Copper And Corpses…


Given up by Mother Earth and lovingly shaped by Tethys, these nuggets of sea tumbled Copper are warm to the touch and blessed with various metaphysical benefits. Wearing Copper bracelets is well-known to be helpful in reducing the pain of arthritis and rheumatism.

It is connected to the sacral chakra and will help the body to heal and regenerate, whilst also stimulating your primal creative energy. Copper was present when the world was born – thus it will help you give birth to your own dreams and bring them into being. With this in mind, it is an excellent focus foe meditation, as it will take you back, deep within your own psyche to find and develop answers for your own spiritual growth.

Copper pictures courtesy of Lizian – thank you! x

As already mentioned, Copper is anti-inflammatory and soothing for aching muscles and it can also help to release creative frustration and emotional tension… Corpses by their very nature induce emotion… as mother to the Furry Four I am regularly presented with a variety of little corpses, from moths to birds, mainly through the generosity of Lily.

Ting caught a fly once and Tooty attempted to murder a pigeon, but my little princess Charlie has never caught and killed a thing… However, I accept my role as undertaker and dispose of these little ones with care, sending them on their way with love and a prayer. I have only ever seen one dead human body, my partner’s father, and I was struck by the sense of difference, of something no longer needed and left behind like an old coat…

I remember when I was a little girl and my beloved Snoopy made his final journey, my father buried him under the apple tree in our garden. A couple of years later, when I was still quite young, I was distraught to find that my mother’s dogs had exhumed my cat. Crying, I ran indoors screaming:

Mummy! Mummy! The dogs have dug Snoopy up and they’re playing with him in the garden!”

I was devastated – my mother laughed… I can only ascribe this to her somewhat morbid sense of humour and the way I said it…

22833324_145499936195422_724378364_o (1)
“Hey! I’m just sleeping!!”

My most recent encounter with a corpse came courtesy of Erin, who is normally the most ladylike and refined of dogs, with manners as impeccable as her pedigree. Whilst out walking the other day, she discovered a rotting frog corpse… and rolled in it. Thoroughly. I was too late too stop her. She stunk. Thoroughly.

Walking back, tiny bones smooshed into her fur and entrails hanging off her head, I lectured her:

That is absolutely disgusting. What is so attractive about rancid amphibian? Chanel No.5 I could understand…”

As we entered my mother’s house she yelled:

Oh my GOD! She stinks! What have you been DOING??”

I laughed….

Wonderfully atmospheric photo taken by Alex…

32 thoughts on “Copper And Corpses…

  1. Firstly…it is so nice to see Alex’s photography skills again! Beautiful atumn photo that is well taken as always! I hope Alex is doing good and getting used to new environment☺
    As for the “murderous” kitties and doggie exhumers…euuuwwww! I admire your strength to clear away corpses. I have not seen corpses but one day I will as sadly my parents are not immortals. Someone has to take care of last rites😢. Good morning 🍵🍪🍵🍪and I hope you are spending time with Alex💕💕😊

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    1. Good morning! I am behind as ever..sigh… tea and biscuits on their way to you!
      Yes, I love that photo, the coppery sunset colours and the fact it was taken in a cemetery tied in nicely with the theme – Alex is doing really well and loving the course, I shall be seeing him on Wednesday to collect his laundry…another sigh…! Just for a change, Lily brought us a live mouse and let it go in the kitchen….:) xxx

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  2. Fantastical post. A completely, truly GREAT read Samantha.

    I know the feelings of being bought deceased gifts. Our now departed Phoebe Fun Bumps was a daily giver. Not, I hasten to add because she loved us, but because (I swear) she LOVED to hear my groans and verbal feelings about this disgusting habit which I begged her to let go of.

    She once brought me, what I christened and is, years and years later, still referred to as: A Build Your Own Bird Kit!

    First: a Wing.
    Then: A pair of legs attached to a tail.
    Then: Some entrails.
    Followed by: A head,
    Finally: The remaining wing.

    These gifts were bought to me and deposited (first two) in the porch on the back of the cottage. And the rest were left outside the porch, because I simply couldn’t cope with what I felt she was leading up to, so shut the door on her and told her to stop with the bad habits.

    She was a really small cat … with the looks of an Angel. But that outer hid a wicked inner. A practised killer. She was the feline version of Hannibal Lecter. [shudder]

    She had no fear, and no shame. She REALLY enjoyed her disgraceful hobby, and the times that I just couldn’t bear the thought of handling what she gleefully brought home were many.

