Doctors And Diatribes…


Before I start, I MUST emphasise that I am in no way criticising the people who work in our health service, I am just relating my own personal experience for humorous and strictly non-critical purposes only.

As a matter of fact, my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all nurses, and I can remember my mother having to go to work in her uniform in the seventies, when I was a little girl, through the picket lines of striking miners. Generally this was discouraged as an unhygienic practice, but during this time the nurses were allowed to wear their uniforms so the miners would let them through.

Basically I broke the family tradition….too squeamish and phobic….but that doesn’t mean to say I haven’t acquired a little bit of working knowledge along the way. I went to my doctor a few weeks ago, at the start of this virus (I am now a lot better, thank you to everyone who enquired.) and although he wasn’t my usual doctor, I have seen him before and he’s pleasant enough.

Hello, what can I do for you today?”

I’m ill…(just thought I’d pop in and ask after the kids…) temperature, productive cough, sore throat, chest pains when I breathe in…”

Oh, there’s a lot of this virus about.”

But I feel awful…(please at least listen to my chest…) I definitely don’t have a chest infection?”

I wasn’t doubting him or his skills at all, I suppose I just wanted a little doctorly reassurance.

No, no, no infection, but did you know the painkillers you take have been linked to dementia?”

We looked at each other, across his desk. He straightened his pen so it was in line with the computer keyboard.

Oh…(actually I wish I’d stayed at home…) these drug companies..they’re always wise after the event…like Thalidomide…” I offered as my conversational contribution.

Yes! Yes,” he exclaimed eagerly, leaning forwards, “so, really, all these drugs have bad long term side effects.”

I considered this.

So…you can’t give me anything really, I know antibiotics don’t help…(or is this just another governmental conspiracy to depopulate the country…)”

No. How did your self-referral to physiotherapy go?”

We had a nice chat, but I didn’t really want to be pulled around.”

(I have a horror of physical contact when I am in pain, making me, as I am sure you will agree, an ideal patient…)

The doctor considered this.

Shall I give you another form so you can self-refer to -”

No. No. Thank you…thyme oil is a very good natural anti-inflammatory and sage and thyme tea helps to shift these viruses…”

He looked interested, but I left, thanking him for his time and feeling vaguely frustrated and saddened by how our small doctor practices are having to cut costs, become more of a business, than the traditional family doctor of years ago.


It’s becoming more difficult to get an appointment for a GP and this has a knock-on effect to our hospitals who are already facing unbearable pressure. This is expected to increase during the winter months and to be honest, it’s frightening.

In this particular instance, I knew that I was essentially all right, but what about the pensioner with the persistent cough who “doesn’t want to bother the doctor”, or the desperate mother of a three week old baby with breathing difficulties? The future looks bleak as regards our NHS – there simply isn’t enough money to fund what we need, let alone make improvements.

People give me funny looks when I mention my herbal remedies… but they have been proven to have more than just a palliative effect. Spread the word…thyme and sage really do help reduce the effects of these coughs and colds that circulate with such malicious glee at this time of year. Ginger is good too.

Have some in the cupboard, just in case, and make a tea from them… trust me, I might not be a doctor, but there are some wonderful blogs about herbal healing, returning to the old ways to fight 21st century ill health…or ask Google.

In the meantime… excuse me while I check on my mouldy bread…!

25 thoughts on “Doctors And Diatribes…

  1. I think herbal remedies are probably going to be even more popular going forward, and various complementary type medicines and practices (especially given the price increases companies are adding to drugs for the NHS while the government stands by & doesn’t regulate them). As for this recent encounter, I would be incredibly frustrated! You didn’t go there to be told painkillers can have side-effects, you went because of a blumming cold/flu/potential chest infection, the least he should have done was listen to your chest! As for the antibiotics, they don’t help with a viral infection of just a cough/cold/flu, but they do with chest infections; I was given them both times I’ve had chest infections the last 3 months and they really helped clear it up. I’m glad your doing better now – totally understanding your thoughts with this doc, what a waste of time it feels like when we go & they’re not interested in the problem you need help with!
    Caz x

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    1. Yes, it’s sad that such a good institution – our health service – is being squeezed till it squeaks… but I agree, the drug companies have a lot to do with the situation. That news about the postcode lottery for breast cancer drugs availabilty was shocking and very distressing.
      People need to educate themselves about the alternative methods which could really help..yes, I read about your health issues on your blog too, the mobile app on my phone is a bit temperamental and doesn’t always let me comment, but I do hope that you are feeling better as well. Thank you for commenting and take care 🙂 xx

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  2. Mouldy bread😱I will try get my folks to try thyme and sage. Both are hacking up furballs. Lingering coughs and my mum still chesty. Dad says his throat ticklish and keeps coughing too. Sigh. I hope I stay virus free. I cannot be ill during their house move. Take care and yes I have made my dad take ginger.

