My attention was caught by the wonderful latticework effect of this cafe chair at Nottingham Castle

Chiaroscuro”… fabulous word, Italian in origin, I believe, and generally used to mean how the contrast between light and shadow is portrayed, like in drawing, for example. Since buying my new phone (and Alex going to University…) I am attempting to take my own photos for the blog, and I am always fascinated how the effect of shadows influences a picture.

This photo is actually the shadow of a little gargoyle ornament that I have – I wanted the hint of uncertainty that the shadow, rather than the ornament, seemed to illustrate.

I like the symbolism too, since we live our lives in both light and shadow, some of us perhaps spending more time than we should in the shade, although I feel that in order to understand and appreciate the Light we must also know and understand shadow.

Alex took this picture for a post I wrote last year, the horse symbolising beautifully how mine and my sister’s childhood receded into shadowy memory…

Shadows seem to be a recurring theme for me, at various points throughout my life…my mother fostered a German Shepherd called Shadow, Alex used to like a song called “Where Is Shadow?” when he was little and Lily did a little modelling work for the lovely Marje, (imagine a link to I tried to do this post last night and when I wanted to add the link, somehow I binned the lot…) posing as “Shadow” from her book, “The Curse Of Time” – please go and visit, she’d love to see you!

I like the hint of colour in this picture – it’s a vintage perfume bottle, in the shape of a German Shepherd, that belongs to my mother.

Also, in various pagan and Wiccan groups, there is a tradition of keeping your own Book Of Shadows, basically a journal where you can write down all your own spiritual experiences, spells, charms, remedies and events that have had an effect on you.

I liked the bold, blocky shadow that this chunk of agate casts… those dark stripes are my window blinds..not bars on the window…honest…

I had my very first psychic reading at the Well Being event I attended a couple of weeks ago, which included a Tarot reading. Guess what card was drawn… the Book Of Shadows… In essence, I still have pages in my book to fill, I have learned a lot recently, after a period of stagnation and although these lessons haven’t always been particularly pleasant, I need to learn, process this information in order to forgive and move on.

Got to get a cat in somewhere…cute kitty shadow…

Easier said than done, sometimes, really… but I suppose ultimately, we all want to leave the shadows behind us and live in the Light. We learn from the contrasts.

24 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. WOW! This is great start dear Samantha, I am so happy to hear this. Photography is amazing, and be sure phone are so good and so smart, and you have already done amazing shots. Loved so much. And the word
    ” Chiaroscuro” is great to use here. Fascinated me. By the way Good Luck for your son in University, and also Good Luck for you too for photography I am already excited now for your cat photographs 🙂
    Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia

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    1. Thank you very nia, for your lovely comment! I love the definition and link on your site too, thank you for the compliment! My pictures – I’m learning all the…there’s been a few I’ve taken that I can’t identify! I will pass on your good wishes to Alex, have a great day, lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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  2. As you know I have a thing about shadows too! And even created a character with that in mind! Lovely post Samantha and thanks for the kind mention. Sorry I have been a bit scarce recently but ridiculously busy – now working full time as a receptionist and also trying to juggle my book promotion and life in general. There are just not enough hours in the day – the title of my book – The Curse of Time is upon me! Lol…I so enjoy taking photos of shadows too, great post. 🙂 xxx

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  3. Love the photos! Love your observation about wanting to live in the Light. Our last Bible study was on the verse from Ephesian 5:8, “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light” How cool is that??

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  4. What a wonderful post Samantha!
    I love the shadows of various things. They made my brain go off on a slight tangent and think about the shadows in my own life. Things which occupy my mind, when perhaps I need to let go of them and allow the air to blow away the cobwebs.

    Love both the post and you. I think you’re incredible.
    ~ C. xxx

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    1. Ah thank you very much! Both for the lovely comment and compliment! Although I feel a little like an over-used teabag at the moment…just getting over a virus lol!

      But yes, I do like to look at shadows, they seem to present an alternative view to things – you summed it up beautifully too! 😺💕xxx

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