Time… please!

A wonderful agate slice…made into a clock but missing a few hours!

I wonder who originally thought that dividing a day into segments would be a good idea… chaining future generations to a regimented system that would rule our lives from the minute we are born to the day we die – see!

We complain about time – I know I do – like last week I was so busy I literally ran out of hours in the day. The clocks going back always tends to throw my biorhythms out and it takes me about a month to adjust to that.

I tend to measure time in phrases like “this time next week” or “this time last year I was doing…” It might look like I’m wishing my life away, but I suppose I am trying to grasp something that is after all, intangible and measure it in a personal way that gives the passage of time a little more meaning to me. For example – this time next week I’ll see Alex again… to pick up his laundry!

I have found that I do miss him terribly, but thinking of it like this makes the passage of time a little easier to digest… when I think about it further, this time next year he will have just started his second year!

I saw the city decorations for Christmas the other day and had a few tiny panics, thinking “HOW can it be that time of year already when it seemed like summer only a week ago!” I don’t know whether it’s true that the years go quicker as you get older, but I do know it seems harder to account for them… and yet… and yet…dial it back the other way…

My little princess proving she can still be cute and kittenish!

A hundred years ago, my Granddad was born. I knew him – obviously – as an older man, but still, that relationship was in my lifetime. A hundred years before that – 1817 – my grandmother’s family left Wales for Staffordshire… 1717 George I was on the throne and my mother’s great-great-great grandparents met and married in County Durham…(I found the family tree..) 1617 – James I was on the throne after Elizabeth died… her father being Henry VIII and beyond him we’re into mediaeval times…

All these little hooks, little anchors in time serve to mark Mankind’s place on this Earth, when really, we haven’t been here that long. It amazes me that something fossilised, thousands of years old, that was on the Earth at the same time as dinosaurs, can cost a few pounds to buy, in comparison with, say, a coin from the 1700’s can cost thousands if in mint condition.

Pre-history, human pre-history, fascinates me too… so many thousands of years behind us… do we have as many in front?

Must dash – but I think I shall return to this subject in the future…when I have a little more time!

This old wall interests me.. weather beaten and worn…

37 thoughts on “Time… please!

  1. Good morning! Virtual tea and biscuits sent your way! I love this nostalgic piece. This is what makes Bird call me an Old Soul ie we appreciate the past. I hope you will have a better week ahead. New rthyms and new schedules take time to adjust and I guess what adds onto it is because you are missing your son! Take care and try using Skpe to talk perhaps? Garfield hugs and chin up, feet up and rest 😀

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    1. Good morning! Here…💕🍵🍵😺😺🍪🍪💕 Thank you, I am pleased you liked the read and I am convinced you are a psychic since I video called Alex last night lol!

      I have nothing to do this weekend so I am TOTALLY going to get organised, caught up, cleaned up…Alex’s room looks like a wardrobe threw up in there since I have just been hurling stuff in there and not putting things away…still, as you say, onwards and upwards! Have a good afternoon 😺💕xxooxx

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  2. Morning, I spend a lot of time contemplating time, and so much time ‘looking forward’ that I don’t always enjoy the present. I will eagerly await the next post about time, I think as you get older you think about it more! (I do anyway!)

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    1. Yes, that’s another point…the anticipation of time! I seem to spend time making lists of what I should be doing when really I should just get on with it…lol…thank you for stopping by and commenting, have a great day 😺💕xx


  3. Good Morning dear Samantha, I am also one of them who misses their children. Time when you miss someone you love so much, doesn’t pass, as if…. you start to count… But your looking way/thinking way is so nice, I will try to think like that, this time next week, or next month…

    Time… when I think of time, memories coming up… and so many things. I would like to see from your pen, dear Samantha.

    We are better with İbish, we get used to live together, and time is running according to him, right now 🙂

    Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

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    1. Good morning nia and sorry for my late reply…yes, I know exactly what you mean, it almost seems like time is standing still on purpose! Hopefully I will get round to using my time more effectively…!

      Pleased to hear that Ibish is settling in well, kittens have a way of making the household run round them!

      Thank you as always for reading and your lovely comment – have a wonderful day, lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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  4. Those Babylonians were the ones responsible for our urrent system of quantifying time. This was based on their number system sexagesimal or base 60.

    Curiously, the French wanted to convert this system to a metric system, i.e. There’s 20 hours a day, 100 min. per hour, 100 sec per min, 10 days per week, 30 days per month, 360 days per year plus 5 or 6 “special” days. Obviously, they didn’t succeed…

    There was a philosopher who said that assigning values to time is men’s foolish attempt at quantifying the unquantifiable. He’s probably right but I think that it’s also important that we at least have some sense of time.

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    1. Interesting to read…didn’t know that about the Babylonians, they seem to have been a very advanced civilisation. Don’t see how the French method could have worked, it seems very over complicated, a bit like the old English currency system of pounds, shillings and pence.

      Great comment – thank you very much 😸💕


      1. Logically speaking, it would have been much simpler to calculate date and time in this system since it’s in base 10 (like our today’s currency system). However, people were used to the Babylonian system so much that they’d find it ridiculous to revise it.

        Also, there were lots of other reasons like religion (people go to mass every Sunday, so a week with 10 days would not do), trading (not all countries can immediately adapt the system which would cause lots of confusion), and the simple but important fact that there would only be one holiday every 10 days!

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  5. BRILLIANT post … love it.
    But then …. I have a bit of a love affair going on with TIME. I’m trying to understand it by writing about it. Not blogging writing, but ‘book writing’. Maybe … if I can work it properly … maybe one day I might be able to say … ‘I wrote a book’ … and since it will be about time … you might get a smile from it. Of course … it’s all down to belief in myself and confidence in my abilities. I’ve got to find out where I last left both of those things first though. lol. ~ C.xxx

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    1. Good morning! And thank you – hmm, an intriguing comment…time travel perhaps?! Just had a mini flutter of excitement (not great while drinking tea) at the thought of you writing a book as elegantly designed and beautifully crafted as one of your cards!!!

      Here….am sending you a large parcel of belief in yourself and confidence (but not the cat) via dragonfly courier…be sure to look out for him!

      Have a wonderful day and lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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      1. Dragonfly couriers are my favourite couriers in THE WORLD!
        Fast, safe and sooo polite. And their uniforms are the most magical delight to behold!

        I wanted to add a dragonfly to this reply but I don’t have a dragonfly emoticon … so have been forced into childhood….

        🐲 + ✈️ = Dragonfly.

        Not going to let a little thing like an emoticon get the better of me! No siree! 😊 ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

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  6. Granny feels the same when it comes to time. Since the millennium it seems that time flies by so quick, that it sometimes scares her, then I come in the picture and I tell her, not to worry, there’s no time in the cosmos, it’s only something that we have created on Earth…not that it works on the DST…MOL 😀 Preservable Pawkisses to last longer 😀 ❤

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