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    1. Good morning! I will be round to yours later to catch up… (virtual tea and biscuits being sent as I am on the laptop)

      Yes….it’s definitely worth trying for your parents. Just use about 2 to 3 teaspoons of dried sage and thyme, and pour hot water over it, like you would tea. Then if they can gargle with it – heads right back so it can absorb into the throat membranes – it should help. Also, will your dad take a spoonful of honey? Might coat his throat and stop it feeling irritated xxx


  3. Hope you’re feeling a lot better now! Although herbal remedies have their place, it’s a concern if you don’t have confidence in your GP. We are very lucky in Australia to have a very good healthcare system and I think you would have had a very different experience over here. Don’t get your reference to mouldy bread. Please tell me you didn’t eat it!!!

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    1. Lol, no, I would never consciously eat mouldy bread, although I probably have done absent-mindedly in the past! It was a facetious reference to making my own culture of penicillin to go with my herbal remedies!

      Generally my doctors are all right, it was just this one chap…is the Australian healthcare system one you pay into?

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 xx

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      1. Thanks for explaining about the mouldy bread – that’s a relief! Our universal healthcare system is calculated on a person’s taxable income, I think the levy is around 3%. Then there is a range of optional private health covers as well.

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  4. Sorry about the delay in getting to this post … I’m playing catch-up! [sigh]

    Did the Doc take your pain killers off you Samantha???
    They (my GP) took mine off me with the words that the Government had told them to stop prescribing. When I went and asked why? First one Doctor told me that they weren’t told why. Then he said he thought it was because the were dangerous. Then, when I asked if it might be cost, maybe?, and that they (the surgery) didn’t want to pay for them? He said (in a blustery way) “No, no no.”

    Still haven’t got to the truth about why they’ve been stopped – but I really do believe that it’s cost, which infuriates me because they are the one pain killer which works not only for me, but for millions of people in this country, without any side effects.

    Glad to hear that you’re back on the right road health-wise, and that your natural remedies are working for you. May this continue for as long as you need them.
    Sending love ~Cobs. xxx

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    1. Good morning! Well…it would be better if it wasn’t snowing but we’ll pretend it’s not happening…

      No, he didn’t take them off me, just reduced the amount I can take in a 24 hour period. I take cocodamol, and apparently they’ve been linked to early onset dementia type illnesses. ( I did Google and there was authenticated research on this) I’m wondering…did you take something like Tramadol? These opioid-based painkillers have been linked to quite a few deaths, like the Fentanyl deaths in Canada. Maybe that’s why they are changing the protocols on prescribing these sorts of painkillers, but the doctor should have at least told you why. Cost is obviously also an issue, there was a very sad case here about a lady with breast cancer, a certain drug would have helped, but as she lived in the “wrong” area she was unable to get it.

      It always makes me suspicious when you hear about things like this and I really do feel that more information should be made available to the public…I do hope you find something that can help. Lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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      1. I took Co-Proxamal. I’ve tried various medications to try and replace it (prescribed by my GP) and either they’re not even half as efficent, or they cause other problems (headaches, tummy aches etc). Hence the reason I’m willing to give some other things a try.

        The lady with breast cancer who lives under the wrong post code … I’ve read about this in the newspaper and it infuriates me. There is money spent willy nilly in the health service on things which aren’t a medical problem, and yet the serious medical problems are being pushed to the end of the queue because of these things – which might be ‘big’ to the people they concern, but they’re not a medical problem in the way that Cancer is.

        I think you and I should be put in charge of the NHS. I’m pretty sure that we could sort this complete hash out and do it the right way. No more silliness and more doctors/nurses being made to feel proud of what they do and being paid properly for their work. (Oh, and I’d put Matrons back in hospitals too)! lol
        Ok… I’ll put my soap box back under my arm … and sign off before Maisie Cat walks over the key board, which she’s planning to do, in order to get my attention. eeek! ~ Cobs. xx

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      2. I think matrons back on the wards would definitely restore better organisation…but now the actual ambulance service are coming under pressure too. A little girl here had to wait three hours for an ambulance and couldn’t be moved either, due to her dislocated knee. xx

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      3. Ohhhh poor baby!!!
        I’ve been watching some of those Ambulance programmes on TV, where they show 24 hours in the life (lives?) of an ambulance service, right from the call room to the paramedics trying to help the people they’ve been called out to help. It’s shocked me to the core how much more money the ambulance service needs. Dreadfully under funded.

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  5. I have found the most wonderful psychiatry practice. Being bipolar, there are certain drugs I have to take. But they have a holistic practice, so they try to minimize the drugs with herbal/natural remedies.

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