Abalone And Anthropomorphic Animals…

23998479_161097701302312_1716487419_oAbalone is actually an edible shellfish, a member of the clam family, and while the creature itself can be eaten, its shell has metaphysical benefits too. Its wonderful iridescent shell is said to bring feelings of love, compassion and peace, with a particularly gentle vibration, perhaps because the abalone was once a living creature nurtured by the sea.


Abalone is soothing and calming, a good focus for meditation as you look into its shimmering spiral, and it also brings physical peace. It can be used to help with arthritis and other joint disorders, as well as helping with muscle, heart and digestion problems.


A bridge, a little step between worlds and a pause in a time of ever-evolving emotions, Abalone will bring peace and clarity in situations where feelings are volatile.

23960969_161097554635660_1329613660_o (1)

Anthropomorphism”… fabulous word… essentially, the action of ascribing human emotions to an animal. In years gone by, people have rubbished the idea that animals could possibly feel emotions, but only now, science is starting to provide proof what your average pet owner has known all along. Of COURSE animals are capable of both feeling and demonstrating emotions, very effectively too.

Studies have been conducted into whales and their family dynamics, which show not only do they have relationships as deep and complex as humans, they feel emotions such as grief just as strongly as we do. I watched a television programme where a mother whale’s grief over the death of her baby affected the whole pod, so achingly apparent it made me cry too…

My father was one of the old school type of vets where animals were regarded as tools to help man, rather than as co-companions on this Earth, but nowadays, vets are generally a lot more… animal-friendly. I definitely do NOT think I am guilty of anthropomorphism when it comes to Charlie…on one of our vet visits, we happened to see a vet we’d seen maybe four months previously, who had deemed the emptying of Charlie’s anal glands necessary…

Oh yes. Charlie clearly remembered and despised this man who had so rudely grabbed her and squeezed her bottom. She folded in on herself, with her tail firmly tucked over her lady places and… glowered…Despite his most seductive cooing, “Oh my, you’re SO beautiful”, my little cat firmly refused to let this man examine the royal backside. He had to settle for prescribing her some tablets “just in case”, eyeing her doubtfully as she continued to make smiling threats…

On the other hand, Charlie is capable of expressing a whole range of emotions from joy to excitement to wonder… Already she is displaying anticipation of the big day…she knows she gets presents and special treats.


I even inflict Christmas on the budgie…this plastic budgie (as seen in the picture) was my misguided attempt to give Lucky a little company. For days, he huddled on the perch furthest away from the polymer playmate, looking miserable every time I saw him. Then one day I caught him…sharing a tender moment and chattering confidingly to his new friend.


But what do you buy a dragon for Christmas? My sister’s bearded dragon was definitely interested in Alex… I was quite interested by how the dragon – Frank – actually felt to the touch, sort of like a cold, leathery pastry crust.


My point is though of course animals have and demonstrate emotions – they have infinite patience and compassion for mankind in sharing their lives and this beautiful planet with us.

When a man has love and respect for all living creatures, only then is he noble.”


36 thoughts on “Abalone And Anthropomorphic Animals…

  1. I have five dogs and seven ducks. Each one very demonstratively express different human emotions and each one has a particular complex personality. Not only do I believe they are like humans in many ways, I believe that life in the hereafter would not be complete without animals. I think they have spirit as well as mental and physical special characteristics. I loved this blog. Now, I want to run out and find abalone shells.

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    1. Thank you very much – I am so pleased you enjoyed it! Abalone is also used to make jewellery too, which is beneficial to the wearer.

      And yes, I agree, I think there’s definitely a place in the afterlife for animals – they are God’s innocents after all, and I would miss them if they weren’t there…

      Interested to hear about your animals too, I think ducks are great! Wonderful comment, thank you very much! 🙂 x


  2. Asians love abalone and is a wanted delicacy that costs hundreds of dollars per abalone. It is a status symbol to be seen eating abalone. Dogs that I have had as pets have been demonstrative of how much they love to sit by our family. 😊

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  3. Abalone is called perlemoen in SA and it’s very protected. 🙂
    I think we all anthropomorphise our pets to some degree, but even so, they all have their own personalities and feelings. 🙂
    A nice post 🙂 – and I don’t blame Charlie one bit! LM has to have this indignity performed every 2 months! 😀

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    1. I was watching something about sea otters last night! It’s interesting to hear information about the abalone from all around he world – I’ve never seen a live one, only the shells. I wonder what the U.K. attitude is …I shall have to venture into the fish market and find out…:) xx

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    1. Hi – hope you’re well and the paperback release is going smoothly 😺 I will be round to catch up lol!

      Now. As for eating abalone, I don’t know if it would be helpful, however, there are a couple of things that might help. The shells are lovely to have around the house, so he would definitely benefit from their presence, also wearing some, like a ring or a pendant? It’s always good to have skin contact with the crystals. Also…avoiding “trigger” foods, a lot of dairy stuff can set things off. At the moment, I use thyme essential oil, a few drops in a plain moisturiser ( I don’t like the feel of carrier oils) and rub in. My mother swears by this cream I made from an internet recipe…crushed red pepper (ordinary bell pepper) mixed up with aqueous cream. Apparently it’s the capsaicin content. Worth a try and I do hope it might help 😺💕 xxx

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  4. OMC Charlie…*eyes big filled with disbelief* he did what? OMC Never turn your back on the Vet again…MOL 😀 Very intersting shell, the colours are pfenomanal, Samantha 🙂 Never saw this one before. Love the pictures of Charlie and the birdie. I would have kept him company if you had let me…MOL 😀 My mom (daughter of Granny) had a few bearded dragons, I know how they can run through de house 😀 We loved the quote ❤ Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