    Mr. Cobs quickly grew accustomed to my practise of finding an appropriately sized empty bucket, plant pot, tin, or stiff cardboard box and placing it over the deceased, securing the receptical with a large brick, so that Phoebe Fun Bumps couldn’t get it out again; so that her delicate, one brain celled sister, Bunty Bagpuss, couldn’t sniff it and become repulsed and upset by it (yep, she really did), and our beauiful dog Poppy wouldn’t find it and stand gruffing over it, trying to tell me “MOOOOM … that tat has done it again!!!”

    I love cats … but there are some of their ‘funny little personality traits’ that I could happily help to breed out! eugh!

    Awww… but we love them. We have no choice. They make us love them.
    They also make us their slaves.

    Love the post and the photos … paricularly ADORE that final photograph. Someone has a great talent for spotting the right place, right moment. Fabulous.

    Thank you for a great read Samantha.
    Sending big squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. After the other night’s adventures I would have quite happily settled for a Build Your Own Mouse kit…Lily brought a live one in and released it in the kitchen. I was upstairs – cue screams of anguish from my partner – “IT’S GONE INSIDE THE BL#©DY DRYER!” We dragged all the appliances out, he tipped them up while I checked underneath with the torch – no mouse. I went to bed, but just as my partner finished watching the late night film Charlie indicated she wanted him to come to the kitchen. My little princess had tracked the mouse and cornered it. She just needed him to come and release it, bless her!

      Great comment – loved your story! Thank you very much and lots of love to you 😸💕xxx

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      1. Thank Heavens for Charlie being brilliant and finding the little mousiecal!

        Coo … that would have taken some getting used to if you knew that it was still in there somewhere. EEeeek!

        So glad it all turned out OK. Give that Charlie an extra treat from Aunt Cobs. Bless.
        Heaps of love ~ Cobs. xxx

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      2. Ha ha – read your comment aloud to Charlie, her little ears pricked up at the word “treat” bless her! I do, however, think I will invest in some humane mousetraps, the sort that just capture them in little boxes for release elsewhere…could start a colony at Alex’s university…lol!! Enjoy your evening, lots of love to you 😸💕🐭xxx

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  3. Our Doberman, the last dog we ever kept, was named Copper – not for my dad’s profession as many assumed – but for the beautiful colour of his coat. He was a Black and Tan, but because his mother was red, his tan was more of a beautiful well worn pence.
    Interesting that there is a sacral connection. While walking said Dobie, my mum was knocked off her feet and broker her hip when she hit the pavement.
    I adore copper for jewellery, but it has the most appalling habit of turning my skin green.

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  4. Ah yes, the mystery of dog olfaction–what seems a horrid stench to us is like exquisite perfume to them. So delightful that they must cover their bodies in it, in order to share the pleasure with everyone. Cats lack this urge, and quickly lose interest in prey that doesn’t move. Why the difference? BTW I love the photos of the copper. I wonder what beaches yield up these lumps of rosy metal?

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    1. Good point – I shall have to ask Liz actually, where it comes from. I remember reading about a glass making factory in Japan (I think) that dumped its waste in the ocean, this was about 80 years ago, but still the sea will sometimes bring up those wonderful pieces of sea glass.

      Apparently cats have just as acute sense of smell, according to latest research…I was vaguely offended when Charlie smelt the inside of my slippers and pulled a terrible “oh-my-God” face…😸 x

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  5. I think it must have been very traumatic to have your dead cat dug up by the dogs! (Which is why our animals are buried under heavy stone slabs that even LM can’t get to!) You seem to have got your own back on your Mum’s reaction tho! 🙂
    And what a marvellous graveyard photo at the end 🙂

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  6. I love the fact you had a cat named Snoopy! We did too. He was huge, white with blue eyes and a blaze of black between his eyes. When he died we buried him under our apple tree! It was our pet graveyard. We also had a service with all the neighbor kids….which is what we did anytime anyone lost a pet.

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  7. MOL..the empire strikes back…😹😹 Great writing and smelly dogs. Maybe they camouflage their scent for something that I do with nip, to camouflage my catness for mousies👻Copper is pawsome and the way you describe it, is too😸Lots of Pawkisses for a Happy Day😘❤😻

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    1. Good point yes…but I do think Erin could have chosen something less…nasally challenging as what in the world could fail to notice that particular fragrance?!?

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment and have a wonderful evening – lots of love to you and Granny 😺💕xxx

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