those kisses on the heads are then visible. A bit like the Mark of Zorro … but mine are the Mark of Mommy. lol

    BUT … we now get to the mega important bit of your post… White Chocolate with Freeze dried bits of Raspberries in it. I KNOW I used to buy this, but cannot for the life of me remember where from.
    It might have been Thorntons – but that somehow doesn’t feel right.
    It could be Marks and Sparks – but again, it just doesn’t feel like them.
    It could very well be Hotel de Chocolat – and that one feels like I’m on the right track.

    So tell me … where did you (do you) get your freeze dried raspberry white chocolate from? ‘Cause that’s going to bug me now! LOL.

    GREAT photos by the way! ADORE Alex with the Owls. Cheeky Grin! Bless him. ~ C. xxx

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    1. Good morning!

      And I don’t know….about the chocolate that is. I’m sure it was just called something like Dream…it wasn’t a specialty chocolate but I haven’t seen it for years now. We recently acquired an Asda instead of Co-Op…wondering if that was where I used to buy it. I may very well have to visit Hotel de Chocolat…I may be gone some time…xxx

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  3. Beautiful post, I haven’t known anything about this Crystal, how interesting and also it reminded me the white chocolate too. Your son so love, do you know dear Samantha, I love to kiss (my)cats too but till now none of wanted me to love them. But this little Panther, our new cat İbiş, he is amazing, he kisses me 🙂

    Thank you, dear Samantha, have a nice day and new week, Love, nia

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    1. Good morning, Nia, I am so pleased you enjoyed the post and thought about chocolate too! Your little kitten sounds adorable, kitty kisses are the best!

      Thank you for your lovely comment and have a wonderful day – lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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      1. Ooh…that sounds really nice!! When I was a little girl my mother used to dress me in pastel dresses..lol…and would never let me have ordinary chocolate 😢 because of the mess potential, so to this day, my go-to white chocolate is Milky Bar! 😸😸🍫🍫

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      2. Oh no DON’T – I absolutely LOVE Milky Bar chocolate and Lindt chocolate – Oh and Caramac – that was a favourite too.. but now I’m substituting the dark chocolate and whilst better than nothing, it doesn’t have the WOW factor of the others! Drooling – haha x

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  4. We were good until we got to the owls. I’m terrified of them. Every once in a while, I’ll hear one and get nervous until I get in the car. (do people really walk around with them on their shoulders?)


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