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    1. So pleased you enjoyed the post – lol, Frank the bearded dragon got out of his vivarium the other day, my sister told me, and was on his way outside for a walk in the November sunshine…😱😸…hmm…at this present moment in time I will decline your offer of company for the bird…not quite sure I trust your motives!!
      Yes…I really don’t think Charlie will forget that vet in a hurry either! Granny would definitely like abalone, it’s sometimes used in jewellery too…a great addition to any collection! (I know…I always say that!) Lots of love to you all 😺💕xxx


  5. Hello Samantha. (playing catch up here, again, [sigh] – so apologies for the late comment….

    LOVE the cat and would totally be with her on the injustice of having some vile chap put his finger/thumb anywhere near her you know what and giving her a squeeze. Hells bells! He hadn’t even bought her dinner!! He had a darn cheek if you ask me!

    The Abolone shell … does it have to be worn next to the skin in order to feel the benefit … or is it ok if it’s set into silver – and the silver is next to the skin? Will it work the same?

    And …. while writing .. (here comes the cheeky part) … is there anything you could suggest as a natural help with some serious pain? I would prefer it not to be something I take (like a potion or tablet or the eating of something). But anything other than an ‘eatable’ or drinkable.
    Many thanks ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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    1. Good evening Cobs!

      Lovely to see you here and thank you for your comment too 💕Now…when I think of you, I’m thinking Reiki. Is that something you might be prepared to try at some point – it’s worth a go, and did help with my pain. However more practically and immediately – abalone whichever way you wear it might help. Some people say just have a shell in the house with you. Amber is good, skin contact with that, I feel, as that has been used as a natural analgesic for centuries. Copper, hematite and pyrite can all help with bone issues…what else..fluorite and clear quartz (the “Master Healer”) all help lift away the pain. I always like amethyst too as it does help to absorb the negative emotions caused by pain which can prevent healing and coping with every day life. I also like thyme essential oil, just a few drops, maybe about 5 -7 depending on the severity of the pain, that might have to be something you play around with, in a carrier oil…like almond, or just a plain moisturiser and rub in to the area. Works for my hip. Also…capsaicin? That’s the stuff in red bell peppers that gives them the heat. Grind up a pepper as fine as you can, pulpy, mix with aqueous cream, rub on. Obviously, keep away from your eyes!

      I really hope these bits and pieces might help a bit – ooh Radian B? That contains a small amount of capsaicin, my partner used it for his frozen shoulder. Obviously, keep warm too…if I can think of anything else I’ll let you know. If you have a Holland and Barrett it might be worth popping in – I got Alex a wonderful Echinacea throat spray from there as all the medical ones were making him sicky..

      I hope this might help, but I am sending love and healing thoughts via Dragonfly Couriers…💎😺😺💕 🐲🚀 xxx

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      1. Ohhh Samantha … I cannot thank you enough. I’ve wanted to ask this for ages, but (as my mother used to say about me…) … I’m a bit backward at coming forward.

        Thank you and bless your heart. I shall go through the things you’ve suggested and give each one a try.
        Radian B .. can’t use those types of sprays/ointments/lotions as I get a re-action to them. (So am wondering about the Capsaicin – but will try a little bit of it in a small area first to see if I get any re-action).

        I never thought of popping in to Holland and Barrett, so I’m really grateful for you suggesting it.

        Thank you Samantha. I love you to pieces for all the help.
        Sending BIG buckets of love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

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      2. You’re very welcome 💕
        Yes, good point, capsaicin can be an irritant – I can’t use anything with brufen in as I have a reaction to that. Try a tiny bit, as you say, first. Perhaps something menthol based? Or I tell you something else – have you seen those stick on heat patches? Could try those…but definitely Holland and Barrett – love that shop – and there’s a sale on at the moment, buy one item, get one half price.
        I hope you can get something to help, fingers crossed 😺💕xxx

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      3. I have a heat pad, so that’s great to put in the right spot and it does help, so I can recommend it highly.

        Holland and Barrett … is definitely on the list of where to visit. I’m so glad you suggested it Samantha, for I really truthfully never would have thought about it. Well done you beautiful minded thing!

        Thank you so much.
        BIG love being sent your way ~ Cobs. xxx

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  6. Even my wee Bramble the Hedgehog expresses himself. Granted, it’s like conversing with a non-verbal two-year-old, but if one pays attention and is mindful of cause & effect, understanding our companions is possible. I remember when I had my first hedgie, Thistle, I was frantic because I didn’t know “the language”. After decades of cat and dog companions, his behaviour and tells were an absolute mystery to me. The learning curve was steep. Very steep. My little Lexie-cat, on the other hand, is like a much loved, many-times-read, open book. While her personality is uniquely her own, her behaviours, tells, and language are similar to all her feline kin. I truly love this post, Samantha. You’ve got me thinking and smiling. (By the way, I had somehow managed to unsubscribe myself to your blog – how I missed your writing!!)
    Your pal over the sea….
    ~ V

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    1. Good morning! ( An email will follow at some point today – I will beat my to-do list and get things done even if it means not cleaning the bathroom…oh dear..)

      Yes, it’s such a learning process when you’re getting to know an animal, unless you’re already versed in their language…the budgie was screaming and hopping up and down on his perch the other day. my partner didn’t know what he wanted but I knew he wanted me to pick his seed bowl up off the floor and hold it out for him so he didn’t have to go all the way to the floor of his cage…I did it as well!

      I am pleased you enjoyed the post – don’t worry about accidental unsubscribing, I seem to do that too after the latest WP update! Lots of love to you 🙂 xxx


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